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50 Awesome Facebook Apps for Serious Bookworms

Bookworms today are just as much Internet geeks as they are rabid readers. There are countless book blogs, social networking sites, book swap communities and other social platforms for book junkies online, and Facebook is one of them. The mega-site’s collection of applications include these awesome tools for sharing, listing, recommending, reviewing and selling books, so let yourself go crazy.


With these apps, you can organize, share and swap reading lists right from your profile.

  1. Visual Bookshelf: This popular app lets you recommend books, catalog your own list and more.
  2. Endless Book List: Everyone can submit their favorite books and pieces about how those books affected them with this app.
  3. Banned Book Reading List: Assign friends banned books to read and count the curse words in each one.
  4. I’m Reading: This is a book reviewing community app that also lets you host your own reading lists and check out what friends are reading.
  5. aNobii Books: This app connects you with like-minded friends and readers based on your reading list.
  6. Booktagger: Booktagger is a useful tool for listing books and organizing book clubs through Facebook.
  7. Bookshare: Add to your profile what you’re currently reading, and manage book lists with this app.
  8. Books: Review books by rating them, and share your lists with friends.
  9. Goodreads: The social networking site Goodreads also has a Facebook app for readers to organize favorite books and talk about them with other readers.
  10. weRead: You can use this app to take reading quizzes, give and get recommendations, read reviews, join a book club, and share your reading lists.
  11. Bookwormr: This app displays image and book title names on your Facebook profile if you’re registered at
  12. Book Tag: This is a sensible app for those who want to organize their reading lists. You can choose whether or not to share your lists.
  13. Lovereading Favourites: Lovereading Favourites is a list organizer that lets you organize authors and titles while receiving updates about new releases.
  14. Listbook: Allow Listbook to display random book titles from your account in your FB profile.

Sharing and Collaboration

Use the following Facebook applications to discuss your favorite books with friends and other users on the site. You can also share recommendations, search for reviews, and more.

  1. Books: This app encourages friends to share books and reviews with each other.
  2. Shelfari: The website Shelfari also has a Facebook app for sharing lists, networking, discussion and more.
  3. Comic Books: Comic Book lovers can depend on this app for new releases, discussion boards, reviews, screencasts and more.
  4. My Books: You can add books to your lists or recommendations and let other know what you think about what you’re reading.
  5. Books: Also called Books, this app features a discussion board and a "must read" section.
  6. Best Books: You can invite friends to share books and reading lists with Best Books.
  7. Books Geek: When you allow Books Geek, your friends can leave comments about the books you’re reading.
  8. What books are my friends reading?: You can share book titles and discussion with this app.
  9. Gifts for Book Lovers: With Gifts for Book Lovers you can send fun virtual presents to your bookworm friends.
  10. Bookworm: Bookworm connects friends who love to talk about what they’re reading.
  11. Send the Classics: This is a fun app for anyone who loves classic literature and wants to re-read old favorites.
  12. iamreading: This is a "safe place" for readers who want to share reading lists with friends.
  13. We Read: We Read is another community-minded app for book lovers who want to discover new titles.

Games and Challenges

Take these quizzes and challenges to learn more about the books you should be reading.

  1. World Books: World Books challenges you to read one book from every country.
  2. Books and Publications: Take this quiz to find out if you’re as well read as you think you are.
  3. 52 Books to Read in 2009: This is a great book challenge, whether or not you complete it in 2009.
  4. ReadMinder: This app is supposed to help your reading productivity and finish books in a timely manner.
  5. Which British Library Reading Room are You: This app is for serious book geeks but is also a lot of fun and can reveal something about your reading preferences.

Buying Books

Here you can swap and sell books through Facebook, whether it’s for your college classes or just for fun.

  1. Fruitful Roots: This app serves as a comparison shopping tool for book lovers.
  2. Campus Books: This is a college textbook exchange.
  3. Sell Used Books: With this book swap app, you don’t even have to pay for shipping.
  4. We Swap Books: Allow this app if you live in the UK and want to swap books with other Facebook bookworms for free.
  5. Your Discount Bookstore and More: With this app, you’ll learn about discounts on books, gifts and more.
  6. Fast Book Swap: With Fast Book Swap, you can swap books with college students for free.
  7. Book Circle: This community-oriented app utilizes the Amazon Book Search Engine to help you find and purchase books from Facebook.

Book Search and Recommendations

Use these Facebook tools to search for new titles, discover authors and make recommendations to other users.

  1. Random Reads: Random House’s Facebook app lets you search for, recommend and organize books from their publishing house.
  2. Beaver Books: This app from Beaver Books gives you the ability to search for books by reviewing friends’ profiles and other Facebook users’ lists.
  3. Gimme Books: You’ll get random reviews from bestsellers from Gimme Books.
  4. Rare Books: Learn about first editions of classics when you use this app.
  5. What books would YOU enjoy reading?: If you want book recommendations, take this quiz first.
  6. What book should you consider reading?: This Facebook user helps others by suggesting good books to read.
  7. Book Reviews: Get ideas for new books to read after you read the reviews here.
  8. Book Pique: This is a social app for sharing recommendations, your own reading lists and finding new discoveries.
  9. about:books: Use this app to look up information on books, including author, title, subject, etc.
  10. Recommend-A-Book: Here you can search books by keyword, title, author or ISBN number and recommend it to other users.
  11. What book/genre should I read?: Take this quiz to find out the genre that will satisfy you the most.

December 14th, 2009 written by Staff Writers

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