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100 Best Professors Who Blog

Online students have a lot to learn, and you can find great knowledge from professors’ blogs while earning an online bachelor’s degree. Whether they’re about science or political science, you’ll find something interesting on each of these blogs. Read on to check out our collection of the 100 best professor blogs online.


These professors discuss anything and everything.

  1. Tomorrow’s Professor: Get a look into what the future holds for professors from Tomorrow’s Professor.
  2. The Thoughts of a Frumpy Professor: This professor shares thoughts of a small town, middle aged professor.
  3. Terminal Degree: Terminal Degree writes about the tenure track.


Visit these blogs to learn from business professors.

  1. Professor Michael Roberto: Professor and author Michael Roberto blogs about leadership, decision making, and competitive strategy.
  2. Tom Davenport: Check out Tom Davenport’s blog to get insight into information technology and management.
  3. Billso: Learn about management, mobile computing, and information systems from Bill Sodeman.
  4. Sustainable Business Design: Read this blog to look into the intersection of economic, social, and environmental interests.
  5. MarketingProfs Daily Fix: This blog offers a daily dose of marketing education.
  6. Deal Professor: Professor Davidoff discusses mergers and acquisitions on this blog.
  7. Work Matters: Get a look into the links between managerial knowledge and action from Bob Sutton.
  8. The Near Futurist: John Sviokla writes about the coming future of business.
  9. Robert Salomon’s Blog: Robert Salomon is an associate professor of management at the Stern School of Business.
  10. Managerial Econ: Check out this blog about economic analysis of business practice.
  11. Yoko Ishikura: Yoko Ishikura offers a discussion on corporate strategy, competitiveness, and more.

Math & Science

These blogs are written by top math and science professors.

  1. Nerdy Science Blog: Get nerdy about science on this blog.
  2. Female Science Professor: This professor offers a glimpse into the life of a female science professor.
  3. Bad Astronomy: Check out Bad Astronomy to learn from professor Phil Plait.
  4. Sciencewomen: This scientist and engineer discuss the changes they want to see in science.
  5. Impact Lab: The Impact Lab offers a look into the future of human experience.
  6. EvolutionBlog: EvolutionBlog is about the dispute between evolution and creationism.
  7. YoungFemaleScientist: Read about the life and work of a young female scientist on this blog.
  8. Cosmic Variance: This group blog is all about physicists and astrophysicists.
  9. Pharyngula: PZ Myers, a biologist, writes Pharyngula.
  10. Medical Futility Blog: Thaddeus Pope writes about policy and developments in medical futility.
  11. Dr. Wes: Westby G. Fisher discusses cardiology and internal medicine.
  12. Neurotopia: Learn about neuroscience on Neurotopia.
  13. Drug Monkey: These bloggers work as scientists in biomedical and basic science.
  14. BrainBlog: On BrainBlog, you’ll read about the brain and behavior.
  15. Ourboros: Ourboros discusses research in the biology of aging.
  16. Professor Astronomy: Professor Astronomy will help you keep up with the latest in astronomy.
  17. NeuroDojo: Train your brain with the NeuroDojo blog.
  18. The Mind of Dr. Pion: Read ravings on physics, politics, education, monitoring, and more.
  19. Janus Professor: Janus Professor writes about travels in a two-body life.
  20. EagerEyes: Get a look into visualization and visual communications through this blog.
  21. Science Musings Blog: You can learn about science musings on this blog.
  22. The Blog Prof: The Blog Prof is an associate professor of engineering discussing politics, science, and more.
  23. RealClimate: RealClimate is all about climate science.
  24. Explorations in Science: Explore science with Dr. Michio Kaku, professor and popularizer of science.


With these blogs, you’ll be able to learn from technology professors.

  1. Andrew McAfee: Andrew McAfee discusses the business impact of IT.
  2. Shtetl-Optimized: Scott Aaronson’s blog discusses quantum computers and more.
  3. Details of a Global Brain: Read this blog about interface, interaction, and information design.
  4. Open IT Strategies: Joel West offers a look at the use of open-ness as a competitive strategy.
  5. Knowing and Doing: Read Knowing and Doing to find the reflections of an academic and computer scientist.
  6. Harga-Blog: Andrew Hargadon’s blog is a conversation about technology, design, and creativity.
  7. Technology and Organizations: Read Terri Griffith’s blog to learn about technology and organizations.
  8. Technology & Marketing Law Blog: Check out what Eric Goldman has to say about the laws of technology and marketing.

Law & Politics

Check out these blogs written by professors of politics and law.

  1. ImmigrationProf Blog: These bloggers offer a law professor’s view on immigration.
  2. TaxProf Blog: Paul Caron is a professor of tax law at the University of Cincinnati.
  3. Patently-O: This blog offers a look into patent law.
  4. Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds is a law professor, author, and more.
  5. ProfessorBainbridge: Check out this blog to read about the life and work of a corporate law professor.
  6. The Volokh Conspiracy: The Volokh Conspiracy offers a look into the US legal system and courts.
  7. Concurring Opinions: Concurring Opinions discusses the law, universe, and more.
  8. PoliBlog: Read about the master science of politics on PoliBlog.
  9. The Faculty Lounge: On this blog, you’ll find conversations about law, culture, and academia.
  10. Discourse: Discourse writes from the fringes of the public sphere.
  11. The Hugh Hewitt Show: Hugh Hewitt discusses politics and current events.
  12. Indisputably: On this blog, you’ll learn about negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and dispute resolution.


Get a look into history from these professors’ blogs.

  1. The Cranky Professor: This professor offers a cranky view on history.
  2. PaleoJudaica: PaleoJudaica offers a look into historic Judaism.
  3. Informed Comment: This president of the Global Americana Institute discusses thoughts on the Middle East, history, and religion.
  4. Tenured Radical: Tenured Radical is a professor of history and American studies.
  5. English Eclectic: English Eclectic offers perspectives from an English historian.
  6. Scattered & Random: Scattered & Random writes about history, power, politics, teaching, and more.
  7. The Little Professor: The Little Professor writes about things Victorian and academic.
  8. Liberty & Power: This group blog offers historic insight from George Mason University professors.
  9. Blogenspiel: This "Damned Medievalist" delivers her spiel on this blog.
  10. Cliopatria: Follow this blog to learn about the past, present, and future.


Read these blogs about economics and finance written by economics professors.

  1. Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal: You’ll find the semi daily musings of an economics professor from Berkeley on this blog.
  2. The Transportationist: David Levinson’s blog is about networks, economics, and urban systems.
  3. Financial Literacy and Ignorance: This blog considers how very little people know about personal finance.
  4. Organizations and Markets: You can learn about organizations and markets from this group blog.
  5. Infectious Greed: Paul Kedrosky writes about finance and the money culture.
  6. Core Economics: Core Economics offers commentary on economics, strategy, and more.
  7. ProfessorVC: You can learn about entrepreneurial finance from Steve Bennet.
  8. FinanceProfessor: This finance professor reminds readers that finance is important and fun.
  9. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: Greg Mankiw writes random observations for students of economics.
  10. The Wages of Wins Journal: The Wages of Wins examines the economics of professional sports.
  11. Angry Bear: Read economic commentary that’s slightly left of center on Angry Beat.
  12. Economist’s View: Mark Thoma, an economist from University of Oregon, offers his view.
  13. Carpe Diem: Professor Mark J. Perry writes this blog about economics and finance.
  14. Marginal Revolution: This blog writes about small steps toward a better world.
  15. Division of Labour: Read this blog to learn more about labor.

Arts, Liberal Arts & Social Science

Study the arts, literature, social science and more on these professors’ blogs.

  1. Planned Obsolescence: Kathleen Fitzpatrick writes this blog about the disposable nature of goods.
  2. Kieran Healy: Kieran Healy is interested in economic sociology organizations, and culture.
  3. Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe: Check out this blog to learn from a lawyer and consultant psychologist.
  4. AKMA’s Random Thoughts: AKM Adam is a professor of the New Testament.
  5. Maverick Philosopher: This blog offers a variety of footnotes on philosophy.
  6. Prof. John Stackhouse’s Blog: Professor John Stackhouse offers a conversation on theology and Christianity.
  7. Cronaca: Cronaca is about news in art, archaeology, and history.
  8. The Chutry Experiment: Chuck Tryon, an assistant professor of film and media studies, writes this blog.
  9. Social Science Statistics Blog: Find conversations about social science statistical methods and analysis on this blog.
  10. Cognitive Daily: Cognitive Daily shares a new cognitive psychology article nearly every day.
  11. Curious? Blog: Todd Kashdan’s blog will feed your curiosity.


Read these blogs to learn about what’s happening in education.

  1. Teaching Professor: The Teaching Professor works to educate, engage, and inspire.
  2. Critical Mass: Erin O’Connor writes about the state of academia in America.
  3. University Diaries: University Diaries is a description of university life from a professor of English who wants to change things.
  4. Easily Distracted: Easily Distracted is all about culture, politics, academia, and more.
  5. Dangerously Irrelevant: Dangerously Irrelevant is about thoughts on technology, leadership, and the future of schools.
  6. How The University Works: Learn about the tuition gold rush from this blog.

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