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100 Awesome iPhone Apps for Culture Snobs

By Britney Wilkins

For many students, college inspires opportunities for becoming more cultured. From learning exotic languages to trying new foods to exploring literature and philosophy, college prepares you for a life of learning and enrichment. If you feel that you’re well on your way to becoming an epic culture snob who quotes Latin while visiting the locals’ favorite coffee shop in Guam, you’ll want to check out this list of 100 awesome iPhone apps just for you.

Food and Drink

Become a veritable food, wine and coffee connoisseur when you study the information shared on these apps.

  1. Coffee Connoisseur: This app lets you rate and share coffee rankings and also finds nearby cafes.
  2. Drink Genie: Drink Genie helps you mix drinks based on the ingredients you have and also helps you calculate BAC level.
  3. Diet of the Old: Learn the diet secrets of the oldest people in the world with this app.
  4. Classic Chinese Recipe: Use this app to make kung pao chicken, spring rolls, spicy tofu, and more.
  5. Food Find Restaurants: Quickly locate Greek, Italian, Indian, German, Thai and other ethnic restaurants with this app.
  6. Blender: Get over 100 smoothie recipes here.
  7. My Wines: Save your personal wine cellar to your iPhone with this app.
  8. 100+ Egg Recipes: Get more creative and exotic with your omelets and egg sauces with this app.
  9. Breads from Around the World: This pack includes 125 bread recipes for salads, chutnies, stuffing and more.
  10. Produce Guide: Get the facts on exotic fruits and vegetables to serve at your next dinner party.
  11. Cocktails Video Collection: This free app shares video tutorials for making drinks like the Bob Marley and the French 75.
  12. Taste of Gujarat: Learn how to make authentic Gujarati vegetarian meals.
  13. Coffeelist: Keep a list of how your friends and family take their coffee.
  14. Whole Foods Market Recipes: Get ideas for natural and organic recipes.
  15. De Saison: This app tells you which fruits and vegetables are in season.


Culture snobs should be experienced world travelers. Use these apps to ferret out the local hot spots in China, Spain, Algeria, and more.

  1. preFlight – Airport Delay Status: Get a heads up when your flight is delayed.
  2. Paris Metro 09: This app doesn’t just show you a map of the metro: it finds your current location, tells you the nearest stop, and gives a brief history on nearby landmarks.
  3. Travel in China: Get maps, photos and more to help you travel through China.
  4. iProperty ES: Look for properties to buy or rent in Spain.
  5. Algeria: Explore Algeria with this travel guide for the iPhone.
  6. Urbanspoon: Learn where the locals eat when you use this app in a new town.
  7. Google Earth: Explore your environment with this innovative mapping tool.
  8. i-Bus Taipei: This Chinese-language app tells you the bus schedule for Taipei.
  9. Joshua Tree NP: Find your way around the legendary Joshua Tree National Park.
  10. SitOrSquat: Find the closest clean public bathrooms with SitOrSquat.
  11. Local Picks by TripAdvisor: Log on to this app to find out the cool, local things to do in your vacation city.
  12. Guam: This street-level map of Guam helps you find parking, ATMs, museums and more.
  13. InnTouch Bed and Breakfast Locator: Browse thousands of bed and breakfasts on this site.
  14. TravelTracker Pro and TripIt: This app is on the pricier side, but it features live flight status, complete itinerary tracking, customizable packing lists, travel expense reporting, and more.
  15. Surf Report: Get weather and surfing conditions for thousands of beaches.

Hobbies and Sports

From photography to calligraphy to horse racing, these highbrow hobbies have apps, too.

  1. Garden Guide: With the Garden Guide, you can learn how to care for your different plants and flowers.
  2. iBags: Keep up with the latest It bags with this app.
  3. CinemaFX: Make your regular photos look like Hollywood head shots with this app.
  4. Learn Chess: Become a master of this classic game.
  5. EZ Calligraphy: Learn Chinese calligraphy with this app.
  6. HDR Camera: Make the photos you take with your iPhone look more professional and colorful.
  7. Cricket SC: Get cricket scores and more with this app.
  8. Wimbledon – Live Feeds: Keep up with Wimbledon gossip and matches.
  9. iBet The Races: Organize your bets, get tips for placing bets, and calculate your odds with iBet.
  10. iZen Garden LITE: Make your own zen garden by using your fingers to rake designs and patterns in the sand.
  11. RiverGuide for Kayakers: Get river forecasts, river gauges and a custom river list with this app.
  12. Stamps: Expand your stamp collection when you study the international stamps on this app.
  13. Perfect Pour: Perfect Pour is a game that helps you learn how to pour beer.

Education and Language

Use these apps to learn a new language, become an art historian, and more.

  1. Today in American History: Become an ace at reciting little known trivia when you have this reference.
  2. Chinese Idiom Dictionary: Learn how to speak Chinese more like a local.
  3. Free Spanish Tutor: Brush up on your Spanish with this app.
  4. Leonardo da Vinci – Insights: Get analyses, commentary and insights regarding da Vinci’s greatest works, life story, and more.
  5. Best Latin Quotes: Impress your teachers and friends by spouting out these Latin quotes.
  6. Japanese Phrases FREE: Learn key Japanese phrases with this app.
  7. Art: The Art app has photos, fact lists, quizzes and more information for about 80 different artists.
  8. iSign Lite: Use this app to learn basic sign language.
  9. iCards: This customizable flash card app comes with full sets for learning Japanese, sample sets for French, Italian, Korean, German, and Thai.
  10. MyWords – Arabic: Get a basic handle on the Arabic language.
  11. Open Culture: This free kit includes university podcasts, foreign language tutorials, free university courses, blog posts, audio books and more material to keep you learning all day.

Arts and Entertainment

Connect to music, film, and public radio through these apps.

  1. Movies: Flixster’s movie app tells you what’s opening and whether or not it’s any good.
  2. Family Guy: View video mixes from Family Guy here.
  3. IHeartNewMusic: Use this app to stay current on all the newest music before it becomes mainstream.
  4. Public Radio Tuner: Find public radio stations from around the country.
  5. iViolinPro: Learn to play the violin with this app, which includes a playback feature.
  6. Local Concerts: Use this app to find listings of concerts coming to your area.

Books and Literature

One of the most fundamental parts of being a culture snob is being well-read. Work on your understanding of the classics, plus new literature, by using these apps.

  1. Kindle for iPhone: Read Kindle books with an iPhone-friendly interface.
  2. Shakespeare: This searchable, customizable Shakespeare pack includes 40 plays and all of Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  3. eReader: Use this app to read New York Times best-selling books online.
  4. My Antonia: Read Willa Cather’s famous novel here.
  5. Buddha, The Englightened One: Read this famous comic book here.
  6. Collected Works: This app includes famous works like Oliver Twist, War and Peace and Madame Bovary.
  7. Immanuel Kant’s Works: Search and read text from Immanuel Kant here.
  8. Classics: Read the classics from your iPhone with this app, which includes The Count of Monte Cristo and The Iliad.
  9. Audiobooks: This app connects you to over 1,800 audio books for free.
  10. Plato’s Complete Works: Plato’s Complete Works is also fully searchable.

News and Media

Culture snobs get their news from the right places. Use these apps to tune into public radio stations, the New York Times, and more.

  1. NYTimes: Access stories from the New York Times here.
  2. NATO News Reader: Find out what’s going on with NATO and the NATO countries here.
  3. Radio Free Asia News Reader: Listen to news from Laos, China, Burma, Vietnam and North Korea by tuning into this app.
  4. Gay News: Keep up with news from the gay media here.
  5. CIA News Reader: This app features news feeds from the CIA Library, CIA press department and more.
  6. WSJ: Use this app to read the WSJ news.
  7. World Newspapers: Connect to newspapers from over 100 different countries for your news.
  8. NPR Addict: Get news and stories from all NPR programs, like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and others.
  9. BBC Reader: The BBCReader pulls news from the front page, the UK news and the Americas desk.
  10. Civil Rights Updates: Keep up with news stories that affect civil rights.

Tools and Utilities

Keep your iPhone close so that you always have access to a compass, wi-fi finder, constellation guide and even an abacus.

  1. World Time: Always know what time it is around the world with this app.
  2. textPlus: Send free text messages through a snappy interface.
  3. Planets: Learn all about the planets, constellations, and more.
  4. Compass Free: This basic compass will keep you from being lost, even while hiking or in a strange city.
  5. Free Wi-Fi Finder: Always be connected when you use the Wi-Fi finder.
  6. Guitar Tuner: Make sure your guitar is in tune when you use this app.
  7. I Drive Green: Monitor your green driving techniques and fuel-saving skills with this app.
  8. World Traffic Cameras: View traffic on highways around the world with this app.
  9. Abacus: Try using this abacus instead of a calculator next time for a more Old World feel.
  10. AlarmTunes: Wake up in your cramped hostel with a pleasant song from your iPod with this app.


This list features even more indispensable apps for culture snobs, including a guide to living green, politically correct cigars, and a list of French proverbs.

  1. Gorgeously Green Survival Guide: Best-selling author Uliano developed this app to let fashionable women reference money-saving environmental tips on the go.
  2. Bizarre Holidays: Throw parties when no one else is expecting it when you have this nifty app.
  3. Fake Smoker: The Digital Smoke: Your other snobby friends will appreciate this politically correct cigar.
  4. iHanami Free: This relaxation tool displays a natural Japanese scene with falling cherry blossoms.
  5. Dog Diary: Organize photos, medical histories and more information for your dog on your iPhone.
  6. Proverbes: Quote French proverbs to your lover with this app.
  7. 100 Words Almost Everyone Mispronounces: Make sure you don’t fall into the "everyone" category every again.
  8. Caffeine Content: Track your daily caffeine intake and figure out how much caffeine is in different beverages.
  9. All the Countries: Get information on the flags, ethnicities, languages, literacy rates, economies and governments of all the countries in the world.
  10. Yoga Trainer Lite: View photos and get instructions on how to do yoga poses.

July 6th, 2009 written by Staff Writers

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