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50 Best Blogs in the Unschooling Movement

Unschooling has garnered a fair amount of visibility lately, and like other homeschooling techniques, comes packaged with its own controversies. The technique, which emphasizes life experience over traditional academics, is utilized by households from every political and religious leaning imaginable. Parents possess different reasons for starting their children down the unschooling path, but the only thing they have in common is an interest to raise them as effectively as possible. Though the following blogs stem from a wide range of ideologies, they provide an interesting glimpse into the wide world of homeschooling and unschooling for anyone interested in reading more. See what they have to say, and pay visits to other resources not listed here for a broader glimpse at a growing movement.

Christian Unschooling

  1. The Sparkling Adventures of a Free-Range Life: Both unschooling and "unchurching" are advocated by this freedom-loving Australian family, and members happily share some of the lesson plans used in their Christian curriculum.

  2. The Path Less Taken: A family of six looks for (the Christian interpretation of) God, adventure and an unschooling education after transplanting themselves from New Hampshire to Arizona.

  3. For Christian unschoolers and homeschoolers alike, offers up some neat postings on possible lessons and teaching strategies.

  4. An Untraditional Home: Libertarian parents hold school and church services at home, utilizing unschooling and other nontraditional techniques with the hope of raising their "three geeklings" to be as happy, healthy and productive as possible.

  5. A Number of Things: Not every posting here revolves around Christian unschooling, but it still provides an interesting glimpse into the lifestyle for anyone interested in experimenting.

  6. growing urban wildflowers: Stop by here for advice on incorporating Reform Christianity and attachment parenting into an unschooling curriculum.

  7. This Simple Life: Be sure to give This Simple Life a visit for its comprehensive listing of useful unschooling resources pertinent to Christian families.

  8. a bona fide life: Explore the integral role faith plays in an unschooling family as one child courageously battles leukemia.

  9. Graceful Abandon: Lisa Grace shares her faith journey while simultaneously discussing her homeschooling and unschooling practices and tips for frugal living.

  10. The Lundy 5: Two Christian parents unschool their kids by traveling across the country in an RV and picking up life lessons along the way.

News and Views

  1. I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.: Content here centers around life as an unschooled student with a love for the environment, anarchism, vegetarianism, animism and hippie culture.

  2. Unschooling Site News, As a supplement to the eponymous website, this blog delivers a few news stories a month involving different events and ideas within the unschooling community.

  3. Homeschool News and Muse: Another Sandra Dodd site, this time offering suggestions and exploring issues pertaining to both homeschooling and unschooling parents.

  4. Guerrilla Homeschooling: Learn the motivations behind why so many parents turn towards homeschooling, deschooling and unschooling, read commentaries on the latest education news, pick up lesson plan tips and plenty more with this comprehensive resource.

  5. Pat Homeschooling expert and former John Holt protege Pat Farenga keeps readers updated on a wide variety of issues and insights impacting the unschooling and deschooling communities, among others.

  6. Enjoy Life Unschooling: One of the most comprehensive unschooling resources on the internet, Enjoy Life keeps readers updated on news, opinions and events to help parents make the most of their educational time with the kids. It also provides a valuable networking opportunity as well.

  7. Radical Unschoolers Network: Unschooling parents the world over meet at this forum and community blog to exchange tips and discuss the latest news from within their educational niche.

  8. Do Life Right: Read up on the myriad methods parents across the United States use to practice mindfulness and unschool their children.

  9. Wendy Priesnitz: The eponymous journalist explores the whos, whats and whys behind unschooling, especially as it pertains to environmental issues.

  10. Special Needs Homeschooling: Unschooling and homeschooling parents whose children need special care for any number of conditions must absolutely bookmark this blog and website.

School and Education Reform

  1. See what the American government hopes to do about repairing public schools, to make them safer and more effective for the next generations.

  2. The Jose Vilson: This fearless middle school teacher frequently points out the injustices levied upon American schools and what can be done to ensure a valuable education for all students of all backgrounds.

  3. Whitney Tilson's School Reform Blog: Keep up with the latest news and views regarding the education system with this painstakingly detailed resource.

  4. Education Policy Blog: Unschooling and homeschooling parents hoping to stay on top of the latest news and regulations impacting the whole of the education industry would do well to stop by here frequently.

  5. Schools Matter: Schools Matter dissects the various problems preventing public schools from offering up the best education possible, and what can be done to build them back up.

  6. Journal of Educational Controversy Blog: Multiple perspectives converge here to talk about some of the most serious problems plaguing the education sector today and brainstorm possible solutions.

  7. Blogs at Education Week: From pre-school to post-grad, the plethora of blogs hosted Education Week provide some of the best insight on teaching and policy around.

  8. Sherman Dorn: The writer in question blogs about how schools eventually grew into "social institutions" rather than places of education.

  9. Flypaper: Education Gadfly at Fordham turn a critical eye towards public schools and comprehensively dissect the issues at hand.

  10. The Learning Network: The New York Times presents a detailed glimpse into today's educational atmosphere for mainstream and homeschooling, unschooling and deschooling parents alike.

Unschooling and Homeschooling Dads

  1. Home School Dad: As the title states, this fun, engaging father enjoys homeschooling his children and shares his thoughts and experiences with the rest of the community.

  2. theMango Times: theMango Times won three "Best Homeschool Dad" award from The Homeschool Post for its detailed Christian take on the education practice.

  3. Families Again: Another Christian homeschooling father tracks his family's educational and spiritual growth, sharing what works and what doesn't for the benefit of interested readers.

  4. O'DonnellWeb: Not everything Chris O'Donnell (no relation) posts up here has to do with homeschooling as a father, but it still makes for an informative read all the same.

  5. Daddyshome Blog: A blog and network targeting stay-at-home and primary caregiver fathers, Daddyshome provides everything homeschooling, unschooling and deschooling dads need to succeed.

  6. Atypical Homeschool: Homeschooling parents using some non-mainstream methods such as unschooling would do well to stop by here and read up on Ron Rennick's research and suggestions.

  7. H.E.R.P. & E.S.: While it doesn't update as frequently as some of the other blogs listed here, this liberal, atheist father's discussions of homeschooling along with his wife, religion, politics and more will be of interest to like-minded families.

  8. A Family Runs Through It: A homeschooling father up in North Idaho shares interesting tidbits from his life — and, of course, the curriculum he uses with his children.

  9. desk full of clutter: LGBTQIA issues, homeschooling, education, parenting and other subjects collide into one enlightening resource. Blogger Samuel's children may be entering mainstream education soon, but the archives still offer up some great tips all the same.

  10. Walden's Wits: Fibromyalgia and arthritis provide some painful challenges for this homeschooling dad, who blogs about his Christian faith and educating his children.

Unschooling and Homeschooling Moms

  1. majikfaerie: A mother and daughter traverse the world, offering up advice on unschooling lessons, attachment parenting, co-sleeping and gentle discipline for anyone interested in applying them to their children.

  2. freeplaylife: For this family, escaping the trappings of the expected suburban lifestyle and embracing unschooling and its related philosophies strengthened their relationships.

  3. Throwing Marshmallows: This homeschooling mother infuses many deschooling and unschooling principles into her lesson plans.

  4. Almost Unschoolers: While not exactly an exclusively unschooling family, the mom and kids here do benefit from plenty of the practice's core concepts.

  5. Rickshaw Unschooling: Follow one family's educational journey through unschooling and pick up some seriously cool suggestions on raising experienced, intelligent, informed children.

  6. owlet: Design, unschooling and the culinary arts collide into one eclectic read perfect for moms wanting to incorporate art and cooking into daily lessons.

  7. Journey Into Unschooling: Blogger Amida takes some amazing, creative approaches to unschooling her three children, and her little corner of the web is essential reading for parents needing project inspiration.

  8. Classroom Free: From the UK comes Classroom Free, where Julia Pollard waxes philosophical on the unschooling movement and the lessons she and her children learn along the way.

  9. Free Spirited Natural Living: Unschooling and unjobbing moms and dads with an environmental bent would do well to check out this blog for tips and tricks on raising healthy, happy, productive children.

  10. Show Us The World: Many unschooling parents value travel as an essential conduit towards learning, and this family shares a wealth of amazing experiences from across the United States.

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