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Current Trends in Online Education

Online Student Verification: Is that you? Are you there?

While online education has come a long way in terms of design and learning assessment, there are still issues related to making sure that the students who enroll in these courses are the ones completing the work. From participation and attendance to cheating and plagiarism, confirming student identity continues to challenge online instructors and administrators. […]

Coming Soon: The Digital Public Library of America

I remember as a graduate student in an on-campus program admitting to a colleague that I had never been in the library. This confession was met with shock and dismay, and a lack of awareness of exactly how much access I had to the library collection online. Locating and retrieving articles from the comfort of […]

The Public Nature of Social Media Participation

A member of my personal learning network (PLN) posted a question on LinkedIn that essentially asked, “What topics should be included in an Introduction to Social Media course”? There are multiple ways to approach the subject matter and my response was that new users should think of social media updates as a “type of publication, […]

Opportunities for Aspiring Edupreneurs

Have an idea that would solve a problem in higher education? An article from Bright Hub lists three characteristics of education entrepreneurs: (1) act as change agents, (2) bring new mindsets and beliefs, and (3) encourage experimentation and constant learning. The Huffington Post reported a study last year from Babson College’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor citing […]

Note-Taking in a Digital Age

Note-taking has evolved way beyond pencil and paper – but it’s still an effective study method whether you are learning online or on campus. How do you take notes during your classes? An image posted by Edudemic recently showed a classroom of students all snapping pictures of a projected computer screen with their smartphones. I […]

Online Education’s Overnight Success

Many recent conversations with friends and colleagues in the industry have revolved around what seems like an overnight shift in the overall acceptance of online education. We’ve spent years, decades even, swimming against the traditional education stream – risking possible career suicide and enduring disapproval from academic peers – advocating the benefits of online learning. […]

Cast Your Vote! End of Year Awards in EdTech

Chances are if you are reading this post you are no stranger to online resources and include them in your professional development and coursework. More and more eLearning professionals are sharing their expertise and practical advice through a range of media, helping us to do what we do. How can you thank those who influence […]

4 (More) Education News Aggregators

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest news in education? The industry is not only fast-paced, but also evolving quickly with the use of new technologies. Our ability to receive real-time news from around the world also adds to the volume of information we can access 24/7. The thought of trying to keep up […]

Who are MOOCs for?

Many have declared 2012 the “year of the MOOC,” or Massive Open Online Course. From Coursera to edX and beyond, there’s no shortage of opportunities to access these online courses, with increasing options for students to earn digital learning badges, certificates, or academic credit. As an instructional designer, I see my peers and colleagues enter […]

The Best eLearning Projects of the Year

The annual DevLearn Conference and Expo, which took place earlier this month, featured presentations by some of the most talented eLearning professionals in the world. While I’ve never attended, I was able to help send a multimedia specialist to this event several years ago. He worked on a team I managed at the time, and […]