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Monthly Archives: November 2012

5 Important New Jobs for Humanity Majors

Technology is rapidly developing the way people travel, communicate and do business everyday. How will you know what job you want to do in twenty years if technology makes it obsolete in five? Choosing a major may feel like a trivial attempt to begin a career path. That’s why focusing academic studies through a degree […]

The Case for Majoring in C.S. Has Never Been Stronger

As computer-based technologies gradually become necessary aspects of our day-to-day lives, becoming familiar with the science of computers is just as crucial. It is no secret that graduates with a working knowledge of computer science are highly sought-after by businesses and institutions that are also struggling in their own way to keep up with the […]

How to Write and Get Paid in the Web 2.0 Era

As of January 2013, the venerable Newsweek magazine will cease to exist in print form. Is print media dying? The answer remains to be seen, but it is clear that most of us turn to the Internet for information more often than we pick up something in print. Print advertising revenues are down by as […]

4 (More) Education News Aggregators

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest news in education? The industry is not only fast-paced, but also evolving quickly with the use of new technologies. Our ability to receive real-time news from around the world also adds to the volume of information we can access 24/7. The thought of trying to keep up […]

Academic Careers: Taking an Alternate Route

The dwindling number of tenure-track positions, and increased competition for those that do exist, often means that this path isn’t much of an option for new PhD graduates. Like professionals working in many non-academic fields, it’s time to get creative and realistic about the flexibility that current and future job markets will require. Those with […]

10 Advanced Degrees That Are Better Than an MBA Today

There are several advanced degrees that are more in demand and often, more easily accessible than the classic MBA.

8 Ideas to Inspire Your Online Teaching

Where do you find your inspiration? I’ve seen this question emerge in a number of different ways via LinkedIn Groups, newsletters, Twitter, etc. We are all susceptible to feeling run down from time to time, and it can seem like we are covering the same ground in our professional and academic conversations. Yet finding inspiration […]

The New Rules of Interview Attire

How can you make sure you’re appropriate and comfortable? Read on to learn about the new rules of dressing up for your interview.

Meditation Will Make This Semester Your Best Yet

For thousands of years, meditation has been practiced in civilizations as a means of cultivating a state of well-being and mindful living. Formal references to meditation can be found in ancient Buddhist texts as early as the third century BCE, according to some research accounts. The most common meditation practices we use today were born […]

Facebook’s New Job Board

Social media systems are more prevalent than ever, providing us with many ways to communicate and connect online. While some, like LinkedIn, are marketed specifically for professional profiles, others, like Facebook, have been focused on more casual connections – until now. Last week Facebook, launched the Social Jobs App, officially taking it from just a […]