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Accredited Online Colleges in Alabama (AL)

The great state of Alabama has a few nicknames, but only one identity. Nestled in the southeast region of the United States, sweet home Alabama is full of activities and attractions for all residents and visitors. With an unemployment rate just slightly above the national average, there is still a reasonable amount of working opportunities. The state's cost of living – below the national average – makes much more affordable for those looking to start or continue their career here. Alabama has a lot of rich tradition – from sports to education, locals have always been passionate about their state and the customs it possesses.

There is a lot of opportunity in the state of Alabama, however what you study can significantly determine the areas you should look at in terms of finding employment. Birmingham, Alabama's largest city (by population), is a hub for construction and engineering companies. In Montgomery, the state capital, there is a large number of government jobs available. Cities like Mobile possess a mix of various industries, such as medicine, manufacturing, construction, and retail. Then there is Huntsville, where the primary economic influence is owned by aerospace and military technology. Whether you are studying health care or banking, Alabama has the opportunities for you.

Alabama has some of the fastest growing metro areas in the United States. The city of Mobile in particular, is projected to have the greatest change in gross metropolitan product – 34% between 2007 and 2012 – according to With an almost four billion dollar steel plant in Mobile, and Huntsville continuing to be a hub for defense and space research, Alabama is a place full of opportunity for those majoring in these fields. In recent years, the automotive industry has claimed the titled of Alabama's top growing industry, creating more jobs for those in as well as out of state.

Alabama has a large presence of colleges and universities. From a large number of four-year public universities and private undergraduate and graduate universities, to various community colleges as well as medical and veterinary schools. Alabama possesses schools that specialize more on specific career paths, such as dental and pharmacy schools along with an optometry college. Many of the state's schools have had their academic programs accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. The state's largest school is Troy University. With its seven campuses, all undergraduates are offered a range of majors to choose from. Whether you have interest in history and education or journalism and design, there is something for almost everyone.

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