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98 Blog Posts Every College Senior Should Read

If you're a graduating college senior, it's time to get serious about your future. Whether you're leaving behind an online college or traditional one, you're sure to encounter major changes in your life. These blog posts offer excellent advice for moving on to this new stage in your life.


Read these posts to find useful advice for college seniors.

  1. College Senior Mistakes: Andy Chan's post discusses some of the mistakes you should avoid in your senior year.
  2. Lifehack Readers' Advice for College Graduates: Check out this crowdsourced advice for college graduates.
  3. 5 Tips for Surviving Life After College: This post will help you survive after college.
  4. Open Letter to Recent College Graduates: Find advice for recent college graduates in this post.
  5. Graduating? 7 Survival Skills Every College Graduate Should Know: Reduce the shock of graduation with these survival skills.
  6. The Three Best Things About Life After College: This post discusses what's great about life after college.
  7. 23 Pieces of Advice that College Graduates Don't Want to Hear: You probably don't want to hear this advice, but you need to.
  8. Advice for College Graduates Class of 2010: This post shares a cheat sheet for real life.
  9. Secrets to Smart Decisions When You Graduate From College: Make smart decisions in your transition from college to adulthood.
  10. Advice for New College Graduates: Here you'll read about your online presence, spending, and saving.
  11. 12 Things I Learned by 42 That I Wish I Knew at 22: Learn these important lessons early.

Senior Year

Here's what you need to take care of in your senior year of college.

  1. College Seniors Can Use Christmas Break to Make Post-Graduation Plans: This post recommends getting your post-graduation life straightened out during your winter break.
  2. College Seniors, Start Now: Check out this post to see why you need to get to work right now.
  3. 5 Reasons Every College Student Should Start Blogging: Here are a few reasons why you need to blog in college.
  4. 10 Tips for College Students: Steve Pavlina discusses a few ways to make a great college experience.
  5. What's Your Brand with Faculty?: Consider your impression on faculty with the help of this post.
  6. Oldest College Graduate in the US!: Get inspired to finish your college career strong by the story of this 95 year old graduate.
  7. What College Seniors Should Do Over Break: During the winter break, you should take some of these steps.
  8. Untemplate Your College Experience: Get more out of college by escaping the template.
  9. 66 Things a College Student Must Do Before College Graduation: Here's what you need to do before you graduate college.
  10. Start Planning Now for Life After College: Read this post to find out what you can do to plan for your post-college life.

Self Improvement

Focus on self improvement with these posts.

  1. Taking a Break From Work: This post discusses why taking a break is important.
  2. 5 Must Have Self Improvement Books: These books offer great advice for self improvement.
  3. Start Your Day With Mental Stretches: This post explains how to improve your day with mental stretches.

Career & Job Search

Read these blog posts to find help in your career and job search.

  1. Job Alternatives for Recent College Graduates: Find job alternatives after college in this post.
  2. Job Hunting iPhone Apps for New College Graduates: Use these apps to get help finding a job.
  3. Career Advice for the College Graduate: In this post, you'll find graduate career advice.
  4. 12 Hot Careers for College Graduates: Looking for a post-college job? These careers just might be right for you.
  5. Don't Read Blogs? Here's How Your Career May Suffer: College students and graduates should read this post to find out why blogs are important.
  6. My Advice to the Recent College Graduate Still Looking for a Job: Take Jeff Pulver's advice for finding a job after college.
  7. College Graduates-Differentiate Yourself Using Social Media: Stand out in your job search with the help of social media.
  8. 10 Hottest Careers for College Graduates: These fields are just some of the hottest careers out there for college graduates.
  9. Survival Tips for Day 1 of Your First Job: Get ready for your first job using this post's advice.
  10. Advice for a Recent Graduate Looking for a Job: Read this post to find job hunting advice.
  11. 10 Jobs Hunting Tips for Recent College Graduates: This post offers great tips for finding a job after college.
  12. Best Jobs for College Graduates: College graduates can do well with these jobs.
  13. GET A JOB!: Here are nine things you need to know to find a job as a college graduate.
  14. Advice for the College Senior Who Wants to Make a Difference: Have Fun Do Good has some valuable advice for making a difference with your career.
  15. Career Advice to College Graduates: This survey shares insights into the American workplace.


With these posts, you'll be able to better manage your finances.

  1. 5 Financial Tips for College Graduates: This post discusses finance for graduates.
  2. Tax Tips for Recent College Graduates: Roni Deutch has useful tax tips for graduates.
  3. Insurance 3-Steps for the Single, 20-Something College Graduate: Consider these important insurance issues when you graduate college.
  4. Financial Planning Checklist for Recent College Graduates: Follow this checklist to get your finances on track after college.
  5. The New Graduate's Guide to Financial Freedom: You'll find post-college financial freedom in this post.
  6. Tips for Your Financial Life After College: You can find great advice for after-college financial life in this post.
  7. Why You Need an Emergency Fund and How to Start One: Protect yourself in case of emergency with an emergency fund.
  8. Graduating? Top Ten Free Money Tips for Grads: Manage your money with this graduate finance advice.
  9. 2010 College Grad Financial Survival Guide: Find out how to survive after college with this post.
  10. 5 Things to Do to Build Wealth in Your 20s: Build wealth early on with the help of this advice.
  11. Ten Big Tips for Recent College Graduates: Get your personal finance life on the right track by taking these steps.
  12. Financial Tips for New College Graduates: Here you'll find a cheat sheet for managing your money.
  13. Three Big Financial Decisions for College Graduates: Make smart choices for these decisions after college.
  14. How to Make a Budget That Works: Create and follow a budget with the help of this post.
  15. How to Graduate from College Debt-Free: Use this post to graduate from college debt free.
  16. Student's First Car Buyer Guide: Here's what you need to know about buying your first car after college.
  17. Discount Programs for New Graduates: Reap the benefits of your new degree with discount programs.
  18. Summer Spending Temptations: Check in on your spending with the help of this post.
  19. Career/Personal Finance Advice for College Graduates: Read personal finance advice for college graduates from top personal finance bloggers here.

Student Loans

Check out these posts to get a handle on your looming student loans.

  1. The Consolidation Decision: Jessica explains a few of the things you should consider before consolidating your student loans.
  2. Hey, Graduating College Seniors (and Graduating Graduate Students) It's Not Too Late to Consolidate!: Take Daniel Barkowitz' advice about consolidating your student loans.
  3. Student Loan Nightmare: Read this post about a student loan nightmare.
  4. Managing Your Student Loans: This post discusses important college affordability benefits.

Grad School & Education

Considering grad school? Check out these posts for advice.

  1. College Graduate Reading List: College graduates entering the business world should check out this post to find great books to read.
  2. One More Reason to Stay in School Forever: This post discusses why it's not so bad to stay in school a bit longer.
  3. College Seniors: Don't Go To Graduate School: Here's why you shouldn't go to graduate school after college.
  4. Why Great People Never Stop Learning: Hunter Nuttall explains why you should keep learning after college is done.
  5. Reasons to Go Back to College: Campus Direct recommends that you go back to college.
  6. Going Back to School During Tough Times: Here you'll find strategies for grad school during a recession.
  7. Graduate School for Unemployed College Students: Seth Godin takes a look at spending your post-graduate year in personal education.


These posts share advice for health insurance and more.

  1. College Students Have Much to Rejoice for in Health Care Reform Bill: See why you should be excited about the health care reform bill.
  2. Providing Health Insurance for Your College Graduate: Here you'll find a few strategies for college graduate health insurance.
  3. Insurance for Recent College Graduates: This post covers your health insurance options.
  4. Health Insurance for New College Graduates: You can shop around to find the best health insurance after college.
  5. Unemployed After college Without Health Insurance?: Here's what you should do if you're unemployed after college and don't have health insurance.
  6. Top 5 College Graduate-Friendly Recipes: Step up your post-college diet with these recipes.
  7. Health Insurance Options for College Grads: You'll find out about your health insurance options in this post.
  8. The Graduation Smile That Will Make You Money: Read this post about investing in your smile.
  9. Big Health Insurers Have a Gift for College Grads: This post explains that college grads now have a health insurance advantage.

Living at Home

If it looks like you're moving back home after college, read these posts.

  1. A Recent College Graduate's Perspective on Living with Your Parents: If you find yourself living with your parents after college, take this advice.
  2. 10 Tips for Moving Back In With Parents: These tips will help you survive living with your parents again.
  3. Moving Back Home With Your Parents is a Good Career Move: Penelope Trunk recommends moving back home.
  4. Survival Tips for Moving Back in With Mom and Dad: Check out this post to learn how to deal with living at home.

Post-College Life

In these posts, you'll find help for your post-college life.

  1. Planning Your Life After College: Here's what you should do to plan your life after college.
  2. 25 Best Cities for College Graduates: Richard Florida discusses where you should live in the real world.
  3. 10 Myths About Life After College: Find out the truth about life after college from this post.
  4. Surviving the Transition from College to Career: This post discusses the transition into a real career after college.
  5. The Truth About Life After College: Read about life after college in this post.
  6. Moving Out and Moving On: Once you've got your diploma, use this advice to move out.
  7. Do You Know What To Do After College?: This post questions whether or not you know what to do with your life after college.
  8. 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates: See how much apartments are in various cities around the country.
  9. Moving Out After College: Read this post to figure out where you're going to live after college.
  10. Most Affordable Cities for College Graduates: These are great cities for college grads on a budget.
  11. 8 Ways to Organize Your Life After College with Google Docs: You'll find great tools for post college life here.
  12. The Unemployable College Graduate Who Lives on Craigslist: Here's an unconventional way to start your post-college life.
  13. 5 Myths About Life After College: This post busts myths about life after college.
  14. More Best Places for College Grads: These are great cities to start your life after college.
  15. Life After College: One Year Later…: See what life is like after college a year out.