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100 Inspirational Twitter Feeds for College Students

College poses challenges for students at all stages: freshmen have to learn to adapt to college life, sophomores and juniors have to find their place at school and figure out if the major they picked really is the right one, and seniors have to prepare to leave the college bubble and enter the real world. No matter what stage you’re at in your college education you can find inspiration and advice through Twitter on things like finding a job, studying smart, eating right and even learning as much as you can. Check out these great feeds to see what they have to offer you as a student.

Just for College Students

These Twitter feeds are geared towards helping and advising college students on a range of issues.

  1. @CollegeGrazing: In this feed you’ll find advice on finding a college that meets your needs as well as loads of tips designed to help you make the most of your college experience.
  2. @CollegeAffair: This feed is home to links to the magazine of the same name, designed to keep college students in-the-loop about university culture.
  3. @Unigo: Here you’ll be able to participate in surveys on issues that may affect your time in college, read useful articles and more.
  4. @collegelifesytl: Check out this feed for tips on eating right, living stylishly and minding your manners.
  5. @collegeprowler: This feed is a great place to find college guides that were written by college students for college students.
  6. @collegesupport: Take a look here to find great tweets that will help you get the support and guidance you need to be a happy student.
  7. @StudentStuff: If you’re in need of some help getting through college, give the tweets in this feed a try.
  8. @GetOuttoVote: This feed is politically minded, aiming to inspire college students to take an active role in elections.
  9. @google_students: Those who love Google (and who doesn’t) can get updates on the service that pertains specifically to student interests in this feed.

Getting Organized

While it’s entirely possible to get through college living in a cluttered room and managing disheveled collections of notes, it’s a whole heck of a lot easier to do well when you’re organized. These feeds will help to inspire you to tidy up and get your studies in order.

  1. @OnOrganization: Through this feed you can find loads of tips on personal organization that can help you tame your room.
  2. @OrganizationNaz: Who better to take organization advice from than a former slob? Here you’ll find some great tips from someone who knows what it’s like to be messy.
  3. @OrgClut: This is the feed for a program that can help you organize thoughts, ideas, errands, assignments, projects and whatever else you need.
  4. @CClutter: Share your challenges in organization with the author of this feed.
  5. @CleaningHelp: While this feed is for a cleaning service, it also offers some useful tips on cleaning things up around your place.
  6. @how2clean: If you’ve never really done much cleaning on your own, this feed can help answer your questions on how to clean things like your oven or that daiquiri stain on the carpet.
  7. @NeatFreaks: If you want to approach cleaning and organization from a greener perspective, try out this feed.
  8. @organizerlady: Get organization advice from a mom who is all about keeping things clean.
  9. @organizer: Find products and ideas to get your apartment or dorm room ship shape on this feed.

Becoming a Leader

Part of your college education is learning how to be a leader and building confidence in your abilities in life and in your field of study. These feeds offer you the chance to get advice, inspiration and help in becoming a better leader and member of your college community.

  1. @zappos: Get commentary, advice and insights from Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh from this feed.
  2. @jimmy_wales: Think you have the next big idea for the web? Read this feed by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales for inspiration.
  3. @Team_Leader: This feed will give you inspirational quotes and motivation to help you lead others.
  4. @POLBrandRep: Read this Power of Leadership feed to get links to great articles and find small tips on building your leadership skills.
  5. @LeadershipTwits: Through this feed you’ll get access to the wisdom of some of the greatest world leaders, past and present.
  6. @womensleadershp: If you’re a female then you’ll appreciate this feed with the aim of helping women break into leadership positions in a wide range of fields.
  7. @LeadershipQuote: These quotes are designed to inspire you to being a leader at work, in your faith or in the community.
  8. @garybcohen: Check out this leadership coach’s feed to get some great advice on finding your leadership abilities.
  9. @TrueLeadership: Get some coaching on being a better leader from professional coach Lizette Retief here.
  10. @Next_Big_Thing: Here you can learn more about Leadership America and what they’re doing to help women get ahead.

Living Healthy

For many students, college may be the first time they’re making dietary choices entirely on their own. While nachos and soda might be delicious, eating unhealthy can have some serious side effects. These feeds offer some guidance in working out, eating right and monitoring your overall health.

  1. @sanjayguptaCNN: Here you can get health advice from neurosurgeon and CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
  2. @goodhealth: This feed addresses a number of health issues from dealing with depression to health insurance.
  3. @HealthHive: Follow this feed to get access to updates on the latest health related news.
  4. @one80dotcom: Get advice from this fitness guru on easy ways to stay fit and trim.
  5. @Fit_Coach: From fitness video games to the latest fitness crazes, you’ll find great updates on this feed.
  6. @Fitness_PT: This feed is run by a personal trainer and fitness expert who shares her advice on getting in shape.
  7. @nutrition4life: Make sure you stay healthy and eat right by following the advice found on this Twitter feed.
  8. @JanetHelm: This tweeter is a registered dietitian and has a lot to offer readers when it comes to tips on eating well.
  9. @IntenseWorkout: Get no-nonsense advice on working out hard on this feed.
  10. @Tworkout: Here you’ll find support and advice on your workout and fitness regimen.


You’re at college to learn and hopefully do well in your studies, so use these feeds to inspire you to do great things and get the most out of your college education.

  1. @FulbrightPrgrm: Think you have what it takes to win one of these prestigious fellowships? Find out more about what’s offered and what you’ll need to do to apply in this feed.
  2. @creativestudent: If you’re in a creative degree program, you’ll find all kinds of interesting tweets in this feed.
  3. @GoEDStudyAbroad: Learn about the variety of opportunities there are to take your studies overseas.
  4. @academic_earth: Supplement your studies with the lectures and courses linked in this feed, many from top tier universities.
  5. @fuelyourwriting: Learn to become a better writer with tips from this feed–helpful not only in school but for job hunting after graduation.
  6. @HWtweets: Those looking for a little help with homework assignments can find it through this feed.


In an economy where jobs are sometimes hard to come by, many college seniors are nervous about entering the working world. These feeds offer advice on finding a job and inspiration that even in hard times there are jobs out there.

  1. @LinkedInExpert: As part of a generation that grew up with technology why not use it to find a job? This feed will give you advice on how to make the most of LinkedIn in your job search.
  2. @resumeservice: Through this feed you can get some great advice on creating a resume that’s sure to impress.
  3. @AlisonDoyle: This tweeter is a job search and career expert who can help give you some much-needed advice on finding the job you want.
  4. @careerchatter: Get some free career coaching and advice from this feed.
  5. @sweetcareers: Grace Kutney offers some great advice here for college students who are just entering the job market.
  6. @EntryLevelJob: This feed will keep you up-to-date on some of the latest job postings for entry level positions.
  7. @rockthejob: Check out this feed to learn how social media will impact your job search and the way you’ll work in the modern world.
  8. @GradtoGreat: Learn how to take the skills you learned in college and translate them into the job you want through this feed.
  9. @leaddawg: Here, college students and their parents will get tips and advice on education and the post-graduation job search process.
  10. @buddingup: This feed is all about helping new grads find entry-level positions in the US and Canada.

Faith and Spirituality

No matter what you believe in, embracing your spiritual side can be a powerful way to get you inspired to lead, succeed in school or just feel happier and more connected. Check out these feeds for some food for the soul.

  1. @worshipWord: This feed will send you one daily quote from scripture meant to inspire and educate.
  2. @DiscoverKabbala: Learn more about what Kabbalah is on this feed.
  3. @twitmediation: If you need to de-stress and connect with your inner self, check out this feed for tips on meditation.
  4. @visityourself: Here you can get some instruction on how to relax and meditate.
  5. @Deepak_Chopra: This guru offers his thoughts on everything spiritual here.
  6. @ZenBuddhism: Get a Zen perspective on things with daily quotes and inspirations on this feed.
  7. @religioncrazy: This tweeter claims to be on the search for true religion and you can follow along on this feed.
  8. @spirituality: Check out this feed for spiritual and religious news of all kinds.
  9. @SpiritGrowth: Find daily inspiration, motivation and information here.
  10. @holyweblog: Here you’ll get inspiration, and maybe a laugh, with links to the good and just plain silly in the world of religion.


Learn how to improve your relationships with friends, significant others and even your family with help from these feeds.

  1. @DivaofLove: Get advice on the world of dating from this relationships-focused feed.
  2. @GrowLove: If you’re in a serious relationship you can get some advice on how to improve it and make it last.
  3. @BestRelationship: This feed will offer you guidance in improving your relationships with everyone you love.
  4. @familyrelations: Is your family dynamic a dysfunctional one? Read through this feed to find ideas on building better relationships with your loved ones.
  5. @NRGPillowTalk: This feed focuses on offering advice on the intimate side of relationships.

Being Productive

Since no one forces you to go to class or do your homework it can be easy to get lazy in college. These feeds will help you learn to stay productive and find methods that work for you.

  1. @productivitypow: This feed is a good resource for finding some basic tips on improving productivity.
  2. @prodport: Learn about technology and behaviors that can help you do more in less time.
  3. @ProdHacks: Being a student can be stressful, but these tips are designed to help give you more time and make you work and study more efficiently.
  4. @Zenkrak: This feed offers productivity tips that are simple and Zen-like.
  5. @Productive_Life: This feed links to numerous articles on being more productive.
  6. @gtdtimes: Check out this feed to learn more about the Getting Things Done method.


Supplement your college education with additional learning materials by finding all kinds of great learning opportunities in these feeds. Who knows, you might even find a new passion.

  1. @HistoryTweeter: Check out this feed to learn about a variety of world history topics.
  2. @HistoryTODAY: Find out what important historical events happened on any given day in this feed.
  3. @librarycongress: Follow along with the tweets of one of the largest libraries in the world through this link.
  4. @nybooks: Read reviews of the latest releases on this New York Review of Books feed.
  5. @museumnerd: This feed will help you stay in the loop with news and more on museum exhibitions and art history.
  6. @MarkThoma: If you love to learn about economics, check out the tweets in this feed.


Managing money isn’t easy, but these feeds will help to steer you in the right direction when it comes to financial matters.

  1. @College_Mogul: This feed will show you that you don’t have to wait until after graduation to start running a business.
  2. @CF101: College Finance 101 offers students advice on managing money, living cheaply and saving for the future.
  3. @themss: On Money Saving Student you’ll get advice on becoming a financially savvy student.
  4. @StudentAdv: Check out this feed to learn how you can take advantage of this college discount program.
  5. @FinanceLinks: This feed posts links that will help you learn how to get your finances in order, even with loads of student loan debt.
  6. @poorstudent: If you want to learn some ways to make extra money while in school, give this feed a try.

Changing the World

If you want to make a difference, then check out these feeds designed to help you learn how to volunteer and put you in touch with causes that need support.

  1. @VolunteerNation: In this feed you’ll learn about people around the world who are making a difference and get a little inspiration for your own personal missions.
  2. @GetVolunteeJobs: Use this feed to find great volunteering opportunities in your area.
  3. @changedotorg: Have something in the world you want to change? This feed posts about a range of topics and helps offer some great inspiration.
  4. @idealist: Learn how to give back to the world through the links and posts on this feed.

Being Happy

Learn how to find happiness in your life with these inspirational feeds.

  1. @PositiveMag: Learn to focus on the bright side with this feed that’s full of all the positive news from the world.
  2. @allowhappiness: Find great quotes and guidance on finding happiness from this feed.
  3. @perfectpositive: Check out this link for daily inspiration designed to help you find the success you deserve.
  4. @mrpositivechange: Pay a visit to this feed to get great ideas on turning your negative thoughts and habits into positive ones.
  5. @unbearablyhappy: If you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up, check out this feed for some ridiculously happy posts.