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33 Pinterest Tips to Boost Your Job Search

You may think of Pinterest as a place to pin cute photos of dogs and collect recipes, but these days, the site has gone beyond the trivial and become a branding powerhouse. It’s a great resource for job seekers; you can share your resume, get connected with recruiters, research companies, and so much more. Check out our 33 tips to discover all of the ways you can use Pinterest for your job search.

  1. Create a resume that begs to be pinned:

    Infographic-style resumes can go viral. Check out The Undercover Recruiter to find three Pinterest resumes with great style.

  2. Be descriptive:

    When you post your resume, be sure that it will show up well in search results. Instead of captioning it with “my resume,” try something more specific, like “graphic design resume.”

  3. Showcase your talent with a portfolio:

    For creative types, Pinterest is the perfect place to show off your work. Link to relevant portfolio entries with text explaining your role in creating each one.

  4. Be thoughtful about your text:

    Often, Pinterest users will simply keep the previous text on a repin, but if you want to stand out, you should change it to reflect your own skills and personality. For example, if you’re repinning an image about a conference you’ve attended, share your reflection on the experience to show off the fact that you were there and really thinking about it.

  5. Use Pinterest to own your name:

    Pinterest allows for “do follow” links, making it a great place to dominate the search engine results for your name. Be sure to use your real name in your profile, and on any relevant boards or pins.

  6. Share relevant career links:

    Once you’re on Pinterest, it’s a good idea to add your LinkedIn profile, website, blog, and even your Facebook, if it’s professional, allowing recruiters and potential employers to see what else you have to offer.

  7. Follow your college career center:

    If you’re a current student or recent grad, take advantage of the resources from your college career center. Assuming they’re on Pinterest, it’s a great idea to follow them and see what kind of opportunities they’re sharing on the site.

  8. Turn to Pinterest for inspiration:

    Get great ideas for updating your resume, personal branding, and more on Pinterest.

  9. Don’t forget to use keywords:

    Pinterest links show up well in search engine results, so be sure to pay attention to keywords when creating text on each pin.

  10. Check the link before you repin:

    Part of maintaining a professional Pinterest account is checking links. Make sure that everything you’re repinning leads to useful content instead of malicious or spam sites.

  11. Find your interview outfit:

    Look the part with the help of Pinterest. Check out boards for interview attire inspiration so that you’re dressed to impress.

  12. Keep it work-appropriate:

    It’s fun to pin anything and everything on Pinterest, but don’t forget that it’s a reflection of your professional self. Remember to use text and images that are suitable for a work environment.

  13. Research careers:

    Are you sure about what you’re doing? Take a look at different careers that you can pursue on Pinterest.

  14. Don’t make it all about you:

    It’s a great idea to share your resume, portfolio, and accomplishments, but remember to show off some of your personality and interests as well. Pin designs or photos that speak to you, share recipes you’d like to try out, and repin images from friends.

  15. Share links to your Pinterest page:

    Pinterest isn’t just a place for employers to find you, it’s also a great resource for showing another dimension of your work. Share your Pinterest page on your resume, Facebook, and more.

  16. Show off degrees and accreditations:

    Share connections with institutions and organizations in a special pinboard that collects them all.

  17. Show your interest with a reading list:

    Curate a reading list that displays your knowledge and interest in the field you’re working in.

  18. Establish your personal brand:

    Launch your personal brand on Pinterest with a consistent profile photo, about, and pins and boards that complement your overall brand.

  19. Research company culture before you send in your resume:

    Many companies are on Pinterest now, and in addition to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a good place to do research on what they’re all about. Get a feel for what they’re impressed by on the site, and tailor your resume and interview to reflect that.

  20. Highlight your accomplishments:

    Share presentations, awards, and special achievements on a board dedicated to your accomplishments.

  21. See what career experts are pinning:

    Brazen Careerist and plenty of other career sites are on Pinterest, sharing quotes, inspiration, and resources to help you find a job.

  22. Open up a user-generated pinboard:

    With a user-generated pinboard, you can offer social proof from clients, followers, colleagues, and more.

  23. Look for job openings:

    Some companies have recognized that Pinterest is a good place to find job candidates, and have begun to share job postings. Hit the search function to see what’s out there for you.

  24. Show that you’re interested:

    Don’t just watch what companies are doing, demonstrate an interest in the company by repinning their content.

  25. Find professional inspiration:

    Use Pinterest to find what inspires you, from inspiring quotes to tips for work/life balance.

  26. Be careful about controversial topics:

    Tread lightly (or completely avoid) potentially divisive topics like politics and religion on Pinterest.

  27. Show off your connections:

    If you’re involved with professional organizations or charities, make a pinboard to highlight them. Discuss your volunteer positions and how you’ve contributed.

  28. Be careful not to get sucked in:

    Although Pinterest is an excellent tool for job search, there’s only so much you can do while still being productive. Be careful not to get distracted from doing other important job search tasks.

  29. Start a board for companies you’d like to work for:

    Grab the attention of potential employers by adding them to your short list of pinned companies you’d like to work for. It will show them you’re serious about working for them, and let them take a look at who else might be considering you for work.

  30. Connect with potential colleagues and experts on Pinterest:

    Use Pinterest to get connected with professionals that may be useful to your job search networking efforts.

  31. Keep it fresh:

    Repin and share regularly, so there’s always new content to keep potential employers coming back. Remember that your latest pins will always show up on top.

October 29th, 2012 written by Staff Writers

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