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40 Formidable College Food Bloggers

When you think "college food," ramen and pizza probably come to mind, and for many college students, that's a pretty accurate assessment of their diet. However, there are several college students who love great food, and love to write about it. Explore the foodie side of college with these food bloggers.

  1. Clearly Delicious: Helana Brigman's blog shares food, cooking, and recipes for a grad student's budget.
  2. Stay at Home Chef: Stay at Home Chef is a stay at home mom and continual culinary student.
  3. Rollings Reliable: Rollings Reliable is written by a food scientist/biotechnology student who loves playing around in the kitchen.
  4. Student Eaters: Read this blog to find out about loving food while still being able to pay rent.
  5. Something Savory: This college student is learning to cook and expanding her picky palate with simple and budget friendly food.
  6. Taste it My Way: Find recipes, critiques, reviews, and more on Taste it My Way.
  7. A Vegan Student: Ben is a poor English Literature student making vegan eating work.
  8. Study Food: Kat is a Psychology student sharing her escapades in the kitchen.
  9. Peanut Butter and Jenny: Jenny is an English major obsessed with peanut butter.
  10. The Culinary Student: This student isn't a professional chef, but still enjoys sharing simple, delicious food.
  11. The College Culinarian: Katie VanderMolen assures other college students that ramen noodles don't have to be a staple-and that learning to cook for yourself can ward off the "freshman 15."
  12. Whimsies of a Hopeful Foodie: McKenzie Graham shares her philosophy on food on this blog.
  13. Cater to Me: Cater to Me is written by an English major with a serious passion for food.
  14. Sara Tea's Culinary Cracks: Sara is a college student with a passion for food-read her blog to learn about baking and cooking on a budget.
  15. Fudge is My Last Name: This high school senior loves fudge and cooking.
  16. Dinner:Stat: Dinner:Stat is written by a soon to be med student who loves cooking at home.
  17. Peace, Love & Food!: This blogger makes cooking work in her small apartment.
  18. The Essential Omnivore: Lucia Hawley writes about tasty college kibble on The Essential Omnivore.
  19. College Cuisine: This college kid loves food, but doesn't always have great ingredients on hand.
  20. Char's Kitchen: Char shares her passion for food, particularly dessert, on this vegan friendly food blog.
  21. Kitchen Goddess (In Training!): This kitchen goddess shares the things that make her happy on this blog.
  22. Edible Opinions: This pair of Connecticut college students discusses all things culinary.
  23. I Dream in Calories: This college student is an embarrassed vegetarian who loves to cook and dream about bacon.
  24. Cooking With a College Student: Learn about avoiding cafeteria food and more on Chelsea Peoples' blog.
  25. Chocolate Chip Trips: This grad student loves to cook and bake with local and seasonal ingredients.
  26. Nyonya in the Netherlands: Nyonya in the Netherlands is written by a young Malaysian student living in Holland, loving food, cooking, and reading about food.
  27. UMBC Eats: These student bloggers will help you get your grub on.
  28. Live, Love and Peanut Butter: Bee loves peanut butter, cycling, yoga, and more, sharing recipes for easy and fun ways to use peanut butter and more.
  29. Olivewineandfood: This blogger writes about her dog Olive, wine, food, and more while finishing up a master's degree.
  30. Brooke Angel: On Brooke Angel's blog, you will learn about food issues and more.
  31. Meals and Miles: Meghann's blog is all about food and running.
  32. Pancakes and Apple Pie: Kira and Mabel write about affordable and delicious food in Toronto on this blog.
  33. Almost Vegan: Amber Shea is a certified raw vegan chef and raw food nutrition educator, writing this blog about cooking raw, traveling, and more.
  34. Blissful Hope: Blissful Hope is a grad student's journey toward healthy eating.
  35. Procrastibaking: Procrastibaking has the gastronomical adventures of a student expanding his palate.
  36. Raspberry College: This college student shares a love of fruit and cooking.
  37. Tropical Eats: Shannon is a beach bum sharing healthy food, outdoor adventures, and more.
  38. A Food Coma: A Food Coma explains how you can cook gourmet without a lot of dough.
  39. Veggie Wedgie: Read about vegetarian candy, catering, and more on Veggie Wedgie.
  40. UW Student Food Co-op Blog: The University of Washington's Student Food Cooperative shares this blog about food politics and more.