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The Top 15 Job Blogs for Millennials

Generation Y had it comparatively easy growing up, what with the being told they can do everything if they just dream hard enough and the self-esteem and the participant ribbons, but now that they’ve hit college, things are not exactly as peachy keen. After graduation, the economy has seen fit to make hunting for job opportunities a frequently Sisyphean struggle. But gaining the edge in the Great Career Pursuit requires hard work and intensive research, some of which they can do online! At these wonderful blogs in particular.

  1. Lindsey Pollak:

    She touts herself as a “next generation career expert” and dishes out advice specifically tailored to the Gen Y crowd in book and blog form alike. In particular, Lindsey Pollak’s advice reaches out toward recent graduates looking to launch their careers off as smoothly and satisfactorily as possible.

  2. Grad Meets World:

    Properly maneuvering real life and a shiny new job is one of the greatest challenges of most young people’s existences thus far. Grad Meets World by Amanda Abella specializes in helping readers strike that balance in addition to tips about how to manage their money healthily, stay healthy and productive, not suck at interactions with others, and nurture their entrepreneurial leanings.

  3. The Boomerang Kid:

    Although the blogger no longer lives with her parents, this resource gives a first-person glimpse at some of the most common millennial struggles, especially when it comes to finding a career niche. For the aspirant business owners out there, make sure to read up on her experiences regarding launching one as a youngster and coagulate some ideas regarding what to expect.

  4. Justice Wordlaw IV:

    Millennials with a flair for Internet-based marketing and social media might find inspiration in Justice Wordlaw IV’s insight into the business, as well as his own Gen Y perspectives. Seeing as how “familiarity with the technology the kids are into these days” is often cited as a desirable, if not outright essential, job skill these days, seeking out the young entrepreneur’s advice will likely prove worth it.

  5. The Savvy Grad:

    Just like the name says, The Savvy Grad’s target audience can be summed up as, well, savvy grads desiring to smooth the transition between academia and the real world. Because Christina Lohman recently contended with most of the major personal and professional struggles and setbacks her fellow millennials face, she believes sharing her experiences will push readers toward a more perseverant perspective.

  6. Life After College:

    The very, very, very enthusiastic Jenny Blake wrote Life After College (the book) and maintains a broad blog about everything recent graduates might very well encounter — not just career, but personal finance, productivity at home, and other inevitabilities. More importantly, she emphasizes finding the major and minor lessons in all things, even the ones that wreak havoc on emotions.

  7. Fast Company:

    While not aimed exclusively at the Gen Y crowd, Fast Company’s inquiries into “progressive business,” technology, and more definitely hold its attention with scads of content relevant to young people’s interests. No matter their goals or industry leanings, chances are young professionals will find some nuggets of joy to push their lives forward … or at least learn a little something.

  8. Ms. Career Girl:

    Young professional women head to this site for advice addressing their own unique needs, be they related to career, life, or balancing career and life. Networking and “personal branding” are heavily emphasized here for those fresh out of school and looking for shiny new opportunities, but even more established ladies probably won’t be disappointed.

  9. Under 30 CEO:

    Gen Y-ers whose b-school professors referred to them as “real go-getters” who “think outside the box” with “synergy” and “proactivity” might find themselves seriously considering launching their own startup companies, and this blog covers everything they’ll need to know about trying. From the basics to the more advanced, intrepid kiddos hoping to survive the horrendous economy using their own knowledge and research should consider Under 30 CEO an essential read.

  10. Ask the Headhunter:

    Nick Corcodilos refreshingly loathes empty-eyed adherence to trendy buzzwords, regurgitated philosophies served up as the hot new strategy, and out-of-touch pandering, as his epic, eloquent takedown of Penelope Trunk so perfectly illustrates. Savvy millennials who prefer their career advice straightforward and untainted with too much useless fluff meant to attract book deals, speaking engagements, or just straight up ego-validating attention must consider his blog a worthwhile read.

  11. The Daily Muse:

    Forbes presents another blog targeting today’s educated working girl (not in the euphemistic sense of the word), hitting a note “between The New Yorker and Glamour.” Although it covers issues pertaining to women of all ages, a goodly portion of its content specifically resonates with the newer crop.

  12. The Voice of Job Seekers:

    Underemployment and unemployment pockmark today’s college graduates, and their specific needs receive the proper compassion and support from a professional career consultant. Make sure to read over the section about keeping a family afloat during the rough financial patches and the book recommendations for more information about surviving the struggle.

  13. Chic CEO:

    Chic CEO encourages young women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, featuring detailed articles, a forum, learning resources, and everything else they need to either get started or keep going. And, of course, getting started and keeping going in the most fa-ha-haaaaabulous way possible. For a certain female demographic, anyways.

  14. Mashable:

    Although Mashable hits general audiences and covers a broad range of subject matters, for millennials used to all things social media, tech, and current events, it makes for one of the best online resources around. Come for the business and career news and stay for everything else; it can help with succeeding at that big interview and chit-chatting with those new coworkers in the break room.

  15. Campus to Career:

    Kirk Baumann applies his prodigious career coaching experience to assisting recent college graduates looking to launch their new lives. And for that additional millennial kick, he loves talking about social media and technology’s role in shaping the business world today and how it might change it in the years to come.

October 24th, 2012 written by Staff Writers

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