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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Is a Bachelor’s Degree Enough?

If you are currently involved in the job search process you may be asking yourself this question. It was also addressed at‘s Google+ Hangout presentation last week. The speakers, a panel including employment recruiters, educators, and research analysts, shared a range of responses relevant to today’s college students and job seekers. There was a […]

Top 25 Education Blogs for Proactive Parents

We’ve discovered 25 of the best education blogs for proactive parents, and we encourage you to check them out.

The Complete Parent’s List of Education Hashtags on Twitter

Check out our list for more than 30 of the most relevant and useful hashtags for parents interested in education today.

6 Content Curation Suggestions for Online Students

Last week I threw out several boxes of research materials – all articles that I had printed out or made photocopies of at some point during my time in graduate school. I relied on these articles, some of them more frequently than others, as references in a variety of academic projects over the years, but […]

Online Teaching and Learning: The 2012 Effective Practice Awards

Looking for new ideas for your online course? This annual awards program from The Sloan Consortium highlights innovative online teaching and learning strategies with demonstrated evidence of success. A seven-member panel reviews the practices that have been added to the system throughout the year – each practice goes through and initial submission and peer review […]

25 Famously Successful People Who Started Off Freelancing

For all the freelancers out there, take heart in knowing these 25 sensations started out right where you are.

Why Your Morning Routine Can Make or Break Your Career

We’re here to tell you why your work life will prosper when you treat your morning with the respect it deserves.

Student Debt and the Dream Job – Part 2

The debate about the value of higher education continues as more Americans struggle to decide whether or not a college education is worth the cost. As tuition rates rise while the job market declines, it’s critical that you weigh the costs with the benefits, as they apply to you and your goals. You may find […]

The 15 Best Certificates for Today’s Job Market

Read on to learn about some of the very best certificates you can earn for finding a job today.

What’s the Best Career Advice You’ve Ever Received?

This was the question posed to me, and a room full of about a hundred career services professionals, at a recent presentation. In a small group exercise, we were each asked to turn to the person next to us and share our answers. I immediately wondered what it would be like to capture all of […]