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Monthly Archives: October 2012


Did you know the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and Department of Defense (DOD) are sharing learning resources online? is the entry point for more information about this project, which began in 2010. Led by the DOE’s Office of Educational Technology and the DOD’s Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, the collaboration involves multiple federal offices, […]

33 Pinterest Tips to Boost Your Job Search

Check out our 33 tips to discover all of the ways you can use Pinterest for your job search.

Can Academia Prepare You for Your Next Job?

While I’m used to hearing comments such as “employers value competencies” and “we need to bridge the gap between college and career” at career counseling conferences, these thoughts were reinforced during presentations at the recent Sloan Consortium Annual Conference on Online Learning. Reports from both the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Georgetown University’s Center […]

15 Secrets to Make Your Current Career More Fulfilling

Read on to discover the 15 secrets of turning a lukewarm career into one that’s more fulfilling and enjoyable.

The Top 15 Job Blogs for Millennials

Millennials may be having a tough time finding jobs, but these great job blogs can help in the search.

10 Government Websites Students Might Not Know About

When I reviewed the U.S. Department of Education’s Adult College Completion Tool Kit several weeks ago, I was surprised at the number of government websites designed to serve students. Some of these sites are quite specific in the topics they cover, while others are more general in scope, but all offer free access to helpful […]

20 Successful Nonprofits Started by Students

Here are 20 nonprofits started by students that are now going on to change their communities and the planet.

25 Effective Tech Tips for the Easily Distracted

If you’re easily distracted by the technology that helps you daily, try some of these tips to keep focused on something other than Facebook.

Power Searching with Google

Do you use Google? Chances are you do. A study conducted in August of this year found that among the most popular search engines (i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo and Google is “the overall winner, holding a 74% share of searching.“ If you are like me, you use Google frequently and probably feel pretty comfortable […]

Exploring Wikipedia as an Online Educator

Is there a place for Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia in your classes? As an instructional designer I’ve worked on projects with requirements that ranged from including a note to students that Wikipedia was specifically not to be used, to including it as a reference item in unit reading lists. I’m not opposed to Wikipedia, in […]