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Monthly Archives: October 2012


Did you know the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and Department of Defense (DOD) are sharing learning resources online? is the entry point for more information about this project, which began in 2010. Led by the DOE’s Office of Educational Technology and the DOD’s Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, the collaboration involves multiple federal offices, […]

20 Successful Nonprofits Started by Students

Here are 20 nonprofits started by students that are now going on to change their communities and the planet.

13 Careers Short on Graduates

Health care, skilled trades, and even finance are hurting for graduates — are you cut out for one of these careers with room to grow?

7 Tips for Successful Student Introductions in an Online Class

What are the protocols or suggestions regarding how to introduce yourself in an online class setting? This question was recently submitted by a reader who had just completed his first online class introduction and found that everyone had taken a different approach. These “get to know you” activities are essential to the community building process, […]