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50 Beneficial Twitter Feeds for the Unemployed

When you’re unemployed, it’s understandably easy to feel isolated, helpless, and frustrated. But you don’t have to suffer through unemployment alone. There are plenty of people, resources, and informational feeds on Twitter that can make unemployment a more enjoyable (and brief) experience. Whether you’re looking for commiseration, a new job, ways to save money, or all of the above, you can find it in these 50 Twitter feeds.


Focusing specifically on unemployment, these feeds share the experience of being out of work as well as resources for moving on.

  1. @nojobsurvivor: Find out how to be a survivor of unemployment from @nojobsurvivor.
  2. @TheManwife: Follow unemployed David Kaa to learn about his new job as a Manwife.
  3. @unemploymentbk: With the help of the Unemployment Handbook, you can find answers to your most pressing unemployment questions.

Job Search

It’s no secret that Twitter is a great resource for finding a job. These feeds offer job listings galore. Check them out; they might just be the key to finding your next job.

  1. @indeed: Through this jobs site, you can get great ideas for job negotiation, getting hired, and even get links to hot job listings.
  2. @EDUjobs: You’ll find education job listings and more from the @EDUjobs Twitter feed.
  3. @Mediabistro: @Mediabistro regularly post jobs for the media community, plus news and resources for developing your media career.
  4. @idealist: Create a better world with your next job by checking out the job listings on @idealist.
  5. @snagajob: Considering a part time or hourly job to get you through unemployment? Visit @snagajob to find ideas and job listings.
  6. @linkup: Check out this Twitter feed to find often unadvertised SEO jobs.
  7. @TalentZooJobs: Follow the @TalentZooJobs Twitter feed to find great positions available in just about every field.
  8. @SimplyHired: Follow this job search company to learn how to make your job search more effective and enjoyable.
  9. @ExperienceLive: Find entry level jobs and great advice from the @ExperienceLive Twitter feed.
  10. @SocialMediaJob: Check out this hub to find out about the latest job postings in social media.
  11. @TweetMyJobs: In this social recruiting network, you’ll find awesome job matches.
  12. @Careerealism: Check out this career and job search resource to find thoughtful news and advice for your job search.

Frugality & Finance

Unemployment is a great time to reassess your financial situation. Follow these Twitter feeds to learn how to be frugal, get out of debt, and live well throughout unemployment.

  1. @wisebread: Follow the leader in personal finance and frugal living on @wisebread.
  2. @frugalhero: Get great ideas for saving money, optimizing spending, and living a thrifty life from @frugalhero.
  3. @shoestring: Get the champagne life on a DIY budget from @shoestring.
  4. @GetOutOfDebtGuy: Follow Steve Rhode’s approach to getting out of debt through @GetOutOfDebtGuy.

Advice & News

Need some advice? These Twitter feeds are full of advice, news, and resources for networking, finding a job, and surviving unemployment.

  1. @USDOL: Find out the latest from the U.S. Department of Labor, including new unemployment numbers a regulations that impact your career.
  2. @lindseypollak: This career and workplace expert offers excellent tips for using your network, LinkedIn resources, and moving from college to career.
  3. @CareerBuilderPR: Follow @CareerBuilderPR to tune into the latest in workplace and hiring trends.
  4. @UndercoverRec: The Undercover Recruiter offers an eye-opening look at what recruiters are really looking for.
  5. @NPRjobs: Find career resource tweets and news about jobs from @NPRjobs.
  6. @Keppie_Careers: Miriam Salpeter’s Twitter feed has great ideas for networking and career success.
  7. @MonsterCareers: Through @MonsterCareers, you’ll find career advice, tips, and more for growing through unemployment.
  8. @BLR_HR: BLR HR Employment shares news and information on job growth, minimum wage, and even corporate culture to get you tuned in to your next job.
  9. @GradToGreat: Anne Brown’s Twitter feed is all about helping young college grads skip unemployment and find great jobs.
  10. @GuardianJobs: Check out @GuardianJobs to find industry insights and guides to finding your next great job.
  11. @MonsterWW: Find news, trends, and advice for unemployment and beyond from @MonsterWW.
  12. @WetFeet_Career: Tune into @WetFeet_Career to find career information, advice, market trends, and more.
  13. @QuintCareers: This incredibly comprehensive career site offers a regular stream of helpful career and job advice on @QuintCareers.
  14. @DiceTechJobs: Delve into the heart of tech careers with’s Twitter feed.
  15. @CornOnTheJob: Rich DeMatteo is all about improving your job hunt with connections, interview tips, and more.
  16. @JobCircle: Check out @JobCircle to find great career resources, job listings, and even Twitter job channels by industry and state.
  17. @TheJobsGuy: Follow @TheJobsGuy to learn how to format your cover letter, turn a temp position into a full time job, and more.
  18. @sweetcareers: This online career center helps college students, recent grads, and young professionals go from college to work.
  19. @jobacle: @jobacle is all about sharing great resources for your career and job search, including interview questions you should ask, optimizing yourself for employment, and using the perfect resume.
  20. @BrazenCareerist: Find a job you love by enjoying the advice, resources, and networking available from @BrazenCareerist on Twitter.
  21. @iRelaunch: Plan your return back to work with the help of @iRelaunch.
  22. @VaultCareers: Find career intelligence from @VaultCareers, discussing on-campus interviews, salaries, and job profiles.


Use these Twitter feeds to get access to tools that can help you end unemployment.

  1. @LinkedIn: Get advice for better connecting with your professional network from @LinkedIn on Twitter.
  2. @AskAManager: Want to get into the head of a hiring manager? Tweet Alison Green on @AskAManager to find out the real story.
  3. @glassdoordotcom: Before you send your resume, get an inside look at jobs and companies from @Glassdoordotcom.
  4. @SusanIreland: Susan Ireland, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Perfect Resume, offers up loads of advice for writing your resume on this Twitter feed.
  5. @payscale: How much can you expect to be paid at your new job? Find out from this salary survey site’s Twitter feed.
  6. @ResumeStrategy: Karen Siwak tweets all about breaking resume taboos and learning how to be marketing savvy in your job search.
  7. @impactinterview: Follow @impactinterview to find out how to ace your next job interview.
  8. @OnlineResume: ResumeBear helps job seekers overcome obstacles in resume writing and online job hunting.

September 17th, 2012 written by Staff Writers

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