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80 Great Twitter Feeds for Law Students

As a law student, it's important that you stay on top of the latest legal news, resources, and more, but also as a law student, it's virtually impossible to devote all of the time necessary to do so. Twitter comes in handy in this situation, allowing law students to quickly drop in and get an update on all that's relevant in a matter of moments. Whether you're looking for news, insights from other law students and legal professionals, career advice, or resources you can use as you complete a law degree or a degree in legal studies, you can find it on Twitter, and we've highlighted 80 of the best of them here. Read on to find a wealth of Twitter feeds that are particularly useful for law students and budding legal professionals.


Follow along with these Twitter accounts to find out the legal news of the day.

  1. @ABAJournal

    Follow @ABAJournal for frequent news updates from the ABA Journal, the most-read and most-respected legal affairs magazine in the U.S.

  2. @lawsocgazette

    The Law Society Gazette has the latest in top-quality legal news and analysis for aspiring lawyers and legal professionals.

  3. @BloombergLaw

    @BloombergLaw shares legal research, news, and business data.

  4. @overlawyered

    Stay on top of this well-established law blog skewering everything litigious.

  5. @LegalWeek

    Find relevant news for the latest developments in the law profession, both in the UK and worldwide.

  6. @LegalBlogWatch

    On @LegalBlogWatch, Bruce Carton tracks and discusses the latest developments in the legal blogosphere.

  7. @LegalPlanet

    You can find news from the world of legal maneuvers and lawsuits from @LegalPlanet.

  8. @ClearAdmitLaw

    Follow @ClearAdmitLaw for law school news aimed at top-tier applicants, students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

  9. @uscode

    On @uscode, you'll get updates from the Law Revision Counsel in the U.S. House of Representatives, publishing the official U.S. Code.

  10. @atlblog

    Check out @atlblog for updates from

  11. @loweringthebar

    Get an outlet with this seriously funny legal humor account, @loweringthebar.

  12. @DavidLBrownJr

    David Brown is the editor-in-chief of The National Law Journal, Legal Times, and

  13. @JDJournal

    Find legal news and law firm news from @JDJournal.

  14. @Lawyerscom

    @Lawyerscom will help you learn about the law, legal options, and more.

  15. @pointoflaw

    @pointoflaw is a blog and web magazine on law and litigation for law students and legal professionals.

  16. @LegalRebels

    Check out @LegalRebels to learn about and be inspired by innovative lawyers who are remaking the practice of law.

  17. @LawTimes

    @LawTimes has news, analysis, and more for lawyers and legal professionals in Canada.

  18. @WSJLawBlog

    The Wall Street Journal Law Blog Twitter account will keep you up to date on the cases, trends, and personalities in the legal business community.

  19. @USLaw_com

    Follow "law for all" from @USLaw_com, with legal explanations and news of interest to legal scholars.

  20. @trialslawschool

    The Trials of Law School documentary takes a look at the law school experience, and you can follow the official Twitter feed here to gain more insight and take a look at the law market today.

  21. @Legal_Alerts

    Get news, commentary, and updates on legal news from JD Supra on @Legal_Alerts.

  22. @SCOTUSblog

    This blog is devoted to the Supreme Court of the U.S., written by lawyers, students, and journalists.

  23. @BitterLawyer

    Follow @BitterLawyer for an entertaining look at law and law school.

  24. @GdnLaw

    @GdnLaw offers law news, comments, and analysis from the Guardian UK.

  25. @StudentAppeal

    The Student Appeal is an online law journal publishing legal articles from law students and lawyers, sharing advice and information about law, law school, and legal careers.

  26. @Law_Practice

    Follow @Law_Practice for articles, blog posts, and writings for the legal profession.

  27. @edadams

    This former editor and publisher of the ABA Journal tweets about law and journalism.

  28. @LawSchoolFacts

    Follow @LawSchool Facts for law school-related news and events updated on a regular basis.

  29. @WSJLaw

    @WSJLaw shares business law coverage from the Wall Street Journal.

Students & Professionals

Follow these Twitter accounts to get an insight into what other law students and legal professionals are doing.

  1. @legalgeekery

    Joshua Auriemma is a recent law school grad sharing the geeky side of the law.

  2. @lauramclaura

    Laura McWilliams is a third-year law student at Suffolk Law practicing as an attorney for domestic violence survivors.

  3. @legalesque

    Follow Jocelyn as she shares her 3L experience on @legalesque.

  4. @efink

    Eliyahu Fink, commonly known as Eli, is a Loyola law student and Rabbi at the Pacific Jewish Center.

  5. @PunkLawyer

    Chrissie Scelsi is an entertainment, new media, and IP attorney who loves punk, ska, and indie music.

  6. @FollowtheLawyer

    Jay Pinkert shares interesting people and ideas in the legal profession.

  7. @lawschoolninja

    Law student and mom Jill is interested in criminal defense and proficient in time wasting.

  8. @JennyT8675309

    Jenny is a third-year law student and FT social media marketer. She's also addicted to coffee and energy drinks.

Schools & Educators

Some of the nation's top law schools and most insightful legal educators are on Twitter, and we've pointed out a handful of them here.

  1. @lessig

    Find tweets from law professor, reformer, and legend Lawrence Lessig on @lessig.

  2. @UMichLaw

    On @UMichLaw, you'll follow the busy day-to-day at one of the top law schools in the U.S.

  3. @LawProf

    Michael Scott is a law professor at Southwestern Law School with interests in Internet, copyright, and privacy law.

  4. @ASUCollegeOfLaw

    ASU shares updates about its law school, interesting legal developments, and opportunities on @ASUCollegeOfLaw.

  5. @LIICornell

    The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law shares news and free insight into laws both online and through Twitter.

  6. @Oregon_Law

    You can stay up to date with the latest Oregon School of Law news and events from @Oregon_Law.

  7. @Harvard_Law

    Check out @Harvard_Law to find the official Twitter word of Harvard Law School, including new appointments and developments.

  8. @LawLibCongress

    The Law Library of Congress shares news and information for law students, including legal blogs and updates in the world of the law.

  9. @UChicagoLaw

    Follow the University of Chicago's law school to find out about "the life of the mind" and developments at U Chicago Law.

  10. @LawWriter

    Jane Simon is a legal writing professor at Notre Dame, former Federal District Court law clerk, and the founder of

  11. @ProfJonathan

    This law professor and technology attorney is also a business author and comic book fan.

  12. @lawlib

    The Boley Law Library at the Lewis & Clark Law School tweets to share news, tips, and resources for the legal community.

  13. @glambert

    Greg Lambert is a law librarian and geek law blogger.

  14. @PennStateLaw

    Through @PennStateLaw, you'll get connected with study opportunities, hands-on learning experiences, and rich curriculum.


It's never too early to start working on your legal career. Follow these Twitter feeds to find out what you can be doing right now.

  1. @lawyerist

    @lawyerist offers insight for law students interested in starting a law practice.

  2. @LawClerkConnect

    Get connected with law firms through @LawClerkConnect.

  3. @VaultLaw

    Check out @VaultLaw for news and trends in legal careers, as well as job search and career advice for law students.

  4. @DePaulLawCareer

    The Law Career Services Office at De Paul offers career development and job search strategies, as well as resources for new lawyers through @DePaulLawCareer.

  5. @pag2010

    Philip A. Guzman is an ex-DOJ prosecutor and defense attorney, now working as a career coach to advise law students and young attorneys on careers and legal issues.

  6. @BetsyMunnell

    Betsy Munnell offers advice for lawyers and law students who are working on building a practice in a down economy.

  7. @AttysCounsel

    Jessica Silverstein shares career advancement and management advice for law students, lawyers, and other professionals.


Law organizations, legal groups, and more offer insight for law students on these Twitter feeds.

  1. @juniorlawyers

    @juniorlawyers represents law students, junior lawyers, and other new lawyers in England and Wales.

  2. @ACLU

    Follow the @ACLU for tweets about protecting the basic civil liberties of Americans.

  3. @tweetlaw

    You can tweet with other legal professionals through @tweetlaw.

  4. @ABAesq

    Follow The American Bar Association through this Twitter account, and find resources to help you through law school.

  5. @lawschoolchat

    Students can join in on this chat to discuss the rigors of law school life and beyond.


Check out these Twitter feeds to find resources for studying, staying sane, and getting connected with others in the legal community.

  1. @TheLawyerMentor

    Follow @TheLawyerMentor for mentoring, coaching, and guidance for legal professionals and law students.

  2. @anajquestion

    Find the question of the week from the ABA Journal on @abajquestion.

  3. @LawLink

    You can get connected with the legal community through @LawLink, a social network for law students and more.

  4. @LNLawSchool

    LexisNexis Law School shares tips, opportunities, and breaking legal news for law students everywhere.

  5. @justia

    @justia shares relevant legal news of the day, and shares great resources for law students, including case law, codes, regulations, databases, and directories.

  6. @LAWPodcaster

    Follow the Law School Podcaster for information, insight, and advice for law school admissions and success.

  7. @GirlsGuidetoLS

    Alison Monahan shares the girl's guide to law school for getting in and getting through while staying true to yourself.

  8. @SchoolOfLaw101

    School of Law 101 shares web apps made by law students, for law students, promoting legal education and school culture.

  9. @iLoveLawSchool

    Check out Ben Gibson's twitter to find out how to reach your full potential and become successful as a law student.

  10. @PowerScore

    PowerScore Test Prep shares great ideas for LSAT test prep through free seminars, advice, and more.

  11. @onlyinlawschool

    This Twitter account collects the trials and tribulations of law students everywhere.

  12. @kevinokeefe

    This lawyer helps offer insight for blogging and social media as a legal professional.

  13. @LexisHub

    @LexisHub offers a new attorney portal that eases the transition from legal education to practice.

  14. @KaplanLSATPrep

    Follow @KaplanLSATPrep to find resources for getting into law school.

  15. @CALIorg

    Through @CALIorg, you'll find out what CALI is doing to improve legal education with innovative tools.

  16. @LNLawSchool

    Check out LexisNexis for law school, with tips, opportunities, and breaking legal news.

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