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25 Game-Changing iPad Apps for Law Students & Lawyers

Nobody envies law students, paralegals, or lawyers for their reams upon reams of paperwork, save perhaps masochists of certain inclinations. So, to this particular professional demographic, nifty little gadgets such as the iPad and its ilk are touted as a godsend. These digital devices significantly cut back on the amount of time hunched over books as thick as [Insert Name of Personally Disliked Public Figure Here]'s head, laptops, or desktops, freeing up time for more pressing matters. The following applications just make things that much easier in some way or another.

  1. Constitution for iPad

    Lawyers and law students living and working in the United States should probably familiarize themselves with the Constitution, seeing as how it only serves as the cornerstone of American law and everything.

  2. The Bill of Rights

    Another wholly necessary legal document available via a completely free iPad app, so there really isn't any too much of an excuse to completely forgo downloading it.

  3. LawLibe

    LawLibe allows users to load up necessary legal documents on an as-needed basis for the quickest possible reference — with specific state codes beyond the already-available Texas, California, and New York on the docket.

  4. Themis Bar Review

    When cramming for looming bar exams, supplement those sessions with this free resource perfect for self-quizzing on the go.

  5. Law School Q&A Series

    Lexis Nexis, purveyors of many a fine legal-oriented application, consulted numerous law professors when whipping up the Q&A Series study guide, which provides a basic overview of 22 different areas.

  6. CourtLink

    No matter where a user may roam, he or she can set up tracks and alerts related to new cases, legal news, changes in current courtroom activities, and more.

  7. MBE Flashcards

    With videos, digital flash cards, glossaries, and other amazing resources, graduates and lawyers gearing up for the Multistate Bar Exam have a vital study guide available to them completely gratis — but only for a limited time!

  8. Black's Law Dictionary, 9th Edition

    Seeing as how Black's Law Dictionary carries a $54.99 price tag, it might not prove a fiscally prudent choice for students; pros, however, might find it a valuable investment to have every term they may or may not encounter available at their fingertips.

  9. Legal-Ease: Non-Disclosure Agreement Simple NDA

    Any iPhones with Legal-Ease can tap together and instantly exchange important contact information and — like it says right there in the title — non-disclosure agreements.

  10. Fastcase

    No matter the state, Fastcase hosts a handy-dandy digital notebook for finding relevant statutes and court cases; users requiring information at the federal level are not left out, either!

  11. TrialPad

    In 2011, TrialPad ended up the most popular law application despite the hefty $89.99 charge. Reviewers swear it's totally worth it, though, for the amazing interface allowing for fast, easy, and clean presentation designs.

  12. LawStack

    Here's another fabulous resource for calling up federal and state codes in a flash, which users can pick and choose based on their preferences.

  13. JuryTracker

    Created by a trial attorney, for trial attorneys, JuryTracker makes it simple to take notes on current and past cases, particularly when it comes to jury members and their role in legal strategies.

  14. WestlawNext

    Thanks to its synch with Westlaw Mobile and the Westlaw website, this iPad application means users can access one of the largest legal databases around pretty much anywhere and any time for free!

  15. ABA Journal

    The American Bar Association's official periodical posts all the latest news impacting lawyers and law students of all different concentrations, making it an absolute necessity for the savvy iPad owner.

  16. LSAT

    Aspirant law students (or the particularly scholarly ones needing a refresher or two) might want to carry around this GMAT Club Community offering meant to help them succeed on the big, scary, required LSAT.

  17. LawBox

    LawBox serves as a vast digital reference for any lawyer or law student needing to read about certain federal guidelines and procedures immediately.

  18. Court Days Pro

    Rather than using a generic calendar application, consider Court Days instead, as it specifically targets attorneys and allows them to schedule things based on federal statutes and other regulations.

  19. iCLE

    Continuing legal education requirements can get a little confusing sometimes, but this app streamlines the process by letting lawyers track what classes they've taken, how they did, and what else needs doing.

  20. Real Time Congress

    Everything potential downloaders need to know can be found right there in the title: Real Time Congress posts updates regarding all the latest legislation news coming out of D.C.

  21. Evidence

    Perfect for trial attorneys, Rosen LTC's Evidence helps them whip up presentations and organize the materials needed for court dates.

  22. The American Lawyer

    It may not be the best-reviewed resource out there, but this offering by the eponymous magazine transfers its print content into a useful digital format for lawyers and law students with a few minutes to spare.

  23. iPleading

    iPleading acts as an iPad- (and iPhone- and iPod-) friendly way to draw up all the necessary legal documents without having to wait for a laptop or desktop to fire up.

  24. Litigator

    This is another quick-and-easy law library available on the iPad, which provides access to federal and local regulations regarding civil and criminal law.

  25. iJuror

    Store a maximum of 60 jurors in this simple organizing application that criminal attorneys will find a relieving time and space saver.