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12 Proven Ways Positive Thinking Helps Your Career

September 13th is Positive Thinking Day, and in honor of this holiday, we think it’s important to point out the helpful impact that positive thinking can have on your career. Whether you’re cutting out gossip or wiping out stress, being positive at work can make a really big difference. Read on, and you’ll discover 12 of the ways that positive thinking can help your career.

  1. It sets the stage for career growth:

    Self-limiting thinking does just that: it limits you. If you don’t believe you can do it, chances are that you never will. But thinking that you’ll do a great job actually helps you do well, and it can even make you healthier. In one recent study, researchers polled first year law students at the beginning and the middle of their first semester. The more optimistic ones had better functioning immune systems than the ones who were not as confident.

  2. Positive thinking helps you look to the future:

    In the experience-heavy job market, it’s easy to believe that your past determines your future, but through positive thinking, you can see beyond what lies in your history. Experiencing setbacks or becoming discouraged is understandable, but staying positive can help you work through it to find success.

  3. Positive thinking can wipe out serious stress, at work and otherwise:

    Positive thinkers focus on the good things in life, not letting negative things get to them. Staying positive can help you avoid some of the negative pitfalls of stress, offering a happier attitude and approach to work. In fact, some researchers believe that pessimism can stress you out and lead to elevated levels of stress hormones in your bloodstream, so staying positive can wipe out stress and even improve your health.

  4. Building self confidence is easier when you’re positive:

    Positive thinkers tend to have a better view not just of the world, but of themselves. Thinking positively can help you feel better and more confident about yourself and your abilities. These are great qualities to have when it comes to career advancement. People who are positive and more confident are much more likely to develop great careers.

  5. You can let go of the fear of failure:

    The fear of failure can keep you from doing something new, but taking on new challenges is a great way to improve your career. If you stop negative thinking and just take action, you can change your perception and take small steps to reaching your goal.

  6. Everyone wants to work with a positive person:

    Have you ever worked with someone who is incredibly bitter? About work, about life, and the world around them? It wasn’t very fun to work with them, was it? Don’t be that person. Although you may be frustrated about any number of situations, approaching them from a positive, rather than negative, standpoint, can keep you from coming off as bitter and tough to work with.

  7. Positive thinking is a powerful job search tool:

    It’s easy to get knocked down and negative in a job search, especially when you’re not getting a lot of bites. But with a positive outlook, you can find the energy and drive you need to persevere until you find the right job for you. Further, a positive attitude can help you get that job, as employers are much more likely to be attracted to happy, confident candidates than ones with a negative attitude.

  8. Positive thinkers miss less work:

    Some of the health benefits of positive thinking include a longer lifespan, increased resistance to the common cold, a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and an increased physical well-being. That means positive people are able to miss less work, avoiding sick time for the common cold and even more troublesome issues like cardiovascular disease.

  9. Positive thinking is a big part of resilience:

    Resilient people are able to work through just about anything, facing change, trauma, or a crisis with strength and the power to get through to the other side. Positive thinking has a lot to do with resilience, and people who stay positive are much better prepared to deal with whatever life throws at them in a constructive way. When thinking positively, workers tend to deal with challenges by considering how to fix the problem, rather than giving up hope.

  10. Thinking positively is great for job satisfaction:

    Do you view every work task as a chore? Hate to get up and go to work in the morning? These negative thoughts are terrible for maintaining job satisfaction. With a more positive attitude, you’re better able to enjoy your job and realize job satisfaction, wherever you are.

  11. Positive thinking can help you work through anxiety and depression:

    Anxiety and depression can be crippling for any professional. Negative thoughts, anxiety, and worry can keep you from getting your work done, positively interacting with your superiors and coworkers, and inhibit career growth. But positive thinking, especially cognitive-behavioral therapy, has been proven to help sufferers overcome anxiety and even depression.

  12. Negative talk is the source of lost productivity and tension in the workplace:

    Gossiping and sharing negative talk in the workplace can be toxic. Not only does it cause lost productivity, it is a major source of tension in the office. Spreading negativity might be fun in the short term, but it’s much more healthy for you and your workplace to share happy news and keep negative comments to yourself.

September 12th, 2012 written by Staff Writers

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