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30 Best Blogs for College Backpackers

Whether you're celebrating your graduation with a grand tour of Europe or spreading your wings and exploring the far reaches of the world over summer vacation, backpacking can be a great budget way to travel for college students.

Yet for those who haven't backpacked before, learning more about how to stay safe, save money and get around in a foreign land is an essential part of your preparations for the trip. Luckily, there are dozens of blogs out there written by experienced backpackers that can help even the most novice traveler learn the ropes and know what to expect. We've listed a few here that we think can be amazing reads for any student hoping to travel the world without spending a fortune.

Must Reads

These blogs are great reads for both experienced backpackers and newbies.

  1. GoBackpacking: On this blog, you'll find a myriad of travel suggestions (and the tools to plan your trip) as well as articles that are fun, informative and perfect for student travelers.
  2. Briefcase to Backpack: While this backpacking blog caters to the working crowd, college students can still find a wealth of information that will help them learn and grow throughout their travels.
  3. Never backpacked before? This blog is the perfect place to start learning what it's all about, featuring tips on everything from packing light to keeping in touch with family back home.
  4. The Savvy Backpacker: If you only read one of these blogs before departing on your trip, this should probably be it. Articles featured on the site will give you the information you need to plan, pack, travel, stay and have a great time while backpacking in almost any part of the world.
  5. Flashpacker HQ: If you can't bear to leave your gadgets at home when you travel, this backpacking blog is for you. Focusing on flashpacking, the 21st century version of backpacking, the blog offers fun, budget-friendly tips for techie travelers.
  6. The Art of Backpacking: This blog is another great resource for newbie backpackers, filled with not only great articles but videos, art, information about destinations, advice on gear and help planning the details of your trip.
  7. Top Backpacking Destinations: At a loss when it comes to picking a place for your summer travel? This blog may be able to help, with lists of destinations and travel tips that are sure to inspire.
  8. Have Pack, Will Travel: Whether you're looking for help packing your bags or still searching for that perfect travel destination, this blog offers tons of great material that can be a big help to backpackers.

Individual Stories

These backpackers share tales of their journeys, helpful advice and more on their blogs.

  1. Backpacking Worldwide: Backpacker and traveler Matt Hope is spending two years before he enters law school seeing as much of the world as possible. On this blog, you'll be able to follow his journeys and learn a thing or two about his experiences.
  2. Backpackers Jason and Aracely share videos and photos of their trips on this blog, which can be an inspiration for any students hoping to travel frequently after their college days as well.
  3. Everything Everywhere: In 2007, Gary Arndt set out to travel the world, and three years later he's still going strong. Use his journeys as inspiration for your own trip of a lifetime.
  4. Nomadic Chick: Traveling alone as a female can be hard in some parts of the world. If you're a young woman looking to go it on your own, get some advice from a seasoned traveler here.
  5. The Aussie Nomad: Leaving behind his 9-5 and taking to the road, this Aussie traveler shares his adventures and some advice for fellow travelers here.
  6. Backpack with Brock: This fun backpacking blog, aimed at the young traveler, allows readers to tag along with Brock as he travels the globe. While some articles are silly, it's a great read for any young backpacker hitting the road.
  7. Y Travel Blog: Caz and Craig are a couple who love to travel, and they share not only their own trips, but their expertise on it through this blog.
  8. Backpacking Matt: Find great tips on everything from traveling on a budget to finding vegetarian food in meat-centric parts of the world on this blog, written by travel-obsessed blogger Matt.

Travel Advice

Check out these blogs for information that can make your trip a safe and happy one.

  1. Off Track Planet: From understanding the food of another culture to picking out the best destinations on a limited budget, this blog can be an amazing asset in planning any overseas adventure.
  2. The Backpacker: Ben Groundwater reports on his travels in this Sydney Morning Herald blog. With over 60 countries under his belt and a wealth of knowledge to share, his blog is a great read for anyone looking for travel advice.
  3. EuroCheapo: If Europe is your chosen destination, then make sure to visit this blog. It's chock full of tips, tricks and advice on saving money while living large in Europe.
  4. Brave New Traveler: Visit this Matador Network blog for inspiring photos and videos and articles that will help you to think more seriously about your travels.
  5. BootsnAll Blog: Formerly geared towards the backpacking crowd, BootsnAll now covers just about any kind of travel and can help you get where you want to go in a much more savvy manner.
  6. How to Travel the World: Whether you're traveling for a few weeks or a few years, this blog offers articles that will help you find work, limit your environmental impact and, most importantly, have a good time.
  7. Following the Equator: If educational travel is what you're after, check out this tour company's blog. You might not want to sign up for their tours, but you will find valuable advice that will help you travel smart no matter how or where you choose to do it.
  8. Vegan Backpacker: Traveling on a restricted diet can be pretty hard, even the US – and even more so in places where the idea of being vegan just seems crazy to the locals. Here, you'll find advice that can help you stay healthy on the road and eat well, whether you're vegan or vegetarian.

Wilderness Backpacking

Exploring the urban jungle not your thing? On these blogs you'll learn the ins and outs of backpacking in the great outdoors.

  1. I Backpack Canada: Thinking of exploring the Great White North? You will find all the information you need here to find lodgings, enjoy the most beautiful hiking in Canada and more from province to province, city to city, and wilderness to wilderness.
  2. Erik the Black's Backpacking Blog: For advice on hiking, great, maps, guidebooks and more, look to experienced long-distance backpacker Erik for guidance.
  3. Boomer's Lightweight Backpacking Blog: Those who prefer to pack light and stick to the wild trails of the world will appreciate the beautiful photos and articles about backpacking in Montana.
  4. Baz's Backpacking Blog: You'll find some very informational posts on what kind of gear is best for backpacking on this British blog.
  5. The Daily Dirt: This Backpacker Magazine blog will help keep you up-to-date on everything related to backpacking, from the best equipment to the best hiking destinations.
  6. Brian's Backpacking Blog: Brian offers advice on everything from choosing a good backpacking snack to packing the ultimate ultralight pack on this blog.

June 26th, 2011 written by Staff Writers

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