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10 Incredible Lectures for Young Women in Tech

Although technology positions have been open to women for quite some time, they still remain the minority in both relevant degree plans and career paths. Watching some of the amazing advances and insights their fellow females are responsible for might very well inspire another generation to swell the ranks just that much more. Plenty of fantastic lectures exist beyond these, of course, and excellent technological and scientific ideas stem from every gender and gender identity out there. Think of the following 10 as a lovely little sampler of what all the Internet has to offer and explore from there!

  1. Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs:

    No matter the occasion, be it running or modeling, activist and veritable Renaissance woman Aimee Mullins owns a pair of high-tech prosthetic legs to meet its demands. Her lecture inspires any up-and-coming technologist (no matter the gender or gender identity) to apply their skills in the service of humanity and press on despite severe setbacks.

  2. Sherry Turkle: Expecting More from Technology and Less from Each Other:

    As an expert in technology and its impact on society, this lauded MIT professor understands everything the former has done to transform the latter for better and for worse. Seeing as how the two disciplines will never stop intersecting, students and professionals alike would do well to hear what she has to say about social media, mobile gadgets, video games and more — particularly when it comes to fostering isolation.

  3. Brenda Laurel on making games for girls:

    Even in this supposedly "enlightened" era, popular perception typically considers video games the exclusive realm of men and boys, particularly of the adolescent variety. But women and girls also harbor a love of such digital entertainment, and designers might very well find catering to their needs and wants not-so-surprisingly rewarding.

  4. Ecoarttech: Our Biological, Cultural, and Digital Environment:

    Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint co-founded Ecoarttech as a means of synthesizing technology, art, science, media and more together into one global thinktank. Innovative women with an entrepreneurial streak can learn quite a bit from everything Nadir and her partner have accomplished since 2005.

  5. Catherine Mohr: Surgery's past, present and robotic future:

    Robotics allow surgeons worldwide more dexterous methods for healing the sick and injured, and nothing illustrates just how amazing such advances truly are as tracing the discipline's ancient history. Even those outside the robotics or medical technology fields will still be able to glean some incredibly cool lessons from Catherine Mohr's engaging, insightful lecture.

  6. Deanna Zandt — Share This! Change the World with Social Networking:

    Considering how young women comprise the majority of Internet and social media users, many of them might very well enjoy a future developing and adapting such technologies. And, of course, finding effective strategies for wielding both in making the world a more equitable, stable place for all.

  7. Cynthia Breazeal: The rise of personal robots:

    Humanity is a little ways off from enjoying the Jetsons' sassy homemaker Rosie, but today's technologies certainly lay the groundwork in emerging personal robotics. MIT's Cynthia Breazeal and her team enthusiastically work towards transforming science fiction into science reality, and she uses her TED platform to discuss their laudable progress.

  8. Marci Bartusiak and Lisa Randall: Science and Creativity:

    For the young, creative technologist, the broad diversity of subjects it encompasses provide plenty of awesome opportunities welding science to art. Forum Network presents an intellectually scintillating look at the role imagination plays in pushing science and technology forward — neither field exists as something static and dry, but rather very dynamic and innovative.

  9. Heather Knight: Silicon-based comedy:

    Little Data is a robotic stand-up comedian intuitive enough to tailor its routines based on audience input, performing here alongside Marilyn Monroebot's Heather Knight. This and other projects are all part of her intriguing attempts to fuse art and technology together for entertainment as enjoyable as it is thoughtful and scientifically innovative.

  10. New Technologies Serving Educational Goals:

    Technology revolutionizes education constantly, and those working to develop it might want to take it into consideration when designing products and services. Here, multiple educators and technology experts — and those excelling in both fields! — share wikis, glossaries, websites and other media that have helped shape classrooms worldwide.