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100 Powerful Blogs for Your Self-Improvement

Even the best of us have room to grow. And that’s why we’ve compiled this list of 100 powerful blogs that can help you achieve your goals, learn new skills, become a better parent, and expand your knowledge of the world around you. Read on to take the first step.

Achieving Your Goals

These bloggers write about turning your dreams into realistic goals.

  1. Inspire by Action Blog: This blog helps readers achieve their business and career dreams.
  2. Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals: This blog has self-help channels for career, diet and fitness, finances, health and wellness, and more.
  3. Stew Friedman’s Blog: This blog is all about becoming a better leader in all aspects of your life.
  4. Scott H Young: Read over 600 posts on this site to learn how to reach your goals and be more productive.
  5. The Positivity Blog: Read posts written to share tips on personal growth and more.
  6. Persistence Unlimited: Persistence Unlimited is all about goal setting and achieving.
  7. Dave Cheong: This software engineer turned entrepreneur is famous for dispensing practical advice for reaching your goals.
  8. Lifehack: Lifehack has all the tips and tools you need to be more productive, think more clearly, and go after your dreams.
  9. Steve Pavlina: Steve Pavlina’s personal development blog covers goal setting, motivation, career tips, and more.
  10. GTD Times: Turn to this blog for all things related to the "getting things done" philosophy.

Family Life and Balance

These blogs will help you have a more fulfilling family life and create a balance between work, kids and your personal needs.

  1. Sloan Work and Family Research Network Blog: This blog has research news and provides insight into the dynamics of family life, gender roles, and more.
  2. The Mother of All Blogs: This popular blog helps parents keep up with new parenting trends and challenges.
  3. Working Parents: BusinessWeek’s blog posts excellent tips for professionals wanting to be better parents as well.
  4. Family Life:’s family life blog shares news and views on child care, adoption, at-home moms and dads, and more.
  5. Parenting Blog: Parenting Blog covers everything from healthy marriage tips to traveling with kids to finance to education.

Art and Culture

Become more cultured when you read these music, writing and art blogs.

  1. The Cool Hunter: Expose yourself to music, art, fashion, architecture and other culture from around the world when you check out this blog.
  2. HypeM: Learn about new rock music by visiting this blog.
  3. All Classical FM: The bloggers on this site explain in detail different symphonies, compositions and more.
  4. lines and colors: Learn all about drawing, sketching, comics, illustration, digital art, painting and more.
  5. Write to Done: Write to Done supplies simple writing tips to improve your craft.


Even if you don’t have the budget to travel around the world, you can visit these blogs to expand your knowledge of the cultures and societies far from home, and become inspired to organize your own extreme vacation.

  1. Everything Everywhere: Browse stunning photos from this blogger’s trips around the world.
  2. Travelvice: Check out Travelvice for traveling tips and techniques, ideas, photos, and more from a writer, photographer, father and "nomad."
  3. Travel Betty: Travel Betty hopes to encourage women to travel the world even if they’re going it alone.
  4. One Week Job: Sean Aiken has been hitchhiking and couch surfing as he travels the world and donates the money he earns from odd jobs to charity.
  5. The Daily Transit: The Daily Transit is a blog that includes travel tips and insights, but stick around for the reflections on personal journeys, world events, and more.


Become a more aware citizen of the world when you pledge to save the environment and care more about green issues.

  1. TreeHugger: Discover how you can dedicate your entire life to a greener mission by reading this blog.
  2. WorldChanging: This blog covers green trends, environmental news and more for cities, politics, green toys, eco culture, and more.
  3. Inhabitat: Learn all about green design and innovation here.
  4. No Impact Man: Take on the challenge to live for a greater, greener cause after reading No Impact Man.
  5. Triple Pundit: Read Triple Pundit for intelligent discussion about the environment, business and politics.


These career blogs will help you find your niche in the competitive, overwhelming professional world.

  1. Brazen Careerist: Penelope Trunk doesn’t sugarcoat anything, which is why her career blog is so popular and so effective.
  2. Web Worker Daily: Web workers and freelancers can turn to this blog for technical, practical tips as well as encouragement.
  3. Business Pundit: Get help with interview questions, organizing your business plan, and more.
  4. Chief Happiness Officer: Alexander Kjerulf is a business consultant who helps companies turn the office into a productive, happy place.
  5. One Day One Job: Read this blog if you’re interested in exploring other industries. Each day takes a look at a different entry-level job.
  6. Shifting Careers: This New York Times blog has a great archive of job etiquette posts and tips for keeping up with changing industries.
  7. Jibber Jobber: Posts on Jibber Jobber center around "Career Management 2.0" and reveal hacks for personal branding, securing your job and your income, and more.
  8. Newly Corporate: Learn how to keep up with the competition in the ever changing corporate world.
  9. Laid Off and Looking: This WSJ blog is a fantastic resource for anyone who’s struggling to find a job, despite their above average credentials.
  10. Tammy Erickson: Tammy Erickson’s employment and job market blog is hosted at

News and Learning

Never stop learning when you read these blogs about technology, foreign languages, politics, world news, and more.

  1. ZDNet: The news and blogs on ZDNet will keep you updated on all that’s going on in the technology world.
  2. Political Ticker: CNN’s politics blog is updated with news from Washington and beyond.
  3. Le Tutor: This blog is all about learning new languages.
  4. Infinite Thinking Machine: This blog teaches you how to use the Internet to learn better.
  5. FiveThirtyEight: Discover political polls and predictions here.
  6. The Moderate Voice: Get news from the left and the right, and from the U.S. and around the world.
  7. In the Newsroom: This blog on the Worldfocus website tracks down international news stories that aren’t always covered.
  8. Wired Science: Check this blog for science research, news and more.
  9. Technut News: Become a cutting-edge technology nut when you read this blog.
  10. Library of Congress Blog: The blog from the Library of Congress educates readers on everything from blogging to U.S. history to Congress to book festivals.

Inspirational Blogs

Learn techniques for staying motivated and energetic when you read the posts on these blogs.

  1. The Philanthropic Family: Turn to this blog to become more inspired to donate to charity and make a difference every day.
  2. Living a Better Life: This blog is somewhat directed at readers for the Rocky Mountain Telegram, but its stories feature a universal message.
  3. Daughter of Cancer: The mother of this blogger died of cancer. Read her posts for inspiration to keep fighting and keep living.
  4. 37 days: This blog asks the question, "what would you be doing today if you only had 37 days to live?"
  5. LifeDev: On LifeDev, creative people get motivated to complete their projects and make a real difference.
  6. Today is that Day: On this blog, you’ll find motivating posts for your mind, body, spirit, and beyond.
  7. Change your thoughts: Change your thoughts is a blog designed to help everyday readers get out of their ruts and become better people.
  8. Instigator Blog: This blog is devoted to motivating business professionals, freelancers and anyone who’s interested in using social media and technology to boost productivity and become more successful.
  9. Wishful Thinking: Get inspired to start a new business, find a new job, and become more creative.


Get out of debt, manage your wealth and stick to a budget after reading the blogs in this list.

  1. Get Rich Slowly: This finance blog can help you streamline your personal finances and financial goals one step at a time.
  2. The Simple Dollar: On The Simple Dollar, you’ll discover realistic money tips for living on your budget.
  3. Frugal Dad: Frugal Dad shares the tips he’s mastered to help him stay out of debt.
  4. Wise Bread: This neat blog is packed with incredibly useful hacks for saving money and living more responsibly.
  5. Consumerist: Become a better educated, more responsible consumer when you read this blog.
  6. Taxgirl: Follow Taxgirl for practical help with your taxes and organizing your money all year long.
  7. The Digerati Life: This blog is all about saving money in Silicon Valley, but its messages and tips are universal.
  8. Five Cent Nickel: Get basic financial management advice here.
  9. CashMoneyLife: Read this blog for tips on managing and accumulating wealth.
  10. Moolanomy: Here you can find all kinds of personal finance tips and news.
  11. Generation X Finance: Learn how to become financially independent when you read this blog.

Personal Development and Productivity

Discover ways to get more done each day and continue to grow.

  1. Lifehacker: This popular blog has loads of technology tips and beyond to help you become a more streamlined person.
  2. Best Tool for the Job: Learn all about the tools and hacks that will keep you organized.
  3. Zen Habits: Zen Habits is all about "simple productivity" in all aspects of life.
  4. Seth’s Blog: Seth Godin’s blog blogs about branding, business productivity and more.
  5. Dumb Little Man: Find all kinds of life hacks on Dumb Little Man.
  6. Matt’s Idea Blog: Matthew Cornell is a productivity consultant who shares all kinds of tips for being more effective.
  7. Ian’s Messy Desk: Read this blog if you want to learn how to be more efficient every day.
  8. Ririan Project: On the Ririan Project, you’ll find posts about becoming a better communicator, making a difference, managing time and money, and more.
  9. Life Optimizer: Life Optimizer publishes posts about learning new skills and personal development.
  10. Black Belt Productivity: Here you’ll learn how to get more done each day and enjoy a more balanced life.

Health and Wellness

Stay healthy by reading posts about smart eating, exercise, health care and more.

  1. The Health Care Blog: This blog shares news about health care policy and more.
  2. Diabetes Mine: If you have diabetes, get help managing your condition here.
  3. Diet Blog: Find healthy eating and healthy living tips here.
  4. Knowledge is Necessity: This mental health blog is written by an award-winning author and mental health journalist.
  5. A Better Life: USA Today’s health and wellness blog covers health news and tips for a more fulfilling life.
  6. Yoga Blog: Discover yoga techniques and philosophies here.
  7. A Passion for Running: If you want to get into running, read this blog for tips and more.
  8. Fitness Black Book: Read this blog for inspiration and to find out why and how exercise keeps us healthy and happy.
  9. Whole Story: Whole Foods’ blog shares tips for healthy exercising, smart eating, and a lot more.
  10. The Token Fat Girl: Find support, healthy recipes and exercise ideas from this weight loss blog.


Find even more blogs for your self improvement journey here.

  1. How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki’s "practical blog for impractical people" has Life 2.0 survival tips.
  2. Nubbytwiglet: This graphic design blog serves to inspire and share tips for starting a business.
  3. Zen College Life: This blog has great tips for anyone on a budget and needing serious organization help.
  4. Pick the Brain: Read Pick the Brain’s blog for helpful tips that can turn you into a healthier, more organized person.
  5. Slacker Manager: Take more control over your life when you read Slacker Manager.
  6. D*I*Y Planner: Get DIY tricks for diet and health, GTD, money management, and more.
  7. Craig Harper: Craig Harper is an Australian motivational speaker who posts about life lessons, taking chances and finding happiness.
  8. Engaging the Disquiet: Men who want to find more meaning in their life can read this blog for help.
  9. Organized with Style: A more organized home and life will help you be more productive and energetic.
  10. The Happiness Project: Gretchen Rubin is a former lawyer and U.S. Supreme Court clerk who is now writing a book called The Happiness Project.

July 14th, 2009 written by Staff Writers

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