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Resources for Online Students

Graduate Students Unite! Online, that is.

Graduate school has a culture all its own, both across institutions and among cohorts of learners within specific programs. My experience as a grad student included a great deal of immersion in problem-solving and design-thinking situations both in, and especially outside of, class. Working with faculty members and my peers on committees, research teams, and […]

Online Learning on a Budget

There’s no denying the price of higher education is skyrocketing and student debt is at unprecedented levels. Yet, going back to school can still mean lower unemployment and higher wages. One of my pet peeves is the assumption that online learning is a cheaper alternative to traditional programs. Sure, no dorm fees or meal plans, […]

Public Internet Access and the Online Learner

Whether it’s at the library or Starbucks, many online students study away from home for a variety of reasons, including access to hardware, software, and the Internet. I volunteer at a branch of my local public library to assist patrons with the dozen or so computers available for public use, sometimes even helping online students […]

A Hashtag Handbook for Online Students

If you are familiar with this blog, you probably know that Twitter is one of my favorite resources. For learners and instructors alike, Twitter can be a basic tool for networking and communication. But when I introduce Twitter to new users, including my online students, the more advanced use of hashtags seems to be a […]

Making the Most of Your Virtual Career Center

Online students are not always aware of all of the resources available to them, including career centers. Just like their traditional, on-campus counterparts, professional career practitioners at online institutions provide valuable services for students. If you are currently an online student, or are considering enrolling in an online program, career goals may be a significant […]

Create an End of Course To-Do List

As I begin wrapping up the Spring semester with my online students, I realize that there are a few things they could do to bring the experience to a close and document all that they have accomplished in the course. Working through online courses, especially those on an accelerated schedule, can seem like a blur […]

Should We Meet in Person?

If you’ve ever found yourself working on a group project in an online class, you’ve probably asked this question. When I recently encouraged my online students to advise each other on their group work, of the five “design teams” one chose to meet in person and recommended this to the other groups. Since they all […]

10 Student Suggestions for Surviving Online Group Assignments

“Completing group assignments online can be really tricky. What are your tips for the other teams?” This was the question I asked my online students in a live session earlier this month. They are about midway through the design and development of their own online learning projects as members of small groups, and have already […]

5 Education Resources Worth Paying For

Anyone working within a budget will tell you that “free” is preferred, especially when looking for resources to assist us with our online courses. And while I’m a proponent of free options, such as those that can be found for career exploration and with open academic journals, sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what we […]

Staying the (Online) Course

I run with a local group that meets at 8:00am on Saturdays and when one of the regular runners didn’t show up on a recent cold morning, a friend of his said, “Oh, he’s at home writing a paper.” It wasn’t the weather keeping him away – it was the two online courses he’s taking […]