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50 Best Blogs for Following Science Policy

With so many areas of research that are clouded by debates on ethics and morality, it's no wonder that science is often a hot-button issue in politics and policy. For college students and science professionals alike, keeping up with the latest news on research funding, government initiatives and bioethics is a must, no matter your field of expertise. These blogs are a great way to do that, providing the news and commentary you need to better understand science policies as they are today and find new ways to change and adapt them for the future.


It's important to stay on top of the news in any field. These blogs will help you learn more about not only science policy, but research, discoveries and other important news tidbits as well.

  1. ScienceBlog: While not focused exclusively on science policy, this site is nonetheless as great place to keep up with what's going on in its world.
  2. Notes and Theories: This blog from The Guardian will help you keep up with science discoveries and pop culture, covering everything from politics to exploring the universe.
  3. 2020 Science: Scientist Andrew Maynard shares his thoughts on emerging research and science policy on this blog.
  4. No matter what kind of information on science you're looking for, from policy to pure, you're bound to find some great articles on this blog.
  5. SciScoop: From controversial issues to lighthearted articles, this site offers up some great articles on science from a wide range of authors.
  6. Scientific American: Follow this lauded magazine's blog to learn more about new research, politics and much more.
  7. ScienceBlogs: No matter your field of expertise in science, you're bound to find a blog, and accordant news, on this site that suits your needs.

General Science Policy

Those looking for a blog that focuses predominantly on science policy and law need look no further than these great picks.

  1. Office of Science and Technology Policy Blog: Follow this government blog, straight from the White House, to find out about what's going on with science regulation in the United States.
  2. Science Progress: From funding issues to the latest in innovations, this policy, politics and research blog is a great read for science enthusiasts of all levels of expertise.
  3. Science Canada: You don't have to be working in Canada to find this science policy blog to be of interest. It covers a wide range of issues in science administration, politics and business both nationally and around the world.
  4. Political Science: Drevan Harris posts to this blog on The Guardian, sharing thoughts on science politics related to everything from health care to free speech.
  5. Triple Helix Online: This blog focuses on the intersection between society, science and law, providing some great posts on everything from healthcare to online media.
  6. The Intersection: On this Discover blog, readers can learn more about major science policy issues, including those related to climate change, health care and the media.
  7. ScienceInsider: Found on the Science Magazine website, this blog is one of the best sources of breaking news related to policy.
  8. NEWScience Policy: Assistant director at MIT's Washington, DC office Abby Benson maintains this great but relatively new blog, covering public policy related to scientific research.
  9. Science Policy Talking Post: Created by the Biochemical Society, this blog covers science policy issues related to biochemistry and a wide range of other fields as well.

Research and Innovation

Whether it comes to getting funding, pursuing cutting-edge research or challenging current policies, research and innovation are inextricably tangled up with government issues. Learn more from these blogs.

  1. Innovation Policy Blog: Innovation is a key part of science, from that which studies the human body to the one delving into computer systems. Through this blog, you'll get a chance to take a hard look at the regulations, policies and laws that may influence freedom to innovate and discover.
  2. Research Blog @ Vanderbilt: Follow the research that's being done at Vanderbilt University through this blog. While not focused on science policy, readers will find some posts dealing with the issue and others related to it, like funding, as well.
  3. Research Gate: Whether you want to read about what the latest research is in a wide range of fields or gain a better understanding of what limitations may be placed on that research for political or financial reasons, give this blog a try.
  4. Lost in Translation: Molecular biophysicist and biochemist Dr. Jonathan Kimmelman shares his latest research and commentary on a variety of medical issues, from Parkinson's to stem cell research, on this blog.


Ethics is at the core of most scientific policy issues. Through these blogs, you can learn more about policy and practice in bioethics.

  1. Global Bioethics Blog: Study the impact of bioethics policy and research in Sub-Saharan Africa on this blog.
  2. Bioethics Discussion Blog: Here, Dr. Maurice Berstein discusses places where ethics are being appropriately applied in science, medicine and other disciplines where there's quite a bit of room for improvement.
  3. Bioethics Forum: Join the discussions in this forum and blog to hash out some of the major issues in bioethics today.
  4. Pediatric Bioethics Blog: Children often don't have the experience or maturity to speak for themselves regarding their medical treatment, making it even more important that ethical guidelines be followed. On this blog, you'll read about some of the major issues that come up in the care of these tiny patients.
  5. Alden March Bioethics Blog: On this Albany Medical College blog, you'll get a chance to read up on bioethics issues including topics like research methods, stem cells, genetics, animal research and more.
  6. This thoroughly engaging blog features some of the best stories and commentary on the web about bioethics issues.
  7. Engineering Ethics Blog: Bioethics isn't the only field where ethics can become an issue. Read through this blog to learn more about adhering to a code of ethics in engineering from an expert in the field.

Health and Medicine

Public policies and laws help to ensure that all patients get fair, ethical medical treatment. Or do they? These blogs discuss issues in policy related to healthcare.

  1. DoctorPundit: Looking for some commentary on science and health news? This blog has some of the best coverage out there. Written by Dr. Michael Douglas, an MBA and MD, it touches on some of the major ethical and political issues in the science of healthcare today.
  2. Advancing the Science: This Mayo Clinic blog shares insights into both the latest research being done in medical science as well as the policies and regulations that govern it.
  3. John Goodman's Health Policy Blog: You can get bi-weekly updates on policy issues in health care from John Goodman through this blog.
  4. OMB Watch: This organization's blog is a great place to look for articles promoting transparency in government and business and better health, safety and environmental policies.
  5. Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: On this blog, Bob Laszewski comments on the latest federal health care policies and changes to the relevant business.
  6. Health Affairs Blog: If great news and commentary on health care issues is what you're after, then don't miss out on this blog. You'll get posts from a wide range of experts in the field and a chance to expand your knowledge on the subject.
  7. Health Policy and Communications Blog: Check out this blog to find discussions about health care policy and communications issues and their impact on patients and business practices of health care facilities.
  8. Eye on FDA: Do you know what the latest regulations and rulings by the FDA are? Get critical commentary on the subject through this blog from lawyer Mark Senak.
  9. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine and Pharma: Explore many of the ethical and political issues that come with pharmaceuticals through this blog.
  10. Health Care Law Blog: Written by health care lawyer Bob Coffield, this blog covers a wide range of health care law issues.

Environment and Ecology

The laws that govern humankind's treatment of the natural world are a big political issue these days. Through these blogs, you can read more about research and policy in environmental science.

  1. Science Policy Office: The American Society of Agronomy, The Crop Science Society of America and the Soil Science Society of America work together to bring you this blog, focused on policy issues related to agricultural and environmental science.
  2. The Collaborative on Health and the Environment: Through this blog, you'll get a chance to not only keep up with what's going on with this organization, but also to track major legislation and policy changes related to the environment, chemical waste and diseases caused by pollutants.
  3. Ecology and Policy Blog: The British Ecological Society maintains this blog, focused on the nature of science policy on ecology within Great Britain, from deforestation issues to preserving ecosystems.
  4. Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: While this blog contains a number of posts on science policy more generally, it focuses on legislation related to climate change and the impact it has on communities.
  5. Legal Planet: Follow the latest in environmental law and policy through this blog from the Berkeley and UCLA law schools.
  6. NYT Environmental Politics: Keep up with the latest environmental news by reading this green blog from the New York Times.
  7. Climate Ark: Climate change is a big political issue right now, and probably will be for years to come. Check out this blog to read more about legislation, policy and developments related to it.


These blogs focus on a particular field in science, from engineering to biotechnology.

  1. The Science Vote: Following engineering in the government through this blog from the Campaign for Science and Engineering in the UK.
  2. AAS Public Policy Blog: Check out the American Astronomical Society's blog for information about the organization, funding, research opportunities and politics that relate to the world of astronomy and astrophysics.
  3. The Computing Community Consortium Blog: From security issues to freedom of information on the web, this blog is a great place to read about not only news in the field of computer science, but what policies are in place regarding technology.
  4. Federation of Animal Science Societies News: Read up on the regulatory issues in animal care and treatment through the news on this blog, or just learn more about research, funding and other information.
  5. BiotechBlog: This niche blog focuses on reporting about the commercial, legal and political issues that come up in the world of biotechnology.