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Resources for Online Instructors

Make a Personal Connection in Your Online Classroom

Advice to post a faculty bio and develop online presence are not uncommon, but when I look out at my class roster in the school’s learning management system (LMS), on a sea of new names at the beginning of each term, my focus has increasingly become direct instructor-student exchange with each person. It’s always been […]

How To Break into Online Teaching

Online teaching can seem like a great gig. The convenience and flexibility afforded by online delivery is a draw for students and instructors alike. But, finding online teaching jobs seems to be getting more challenging. It’s an unusual situation to see that even though the number of positions increases, there is more competition as the […]

Flipping Your Online Course with Synchronous Sessions

The flipped classroom concept is a popular one. It usually involves shifting more passive learning activities, such as listening to lectures, out of the face-to-face classroom to an online format. The second half of the flip moves more active learning tasks, such as collaborative exercises, to a face-to-face setting. When I attended Jackie Gerstein’s featured […]

Connecting with Your Online Students via Social Media

If you engage in social media and networking sites with your students, you are not alone. A study of faculty use of social media in higher education, published in 2011 by Pearson Learning Solutions and the Babson Survey Research Group found that “nearly two-thirds of all faculty have used social media during a class session” […]

A “Stop Doing” List for Online Instructors

Tips for creating to-do lists are everywhere, but could taking items off of your list actually be more helpful? A recent Inc. article from business founder Benjamin Wald provided “An Entrepreneur’s ‘Stop Doing’ List.” So many of us as online instructors are entrepreneurial in action and spirit, often putting together a combination of teaching and […]

Get Ready for Open Education Week

This week is Open Education Week 2013! It runs from Monday March 11th through Friday the 15th, with the goal of “raising awareness of the open education movement and opportunities it creates in teaching and learning worldwide.” Whether you are new to open education or an experienced educator looking for new ideas, you can “connect, […]

Social Media Management for Educators

If you search for social media management, the majority of results you’ll find are written for a business audience interested in company branding and community building. When I conducted a similar search for students, in preparation for a recent #IOLchat session, most of the results addressed the job search and importance of a professional digital […]

5 Education Resources Worth Paying For

Anyone working within a budget will tell you that “free” is preferred, especially when looking for resources to assist us with our online courses. And while I’m a proponent of free options, such as those that can be found for career exploration and with open academic journals, sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what we […]

They Posted That in the Discussion Forum?

What do you do when something inappropriate pops-up in your online class? I’ve dealt with this on a small scale as an instructor, reacting to students’ posts that for various reasons were inappropriate in the context of an online academic course. In many cases, a quick connection with the student reveals that they were unaware […]

Turn the Tables and Take an Online Class

Digital analyst and author Brian Solis shared an interesting observation on a Google+ post, this month: “The only way to understand new culture and behavior is to go native.” The context was related to business operations and the use of technology to connect with consumers, but it struck a chord with me as an online […]