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50 Excellent Science Blogs Anyone Can Appreciate

Science is arguably the most integral force in our lives, connecting humans to each other and to the planet. Even if you're more into finance or literature, you need to pursue a well-rounded, deeper understanding of science if you want to become a responsible citizen and member of the global community. Here are 50 excellent science blogs that anyone can appreciate, whether or not you've graduated with a higher degree in the field.

All Science Topics

Visit these blogs for discussion about all science topics, including interesting facts and surprising research.

  1. Open Parachute: Open Parachute is a fantastic blog for exploring the different ways science impacts our life and our beliefs.
  2. CultureLab: This unique blog highlights books that cover relevant science topics, like GPS systems, space exploration and more.
  3. Tierney Lab: This NYT blog tests out popular science theories and studies.
  4. Panda's Thumb: Get serious news stories as well as fun stories about animals and evolution.
  5. Scientific Blogging: This network is "science 2.0" and has blogs for medicine, Earth sciences, physical sciences, culture and more.
  6. Life's Little Mysteries: Get answers to the everyday science questions that bug you.
  7. Surprising Science: This Smithsonian blog shares surprising new ideas and discoveries in science.
  8. World Scientist: From obesity to science education, this blog covers it all.
  9. Oxford Science Blog: The University of Oxford's science blog is surprisingly accessible and includes lots of videos and photos.


Turn to these science blogs for news about research developments and new discoveries.

  1. Wired: This popular blog highlights the stories and studies that bridge science and society.
  2. Discovery News: The Discovery Channel's News blogs report on technology, animals and nature, space, archaeology, and human sciences.
  3. Science @ NASA: Recent news stories published on this blog cover solar currents, an equinox sky show, TGFs and air travel, and more.
  4. Science Codex: Check Science Codex throughout the day for updated science news articles from around the world and from all science fields.
  5. Science News: Articles on this blog cover the body, the Earth, the environment and society, and are written so that the public can understand them.
  6. SciScoop: Get articles on psychology, geologic sciences, World Water Day and more.
  7. NatGeo News Watch: National Geographic's news editor David Braun picks the top news stories from around the world and shares ideas on how we can save our environment and society.
  8. Earth Observation News: This is a good source of information for understanding the business side of the industry.
  9. Newswise Science News: These quality news stories deliver well-researched, accurate information about agriculture, Earth sciences, fuel and energy, and more.
  10. Science A Go Go: This fun blog publishes "research tidbits" and other fascinating science news stories about cancer treatments, stem cell research, vaccines and more.


Learn about the environment and Earth sciences — from green living to energy and climate change — here.

  1. Extinction Countdown: This blog educates the public on endangered species all over the world.
  2. Watt's Up With That?: Anthony Watts is a former TV meteorologist who now blogs on climate change, technology, nature and science, and opens up the conversation to readers and commenters.
  3. Cool Green Science: The Nature Conservancy blogs about protecting nature, climate change, animal species, and more.
  4. Planet Green: The Discovery Channel's environmental blog includes green news, tips and commentary for responsible living, dressing, eating and giving back.
  5. Environmental News Network: Turn to the ENN blog for news about energy, ecosystems, agriculture, pollution, climate change, wildlife and more.
  6. Dinosaur Tracking: Learn all about dino research and new discoveries here.
  7. Grist: Get hard environmental science and policy news from Grist, as well as tips and ideas for green living.
  8. Celsias: Read up on climate change from this blog, which collects pieces from the world’s best writers on the subject.
  9. WWF Climate Blog: The WWF's climate blog is a bright site that features interesting articles about campaigns and research supporting more responsible living.

Science Policy

These blogs will teach you how science and scientists can work with politicians for the good of us all.

  1. The S Word: Learn about government funding, science and the economy, and other science and policy topics here.
  2. Science Insider: Science Insider, a blog at, reports on science policy, grants, competitions, and major institutions.
  3. Science Progress: Find progressive posts about what society and the government can do to support science.

Biological Sciences and Health

These blogs cover interesting organisms, dinosaurs, evolution and health sciences.

  1. Catalogue of Organisms: Even if names like Rhipicephalus microplus make you tune out, you'll probably find yourself addicted to learning about all kinds of random organisms on this blog by PhD student Christopher Taylor.
  2. The Hairy Museum of Natural History: Learn about evolution, geology, paleontology, and about all sorts of animal and fossil research here.
  3. Extreme Biology Blog: Ms. Baker and her students maintain this blog, which is actually full of posts reporting on relevant, interesting stories on invertebrates, psychology and more.
  4. Southern Fried Science: Learn about marine biology, sharks, and ocean ecology here.
  5. Biomedical Sciences Blog: This blog has been publishing articles on medical research and the health sciences since December 2006.

Physical Sciences

Read these blogs to find experiment tutorials, chemistry lessons and more.

  1. Steve Spangler Blog: YouTube sensation Steve Spangler now demonstrates all kinds of experiments and fun science facts on this blog.
  2. Physics World: The Physics World blog publishes news, research information and cool facts about everyday physics questions.
  3. The Culture of Chemistry: Get the "who, what, when where and why of chemistry" here.
  4. Physics Buzz: This fun physics blog shares news and research information.
  5. Bad Astronomy: Discover's Bad Astronomy blog is maintained by Phil Plait, a Hubble veteran.
  6. ScienceLine Physical Science Blog: Posts here cover the planets, engineering, math and more.
  7. Get technology, physics and chemistry news here.


Technology and computer science isn't just for geeks. Here you will get consumer reviews and insight into how technology shapes the modern world.

  1. Gizmodo: Even if you're not a tech geek, you can read Gizmodo for accessible reports on the newest gadgets.
  2. ZDNet Technology News: From consumer interest posts to new technology releases, check this site daily.
  3. Engadget: Get podcasts, videos and posts about gadget culture, new toys and more.
  4. Bits: Read this NYT blog to better understand the business and impact of technology.
  5. Guardian Technology Blog: Discover how other parts of the world develop and use technology.