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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Online Student Verification: Is that you? Are you there?

While online education has come a long way in terms of design and learning assessment, there are still issues related to making sure that the students who enroll in these courses are the ones completing the work. From participation and attendance to cheating and plagiarism, confirming student identity continues to challenge online instructors and administrators. […]

Decoding Accreditation and the Online College

If you are interested in online education, you probably already know that it is important to compare the components of different programs and look specifically for accreditation. While it seems that accreditation should be a clear-cut issue – a school is accredited or not –in reality, it’s a little more complicated. With so many accrediting […]

On Becoming a First-Generation Grad Student

Just as first-generation undergraduate students often struggle to figure out how the college system works, those who go on to grad school without a family mentor may face some basic challenges in learning the ropes. Add online delivery to the equation and the curve could get even steeper as you navigate the system at a […]

The Power of an Online Career Portfolio

It’s not enough in today’s competitive job market to know things. You have to be able to demonstrate what you can do and do better than most to gain the positive attention of a hiring employer. This was a recurring conversation during last month’s National Career Development Association (NCDA) conference as attendees, mostly career counselors, […]

Modern Career Management: Accepting Risk and Uncertainty

The career decisions we face can all seem quite overwhelming – reading the regular reports on unemployment, layoffs, etc. – and it is overwhelming for so many students and job seekers trying to react to changes in the job market with little or no guarantee of the best way forward. We as a society are […]