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100 Best Job Sites for B-School Students

Business school students who are getting ready to find a job may feel both excited and a little apprehensive. This is normal, as the transition for which you’ve been working has suddenly arrived and you may wonder where to find that job. Luckily, there is a wealth of opportunities for job searching online for business students. The list below provides everything from job sites just for business students to more general job sites, social networking sites for business students and those in the business community, internships for those wanting to bridge the gap between school and career, and resources for finding a job in the business community.

Business Job Search Sites

These job search sites provide search engines and job search resources specifically for those seeking careers in business.

  1. Post your resume, search for jobs, and more here.
  2. BizSchoolJobs. Post your resume, get job alerts, and search openings at this site that is focused on the needs of business school grads.
  3. Not only can you search for jobs here by category, but you can also read other resources that provide strategies for finding work.
  4. If you are seeking a job in finance, then check out this job search site that is just for careers in this field.
  5. Search for jobs in the banking and finance industry here.
  6. MBA Jungle. Job searches and job search resources just for MBA students are featured on this site.
  7. Financial Job Network.This site provides international and local job searches for financial professionals.
  8. Jobs in the Money. Finance and accounting jobs are the focus of this site where you can also get help with resumes and more.
  9. Management Consulting Online. If you are looking to break into management consulting, then you will want to visit this site that includes available positions as well as resources on consulting.
  10. The Wall Street Journal Careers. Job search, learn about the latest trends in employment and career preparation, and more with this helpful resource from WSJ.
  11. YourOnRamp. This site is geared towards women reentering the career world or making a career shift and includes plenty of resources in addition to a job board.
  12. Compiling resources from several sites, this site tries to streamline your job search.

Job Search Site for New Grads

These job search sites are especially for those who are about to graduate or have recently graduated.

  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Find job tools of all kinds here along with job search opportunities.
  2. Monster College. This division of is specialized for new grads looking for jobs.
  3. JobWeb. Just for new grads, this site offers tons of job searching opportunities and resources.
  4. Both students and new grads can look for both internships and jobs here.
  5. Alumwire. Take advantage of all the free services available to help college students and recent grads find a job.
  6. MyWorkster. This site links college networks with employers and provides access to job listings through Indeed’s job search engine.

General Job Search Sites

These job search sites include some of the more popular ones as well as some smaller ones. Be sure to check several out when looking for a job.

  1. Search for jobs and get resources to help fine-tune your strategies here.
  2. Employment 911. This site specializes in fine-tuning your resume as well as job shopping.
  3. JobBank USA. Boasting a comprehensive collection of job-search tools, this site will get you ready for the search as well as help you connect to companies seeking employees.
  4. RON. This site is a resource for headhunters, but includes job search opportunities for those seeking employment.
  5. Executives looking for mid- and upper-level positions should visit this site.
  6. Idealist Career Center. Idealist is an organization with a social conscience, and their career center is an excellent place to find a job with a non-profit organization.
  7. PNNOnline. Search for non-profit career positions here.
  8. Care2 JobFinder. The careers available here are with responsible companies.
  9. Jobs for Change. This site features jobs with a social conscience or at non-profits.
  10. Monster. One of the bigger job search sites, Monster provides tons of job opportunities for you.
  11. Indeed. Search by location and job title, key word, or company name to find a job here.
  12. This site provides tons of job search resources as well as a powerful job search engine.
  13. JobFox. Let JobFox do all the legwork here when you create a profile and wait to see your potential matches.
  14. Simply Hired. This simple job search site will have you browsing through listings in no time.
  15. JobPile. JobPile is a job board aggregator, bringing job searches from some of the top sites to one place.
  16. Employment Spot. Job searches and search resources are all available here.
  17. Yahoo! HotJobs. Yahoo! offers plenty of job search options as well as resources on their career site.
  18. Jobster. Create video resumes, links to your website, and more to use dynamic online tools for your job search.
  19. JobBoardReviews. Read news relevant to job searching and also look at results from some of the major job search sites here.
  20. Craigslist. If your job search has you seeking a position with a smaller to mid-sized company, Craigslist is a great place to look and can be done city-by-city.

Online Networking Sites for the Business Community

Networking sites provide both an opportunity for finding employment as well as the chance to create important business contacts you can use during your career. These networking sites offer these opportunities especially for the business community.

  1. Ziggs. Ziggs offers a place for you to create a personal brand and make yourself available to headhunters, employers, or others in your field.
  2. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the most popular online business networking sites. Make sure you have an account here.
  3. Ryze. Make business contacts, use the classifieds to find employment, and network with others when you join this network.
  4. NetParty. With a combination of both business and social networking opportunities, this site just, just for young professionals, provides an excellent place to network for business both during and after hours.
  5. NetworkingForProfessionals. With a combination of both online and face-to-face events, this site is great for those wanting a little more actual than virtual contact.
  6. XING. Manage your business contacts with this social network.
  7. Ecademy. Ecademy allows members to connect with others and is also a great place for entrepreneurs to showcase their business.
  8. Naymz. Naymz offers another great opportunity for establishing your personal brand while building a professional network.
  9. Fast Pitch. Network with professionals as you break into the business world with Fast Pitch.
  10. BizWiz. Meet other business professionals, learn about entrepreneurs’ ventures, and publicize your own.
  11. Jigsaw. The more your network grows here, the more ability you have to make increasingly significant connections through this unique system of point-earning.
  12. APSense. Voting in this network ensures only the best-intentioned members can grow and network here.
  13. Talkbiznow. This site offers a great place to promote your entrepreneurial venture, collaborate, and network with other professionals.

General Online Networking Sites

While these sites aren’t specific for business networking, they do offer a great chance to expand your community and look for employment.

  1. Dice. If you are looking for a business career in the technology industry, then you will want to check out the job openings on Dice, which offers both online social networking and job searching.
  2. Facebook. Facebook has moved beyond the college-student social network it once was and has matured into a full-fledged networking opportunity for all.
  3. Plaxo. Plaxo is a social network aggregator that allows you to stay connected across a variety of social networking sites.
  4. Ning. Any group can form a social network on Ning. Many businesses, student groups, and more can be located on Ning.
  5. Similar to Ning, this site hosts "tribes" of people who who share common interests or goals.
  6. MySpace. MySpace offers networking and social opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Job Hunting on Twitter

Twitter has become a popular tool for finding employment. Not only can you participate in a popular networking opportunity, but you can learn about openings and broadcast your own search. These sites will provide you with plenty of resources to find your job on Twitter.

  1. Twitter. If you don’t already have a Twitter account or if your current account isn’t work-appropriate, set up a professional-looking account to get started.
  2. @jobhunting. Follow this Twitter feed to get everything from job hunting tips for new grads to recession-proof job information.
  3. 50 People on Twitter Job Seekers Should Follow. Here are 50 more feeds to follow when looking for a job. See the follow-up post for additional feeds.
  4. twitterjobcast. Go to this site to search for job postings on Twitter by keyword or geographic location.
  5. TweetMyJobs. This site provides an opportunity for job seekers and employers to find each other through Twitter.


Whether you are still in school and looking for an internship that may lead to future employment or want to work an internship prior to starting a paid position, these sites will help you find what you need.

  1. Rising Star Internships. Find internships here whether you are still in school or are graduating and looking for an internship position.
  2. Search for internship opportunities by employer, location, and date here.
  3. Business School Internships. This site from describes the benefits as well as how to go about finding a business internship position.
  4. Internships – MBA Internships. Another resource for how to go about finding internships, this one is specifically for MBA students.
  5. US Department of State Student Programs. Discover plenty of opportunities for internships and more with the US Department of State.
  6. IBM Extreme Blue. IBM offers an internship program to students pursuing software development and MBA degrees.
  7. Internships4America. This site can help you find an internship in the business field.
  8. Internships-USA. See if your school has a subscription to this service that finds internships for students.
  9. Help! I’ve got no internship. If you are interested in investment banking, but failed to land an internship, this article offers options that can help you break into the field.

Making the Most of Your Job Search

These sites offer resources to help you make the most of your job search, including help evaluating companies, narrowing your search, creating the best resume and cover letter, and more.

  1. The Riley Guide Business and Administration. This site offers links to resources that will help you learn about job searching within very specific fields.
  2. Find out about the quality of companies, compare salaries, and find tons of resources to help you land your career job.
  3. Best College Resumes. Get sample resumes, a resume checklist, and techniques for proofing your resume all customized for students.
  4. College Resume Template. New grads will enjoy this template that is customizable based on education and experience levels.
  5. Quickstart Resume Templates. With over 300 templates to choose from, you will have no problem finding one to suit your needs here.
  6. Resume Videos. These free videos will help you learn how to create an awesome resume.
  7. Free Resume Critique. Once you have completed your resume, submit it here to get feedback and learn what you might need to change.
  8. Sample Cover Letters. Take a look at these sample cover letters to learn how to write anything from a generic template to a more specialized letter.
  9. Cover Letters. See examples of the best and worst cover letters, get a sample, and see what else you can learn about writing cover letters at this site.
  10. Cover Letter Samples. Take a look at these samples to get started writing eye-catching cover letters.
  11. Best College References. Using references from your college days can be vital to establishing your career. This site provides tips to make sure you leave school with the best references you can get.
  12. Recession Job Search Tips for New Graduates. New grads looking for a job during a recession will appreciate the strategies and tips here.
  13. Job Fair Success. If you plan to attend job fairs to find employment, this site tells you the best way to do achieve success with these opportunities.
  14. Career Fair/Job Expo Tutorial. This tutorial provides even more information on the specialized world of job fairs.
  15. Interview Prep for New Grads. Once you have secured an interview, you will want to go through this list to make sure you put your best foot forward.
  16. When Job Hunting: Dress for Success. This site offers tons of resources for learning how to dress, finding ways to dress well on a budget, and more.
  17. Company-Site Interviewing Success. If you will be going on a company-site interview, visit this site to learn about such topics as tests and assessments you may be given, what to order at dinner, signals of your successful interview, and more.

Evaluating and Taking a Job

These sites have plenty to offer to ensure you are taking the job that is just right for you and to help you make the transition to the new job smoothly.

  1. After the Interview. Learn tips and advice on what to do after the interview.
  2. Follow-up Letter Samples. Follow-up letters are a great way to show your interest and stay in touch with potential employers after an interview.
  3. Job Offer Checklist. This checklist will help you organize details or questions you may have about a potential job being offered to you.
  4. Employee Benefits. Benefits are often overlooked, but they are a significant part of the employment package. Find their worth here.
  5. Multiple Job Offer Job Assessor. In the event that you get more than one job offer, use this tool to compare jobs and find the one that will be best for you.
  6. Salary Information. Use the tools located here to determine what salary you deserve or to evaluate how good that job offer really is.
  7. Salary Calculator. See how much your skills are worth based on your geographic location.
  8. Cost of Living Wizard. Learn how a proposed salary measures up or discover how much you will need to make based on a particular city here.
  9. When a Job Offer is Put on Hold. It is not unheard of to receive a job offer and have it put on hold. Find out what to do with this information if that happens to you.
  10. Move Planner. If you have accepted a job in another city, then visit this site to ensure your move goes smoothly.

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