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100 Educational Twitter Feeds for Journalism Students

One of the most crucial ways that you, as a journalism student, can become a better writer, reporter, editor or broadcaster is to read as much news as you possibly can. By gorging yourself on headline news, editorials and opinion pieces, features, blog posts, podcasts and videos, you’ll learn about industry standards and style trends for quality reporting. Here are 100 educational Twitter feeds for all types of journalism students.

News Sources

Follow these top news sources so that you’re always on top of the most important stories and continue to learn how to write, analyze, and comment on the news while staying relevant to your readers.

  1. @Newsweek: You’ll get a full range of news media from @Newsweek, including blog posts, audio and video coverage, and more.
  2. @nytimes: The New York Times blasts the top news, front page and culture stories here.
  3. @TIME: This popular news magazine shares articles and asks for feedback on current issues.
  4. @TheOnion: If you’re interested in writing satire, check out The Onion’s feed.
  5. @eonline: Celebrity news journalists will learn how to interview stars and cover pop culture events from @eonline.
  6. @chicagotribune: The Chicago Tribune blasts headlines here.
  7. @huffingtonpost: The breakthrough online news source shares videos, blog posts, editorials and more news.
  8. @WSJ: Follow @WSJ for coverage from one of the world’s most distinguished news services.
  9. @TheEconomist: Get daily articles and breaking news from The Economist here.
  10. @LATimes: Get national and international headlines here, as well as local news, blogs and coverage on SoCal.
  11. @USATODAY: This popular news source tweets the headlines every hour.
  12. @thedailybeast: Follow The Daily Beast if you want to learn how to write clever news stories and commentary.
  13. @thenewyorkpost: @thenewyorkpost will teach you about writing for a respectable tabloid.
  14. @thehill: Find out what — and how — you should be writing if you work for a Congressional daily.
  15. @LAWeekly: Discover what it’s like to work for a city guide like LA Weekly here.
  16. @statesman: Austin American-Statesman is a local newspaper for Austin, TX, and can help you see what you’d be writing about if you worked for a similar news source.
  17. thenation: This news source was founded in 1865 and covers the economy, politics and culture.
  18. @NewsHour: The News Hour with Jim Lehrer tweets, too!
  19. @AssociatedPress: Discover what it’s like to work for a major news wire like the AP.
  20. @nprnews: NPR’s news service tweets here.

Reporters and Editors

Follow these reporters, editors and columnists for networking opportunities, inspiration and writing tips.

  1. @davidgregory: Meet the Press host David Gregory shares tidbits from his days covering The White House, economy and more.
  2. @jdickerson: John Dickerson of Slate and CBS news shares the news stories he thinks are most interesting.
  3. @sanjayguptaCNN: Find out what it’s like to combine your professional expertise with journalism by following Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
  4. @nprscottsimon: NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon shares behind-the-scenes stories from the show, personal anecdotes, and more.
  5. @abcdavid: ABC News’ David Wright tweets about the industry, politics, and his take on current events.
  6. @nytimeskristof: New York Times columnist Nicolas Kristof tweets about the news, shares stories from his travels and speaking engagements, and more.
  7. @andersoncooper: The journalist/celebrity Anderson Cooper sends out reports and invites discussion through his Twitter feed.
  8. @NYTimeskrugman: Paul Krugman sends out concise tweets about economics and finance.
  9. @waltmossberg: Walt Mossberg is a tech columnist at All Things Digital and has an accessible, friendly Twitter feed.
  10. @petersagal: Peter Sagal hosts NPR’s "Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me" and has a lively, interactive Twitter feed.
  11. @StephenAtHome: Follow Stephen Colbert’s feed to see exactly how he’s carved out such a successful niche for himself.
  12. @carr2n: David Carr is a media and culture writer for the New York Times.
  13. @davidburger: The Salt Lake Tribune music critic David Burger tweets here.
  14. DuranLA: Follow ESPN radio reporter Beto Duran for sports news headlines and insight into the job.
  15. @HeatherBosch: Heather Bosch is a Seattle-based reporter for News Talk KIRO and a contributor to the CBS Radio Network. She’s a great follow if you want to learn how to boost your own career.
  16. @KatieKrafka: Katie Krafka is a college reporter for
  17. @GStephanopoulos: After starting out in politics, George Stephanopoulos has a ridiculously successful media career as an ABC analyst and host of This Week.
  18. @indiaknight: India Knight is a Sunday Times columnist and novelist.
  19. @FredBarnes: The legendary Fred Barnes tweets about politics and his experiences as Executive Editor of The Weekly Standard and as a commentator on Fox News.
  20. @jackschofield: Jack Schofield is a computer editor for The Guardian.
  21. @artcity: This architecture critic is in love with art, words and buildings.
  22. @palafo: Patrick LaForge is an editor at the New York Times who tweets local news, newspaper highlights and more.
  23. @radioproducer: Chris Vallance is a London-based radio producer from whom you can learn about radio broadcasting and more.
  24. @JonChevreau: Jon Chevreau is a financial columnist for

Blogging, Social Media and Web Writing

These feeds will teach you how to apply your traditional journalism skills to new media, blogging, web writing, podcasting and more.

  1. @digg: Discover how sites like are changing the way people get their news.
  2. @chrispirillo: Chris Pirillo is a tech expert for CNN and can teach you a thing or two about writing for the web and personal branding.
  3. @newmediajim: Follow Jim Long for tips on using Twitter and the Internet for news sharing.
  4. @googlenews: Learn about hard news writing for a fully online media source.
  5. @PBSMediaShift: PBS’ MediaShift blog tracks the changing platform of media, from podcasts to blogging and beyond.
  6. @jeremyjojola: Follow this investigative reporter to learn how to "fuse" your broadcasting experience with new media.
  7. @billyhallowell: Billy Hallowell is a great example of a journalist who has harnessed the power of new media to stand out in the industry.
  8. @toadmeister: Toby Young is struggling to bridge Old Media and New Media.
  9. @kevglobal: This feed comes from social media reporter and Guardian blogs editor.
  10. @TheNewsChick: Linda Thomas is a freelance broadcast, print and online journalist who’s discovered how to make it in a changing industry.
  11. @craig_martin: Craig Martin is the co-host of an award winning travel podcast series.
  12. @problogger: Learn blogging tips here.


Learn about freelance journalism from these tweeters.

  1. @MrsWrite: Janene is a freelance reporter who writes about the industry, journalism classes and more.
  2. @powerwriter: Susanna K. Hutcheson is a copywriter, blogger, book reviewer, journalist, and more.
  3. @serena72: Serena-Soo-Valen is a freelance medical writer who shares her articles online.
  4. @RJ_Medak: Find tips for growing your freelance writing business from @RJ_Medak.
  5. @luxurywriter: Learn about freelancing in the luxury travel and lifestyle industry from Denise Reynolds.
  6. @BobHowells: Bob Howells is a editor-at-large for National Geographic and a freelance writer.
  7. @bridgebuilding: Darrell Laurant is the founder of The Writers’ Bridge and is a longtime freelance writer himself.
  8. @MSthecopywriter: Martin Sayers freelances for magazines around the world.
  9. @sanfrandan: Dan Frost tweets about the life of a freelance writer, from TV appearances to media news to special events.
  10. @Southwrite: Randy Southerland is an ASJA member who likes tweeting about media, the writing process and more.
  11. @UrbanMuseWriter: Susan Johnston is a lifestyle and business writer for various publications, as well as a party host for Mediabistro in Boston.
  12. @writertrainer: Get freelance writing tips from Paul Lima.

TV and Video

Broadcast journalism students should follow these feeds to learn about working for cable news shows, morning shows and more.

  1. @Nightline: Find out what host Cynthia McFadden is up to, get clips from the show and find out what’s really newsworthy by following @Nightline.
  2. @CBSNews: Follow this feed to get breaking headlines, soft stories, and the CBS spin on daily news.
  3. @jackgraycnn: Jack Gray is the producer and writer for Anderson Cooper 360.
  4. @espn: Sports journalists can follow @espn for tips on writing, reporting and shooting sports news.
  5. @foxnews: This conservative news source shares links to breaking news stories.
  6. @GMA: The Good Morning America team tweets news, culture and weather stories here.
  7. @BBC: Follow the BBC network for international news, videos and more.
  8. @cnnbrk: Discover the culture of a 24-hour cable news service.
  9. @todayshow: If you want to know how to write or report for a morning talk show, follow @todayshow.


Keep up with the changing media industry in the U.S. and abroad from these feeds.

  1. @themediaisdying: Learn how to send out better pitches and get media news here.
  2. @iwantmedia: Get news about media companies and personalities, new deals, online media, and more.
  3. @MediaWeek: London-based MediaWeek reports on the business of media.
  4. @MediaJobsDaily: Subscribe to this feed if you want media jobs tips from D.C. and New York.
  5. @Mediabistro: Mediabistro is a strong network and resource provider for media professionals, including freelancers.
  6. @FishbowlNY: Get media news from New York-based companies and news sources, and beyond.
  7. @natives: Nat Ives reports on the media industry for AdAge.
  8. @journalistics: Journalistics is a journalism and PR blog.
  9. @TheNextWeb: This Amsterdam-based blog tweets about media and communications.
  10. @NewMediaAge: NewMediaAge is a UK weekly magazine covering media.
  11. @journalismjobs: This is the UK feed for the journalism and PR job site.
  12. @MediaAsia: Get media and communications news from Asia.


From writing tips to journalism professors, these feeds will continue to teach you about the standards and skills you need to be aware of when pursuing a career in broadcasting, reporting or editing.

  1. @GrammarGirl: Make sure your writing samples and assignments are worked just right when you follow @GrammarGirl.
  2. @BillCelis: Bill Celis is a professor at USC and a journalist.
  3. @digidickinson: Follow this feed for "random thoughts on journalism, j-school and related stuff."
  4. @BerniceYoung: Bernice is a broadcast journalism instructor in Utah.
  5. @scoopingthenews: This feed points out journalism professor blogs and must-follow journalists on Twitter.
  6. @ljthornton: This feed comes from a journalism professor at the Cronkite School at Arizona State.

Niche Journalists

From fashion journalism to science news to food writing, learn about niche journalism here.

  1. @wired: If you want to write about technology or science, follow @wired.
  2. @weirdnews: Learn how to dig deeper and make random news interesting and a must-read.
  3. @womensweardaily: Fashion and art reporters should look to the industry leader @womensweardaily for headlines and style standards.
  4. @RollingStone: Music and entertainment writers will learn about arts journalism from @RollingStone.
  5. @TopWineNews: Food and beverage writers should follow @TopWineNews to get an inside look at the job.

October 27th, 2009 written by Staff Writers

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