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Monthly Archives: January 2013

They Posted That in the Discussion Forum?

What do you do when something inappropriate pops-up in your online class? I’ve dealt with this on a small scale as an instructor, reacting to students’ posts that for various reasons were inappropriate in the context of an online academic course. In many cases, a quick connection with the student reveals that they were unaware […]

Beyond Job Placement: What the New Career Services Looks Like

College graduates have needed their career services departments more than ever recently, and departments are shifting to keep up with needs.

Online Degrees: Transfer Credit and Time to Completion

Last week, a prospective student wrote to me asking about how to “earn a degree online as quickly as possible.” While I am not a proponent of program selection based solely on how long it will take to graduate, I do understand that there are situations in which program length can make a big difference. […]

6 Items for Your Online Learning Emergency Kit

In our recent Inside Online Learning chat (#IOLchat), which focused on creating balance, one participant mentioned the use of an emergency or survival kit to reduce stress. While the reference was related to things like batteries, food, and candles, the tweet really got me thinking about what students might need in an emergency situation to […]

10 Creative Ways to Attract Your Future Employer

These creative ideas might just be the thing you need to attract your future employer and stand out from the rest of the job seekers.

Turn the Tables and Take an Online Class

Digital analyst and author Brian Solis shared an interesting observation on a Google+ post, this month: “The only way to understand new culture and behavior is to go native.” The context was related to business operations and the use of technology to connect with consumers, but it struck a chord with me as an online […]

Get Ready for Online Group Assignments

All students should expect to interact with their classmates and work together on collaborative assignments in their online courses. This was my response when a staff member, working in an ombudsman role to advocate for students, called me with student complaints. At the time, I was working as an instructional designer and responsible for updating […]

The Open Badges Resume: The Most Prestigious Badges You Can Earn

Even though badges are still in their infancy, a class of them have emerged that will make employers and admissions counselors take notice.

Note-Taking in a Digital Age

Note-taking has evolved way beyond pencil and paper – but it’s still an effective study method whether you are learning online or on campus. How do you take notes during your classes? An image posted by Edudemic recently showed a classroom of students all snapping pictures of a projected computer screen with their smartphones. I […]

25 Tips for Acing a Remote Interview

Here are some tips that can help make a remote interview a less stressful, more successful experience no matter what kind of job you’re interviewing for.