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40 Best Blogs for the College Vegetarian

Vegetarian College

For many college students, college chow consists of choices mainly from the fats, oils, and sweets section of the food pyramid, and not much thought beyond whether or not something tastes good goes into meal choices. Some students go another route and choose to be a bit pickier about what they eat, making a conscious choice not to eat junk food or perhaps eliminate meat from their diets altogether. Being on a limited diet in college isn't always easy and can take some savvy planning to make work. Yet for students who are committed to being vegetarian in their college years (and possibly beyond), learning how to deal with low funds and limited experience with cooking will be the best training for a life of strong, healthy food choices you can get. Additionally, there are lots of resources out there that can help you in this journey, like this list of blogs we've compiled here.

On this list, you'll find sites that will help you to learn some new (often healthy) recipes so you can eat right while staying veggie, as well as those that will help in teaching you a bit more about what it means to be a vegetarian in the larger sense and push you to learn more about all aspects of the dietary and lifestyle choice you've made. Hopefully, after reading through a few of these blogs, you'll be inspired to be a healthier, more committed vegetarian throughout your college years.


For many college vegetarians, the biggest issue is learning how to cook vegetarian meals that are simple, cost-friendly, and tasty. These blogs provide some instruction and loads of recipes to make that issue a much less bothersome one.

  1. Vegetarian Frugal Housewife: This self-professed eco-hippie chick shares her great vegetarian recipes, encompassing both the healthy and not-so-healthy, options, on this blog.
  2. Vegetarian Like Me: If you want to eat smart as a vegetarian, you might want to start here. On this site, you'll get access to tons of product reviews and a few delicious recipes to boot.
  3. The Lazy Vegetarian: Want some new vegetarian recipes that don't take much effort to prepare? This blog has got what you need, helping you make delicious dishes that won't take hours to prepare.
  4. VegKitchen: While primarily a recipe site, this blog also offers some great articles about what to eat and how to eat it.
  5. The Picky Eater: If you have a particularly picky palate (say that five times fast), this vegetarian blog might be just the place to get advice on cooking food that's healthy but not off-putting.
  6. The Chef in You: Think you'll never be able to cook your own vegetarian food? Well, think again. This blog offers up some recipes that require little more skill than boiling water.
  7. Eat Me, Delicious: From heavenly baked goods to filling main courses, this blog's recipes run the gamut of just about anything you could be craving. Better yet, they all look delicious.
  8. A Veggie Venture: Alanna Kellogg shares some recipes on this site that can help you more easily decide what to make for dinner (or any meal of the day, for that matter).
  9. Herbavoracious: If you think vegetarian eats can't be just as glamorous as all that fancy meaty fare, then you need to take a look at this blog. On it, Michael Natkin shares photos and recipes for dishes that look simply delectable.
  10. The Chubby Vegetarian: Looking to gain that freshman 15? This vegetarian recipe blog can help, with amazing recipes that will make you wish it was mealtime all the time.
  11. Post Punk Kitchen: The recipes on this blog will show you just how cool it really can be to be vegetarian, with inspired dishes that will make your omnivorous friends jealous.
  12. Healthy College Vegetarian: Look to this blog for recipes that even the most inept of college cooks can make.
  13. Vegan Lunch Box: Even if you're not vegan, you'll appreciate these ideas for meatless lunches you can bring with you on the go or eat on the quad.
  14. 101 Cookbooks: This popular site is full of recipes that will make it simple to stay vegetarian, from yummy desserts to healthy snacks and everything in between.
  15. The Messy Vegetarian: Designed for those who are a bit iffy in the kitchen, these recipes are simple but packed with taste.
  16. Lisa's Kitchen: London-based blogger Lisa shares some yummy culinary creations on this blog, many filled with rich Indian spices.
  17. Vegalicious: Featuring everything from smoothies to pasta, this recipe blog covers just about every type of food you might be in the mood for.
  18. RedChillies: Whether you're looking to cook breakfast, make a birthday treat or just snack on something, this blog has a recipe that will work for you.


Being a vegetarian is more than just a mere dietary choice to many out there– it's a lifestyle choice. Learn more about what the vegetarian lifestyle is and how you can incorporate into your busy college life through the help of these blogs.

  1. Vegetarian Times Editors' Blog: You don't have to subscribe to this vegetarian magazine to enjoy the information about green living and eating vegetarian that this site provides.
  2. VegNews: Including product reviews, news, inspiration, and much more, this blog offers a complete look at vegetarian lifestyle issues.
  3. Vegetarian Wellness Blog: Do you know how to keep yourself healthy when you're not eating meat? You'll find some help here, with details on every kind of vitamin and mineral your body needs.
  4. The New Vegetarian: While there are recipes aplenty on this site, the real (faux) meat is in the articles about living as a vegan or vegetarian and being more Earth-conscious.
  5. PETA Vegetarian Living: Filled with great recipes, help with eating healthy and ideas about living more sustainably, this blog is a great place to start looking for information on living veg (as the name might suggest).
  6. Veggie Revolution: Touching on topics like environment, food, health and wildlife, this blog will give you the motivation to stick to your vegetarian diet.
  7. Soul Veggie: Through this site you can learn a great deal about why eating vegetarian may be your healthiest option, as well as reading news, finding recipes, and much more.
  8. Groovy Vegetarian: This vegetarian lifestyle blog aims to help you better understand how to live as a vegetarian, no matter your other lifestyle choices.
  9. The Veg Blog: If animal cruelty is one of your main reasons for eating vegetarian, then you should read through this blog. Filled with inspirational and sometimes saddening stories, it's sure to strengthen your veg resolve.
  10. Active Vegetarian: College students who play sports and are especially active might worry that a vegetarian diet won't be able to keep up with their dietary needs. Yet this blog shows that it can be done, helping even the most athletic get the fuel they need to keep going.
  11. Veg Blogs: Don't have time to look through every vegetarian blog out there? This site aggregates many of the top sites into one easily-browsed resource.

News and Information

Whether you want to learn more about vegetarianism as it applies to your own life or as it applies to the world as a whole, these blogs are sure to have articles and information that will help.

  1. VegSource: Whether you want to read the latest news about all things veggie or find some inspirational stories to help you in your own journey, this blog is the place to be.
  2. Savvy Vegetarian: This blog is home to not only great (and simple) vegetarian recipes, but advice and excellent articles for both the experienced and novice vegetarian.
  3. Happy Cow Veggie Blog: Follow news on vegetarian and vegan issues through this regularly updated blog.
  4. Ecorazzi: Filled with the latest gossip on everything green, this blog touches on topics that should be near and dear to every vegetarian's heart.
  5. Vegetarian Star: You might not be an A-list star, but who says you can't eat like one? On this blog, readers will find the latest gossip about vegetarian and vegan celebs.
  6. Vegetarian Diet News: On this ScienceDaily site, you can keep up with any issues that might affect you as a vegetarian, from new diet guidelines to the benefits of certain foods.
  7. Vegetarian Mentor: Becoming a vegetarian isn't always easy, but on this blog you'll find some help and guidance that can make the process a bit easier.
  8. Keep up with all the latest vegetarian and animal cruelty news on this site, as well as find amazing resources to inspire your vegetarianism.
  9. Vegetarian Society News: Here, you'll find the most up-to-date news about the Vegetarian Society as well as vegetarianism around the world.
  10. World Vegetarian and Vegan News: Check back with this blog regularly to find news stories that will touch on some of the issues that mean the most to you as a vegetarian.
  11. Vegetarian: If you're looking to find a site that will explain some of the basics of vegetarianism to you (and provide some recipes) this resource can be quite helpful.

June 29th, 2011 written by Staff Writers

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