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Monthly Archives: July 2013

What’s Your APPtitude? Job Search Edition

You may already use mobile apps and devices to check your email and participate in social networks, and even work on your online courses. They further extend the flexibility and convenience of online learning, but are also helpful for career-related activities and job search tasks. Earlier this month I was privileged to present a technology […]

Graduate Students Unite! Online, that is.

Graduate school has a culture all its own, both across institutions and among cohorts of learners within specific programs. My experience as a grad student included a great deal of immersion in problem-solving and design-thinking situations both in, and especially outside of, class. Working with faculty members and my peers on committees, research teams, and […]

Make a Personal Connection in Your Online Classroom

Advice to post a faculty bio and develop online presence are not uncommon, but when I look out at my class roster in the school’s learning management system (LMS), on a sea of new names at the beginning of each term, my focus has increasingly become direct instructor-student exchange with each person. It’s always been […]

How To Break into Online Teaching

Online teaching can seem like a great gig. The convenience and flexibility afforded by online delivery is a draw for students and instructors alike. But, finding online teaching jobs seems to be getting more challenging. It’s an unusual situation to see that even though the number of positions increases, there is more competition as the […]

A Creative Approach to Career Development

Being creative isn’t just for artists, authors, and musicians. All of us can, and should, think about our careers creatively – working with the raw materials at hand to make something unique. In the context of career development, these raw materials might include your education and training accomplishments, past working experiences, interests and hobbies, volunteer […]

Connecting Course Work and the Workplace

If you are interested in furthering your career or opening up new employment options, you have something in common with many other online students. The Noel-Levitz higher education consulting group routinely reports that “future employment opportunities” are a factor for online enrollment, and new research from The Learning House [PDF] finds that two-thirds of online […]

Online Learning on a Budget

There’s no denying the price of higher education is skyrocketing and student debt is at unprecedented levels. Yet, going back to school can still mean lower unemployment and higher wages. One of my pet peeves is the assumption that online learning is a cheaper alternative to traditional programs. Sure, no dorm fees or meal plans, […]