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50 Best Blogs for Art History Buffs

By Rose Jensen

Whether you’re studying art history for class or for fun, you can find great resources online. These blogs can provide you with an ongoing look at some of the most interesting art throughout history. Read on, and you’ll find 50 of the best blogs about art history for students, professors, or enthusiasts.


Take a general look at art history through these blogs.

  1. The Art History Blog: You can find fun anecdotes about art history on this blog.
  2. Art History Blog: This blog is written to discuss art history and historical facts in the art world.
  3. Franklin Einspruch writes this blog to share conversation about art and how to experience it.
  4. The Earthly Paradise: This historian has a passion for art, aesthetics, and literature.
  5. History & Art History: This blog is written by George Mason University.
  6. Smarthistory: Find thoughts on teaching and technology in art from this blog.
  7. UCLA Arts Library Art and Art History Blog: This blog offers news about the library and archive at the UCLA Arts Library.
  8. Current Events of Research in Visual History: You can read about the latest in visual history research on this French blog.
  9. BibliOdyssey: Find books, illustrations, science, and visual material obscura throughout history on this blog.
  10. When Art History Goes Bad: This art history nerd likes to complain.
  11. Shelley’s Art History Blog: This blog offers insightful looks into art history.
  12. History Blog: Get an insight into history through this blog.
  13. The Art History Newsletter: Find updates on art history through this newsletter.
  14. Painting History: Painting History discusses historic moments captured on canvas.
  15. Famous Paintings Reviewed: Read this blog to learn about famous paintings throughout history.
  16. Your Daily Art: Get the background behind art through this daily blog.
  17. Old Paint: This blog features an old painting a day.
  18. Art Blog by Bob: Bob offers a well researched and accessible art history blog.
  19. GetDaGoss: GetDaGoss is an online art history encyclopedia and luxury lifestyle magazine.
  20. The Punching Bag: The Punching Bag offers a look into cultural heritage, economics, and politics.
  21. Cultural Heritage in Danger: Read this blog to learn about saving antiquities.


Check out these blogs that focus on a specific period or subject.

  1. Notes on Early Modern Art: You’ll find a thoughtful discussion on early modern art on this blog.
  2. ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: ASIFA-Hollywood’s blog discusses the digital archive of Hollywood animation.
  3. The Textile Blog: In this blog, you’ll see the interiors and interior furnishings from 1840 to 1980.
  4. Women in the Bible: Read Women in the Bible to see the interpretation of the famous women of the Bible in art.
  5. Gin Slings and Whimsy: Find a discussion of vintage illustration on this blog.
  6. Mythical Women: Mythical Women offers a look into legends in art and history.
  7. Art Deco: The Art Deco blog celebrates the Jazz Age in the 1920s and 1930s.
  8. Bearded Roman: Bearded Roman is a blog about art in the classical tradition.
  9. Romantic Ruins: See the romanticism in decay and destruction on this blog.
  10. Dali House: This blog celebrates the art of Dali.
  11. The Warhol Influence: Read this blog to learn about Andy Warhol’s influence.
  12. Draped to the Ankles: This blog highlights 19th century fashion, photographs, and Victorian art.
  13. Pre Raphaelite Art: Read this blog to learn about the art and artists labeled as Pre Raphaelite, as well as William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement.
  14. Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century: Study historic mustaches on this blog.
  15. Found in Mom’s Basement: Get a look into vintage advertising in this blog.
  16. Modern Art Obsession: This blog approaches collection as an obsession.
  17. The Heroic Age: This journal is dedicated to the art of the European Northwest from 400-1100 AD.
  18. Art and Architecture, Mainly: On this blog, you’ll learn about the fine arts, decorative arts, and architecture of Europe, North America, and Australia from 1650 to 1933.
  19. Black Cat Bone: Reverend James W. Bailey burns the flesh off modern art.
  20. Van Gogh’s Chair: Van Gogh’s Chair discusses art history, travel, Van Gogh, and more.
  21. Medieval News: Find articles about medieval art history on this blog.
  22. Baroque in Hackney: Find information and resources about Baroque works on this blog.
  23. Magnum Photos: See the works of photography masters on the Magnum Photos blog.
  24. Vintage Poster: On this blog, you’ll find a celebration of vintage posters.
  25. Parrish Relics: This jewelry maker offers inspirations from the past.
  26. Illicit Cultural Property: This blog is about art, antiquities, and the law.
  27. japonisme: Learn about the history of the japonisme period from this blog.
  28. New York History: This blog offers a look into the historic art of New York and beyond.
  29. Looting matters: This blog discusses the ethics of collecting antiques.

August 17th, 2009 written by Staff Writers

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