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Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Invisible Office: A Guide to Virtual Internships

We’ve compiled information that addresses the basics of virtual internships as well as some tips that can help students make the most of the experience.

The Public Nature of Social Media Participation

A member of my personal learning network (PLN) posted a question on LinkedIn that essentially asked, “What topics should be included in an Introduction to Social Media course”? There are multiple ways to approach the subject matter and my response was that new users should think of social media updates as a “type of publication, […]

The War at Home: The Struggle for Veterans to Find Jobs

After serving our country, veterans are struggling to find jobs when they return home.

Students, Stop Thinking About Career Path!

An article in this month’s Career Convergence Web Magazine advises career counselors to “Stop Saying Career Path,” and it’s a great message for students, too. Author Eric Anderson explains that “the metaphor of a career ‘path’ continues to embed in our minds the ideas of visibility, stability, and predictability” – all of which are increasingly […]

Did You Obtain That Degree Online?

While researching a previous post for job seekers, I used an online calculator to estimate how my salary compares with that of others who do what I do, in my local area. After entering information about my education, I was prompted to answer an unexpected question: “Did you obtain that degree online?” This definitely got […]

Staying the (Online) Course

I run with a local group that meets at 8:00am on Saturdays and when one of the regular runners didn’t show up on a recent cold morning, a friend of his said, “Oh, he’s at home writing a paper.” It wasn’t the weather keeping him away – it was the two online courses he’s taking […]

Essential Social Media for Online Students

I get it. Not everyone is as excited about social media as I am. This semester I am requiring Twitter use in my online class and it’s been met with an overall lack of enthusiasm. But as social media continues to have an impact on so many facets of higher education and the workplace, I’m […]

Opportunities for Aspiring Edupreneurs

Have an idea that would solve a problem in higher education? An article from Bright Hub lists three characteristics of education entrepreneurs: (1) act as change agents, (2) bring new mindsets and beliefs, and (3) encourage experimentation and constant learning. The Huffington Post reported a study last year from Babson College’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor citing […]

Speaking of Success: Colleges are Finally Teaching Students How to Talk

Colleges seem to finally be teaching communications skills, a skill employers in all industries value.

Critical Components of a Virtual College Campus

There’s a lot more to becoming an online student than navigating a virtual course site. Just as you might tour a traditional campus as a prospective student – to visit facilities, meet instructors and administrators, and just get a feel for the place – consider how you might accomplish this with an online school. If […]