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The Top 10 Movies for Computer Science Students

By Nadia Jones

Computer movies are often amusingly horrible. Full of misconceptions, fear, and totally wrong information, computer science students can find hours of fun in even the silliest hacker movie. This collection of movie highlights the best uninformed, wise, and just plain hilarious movies for computer science students to check out.

  1. Hackers: Hackers is a classic for rebellious computer science students. The hero of the story is arrested for writing a computer virus as a teen, and as an adult later works with his friends to take down a plot to release a dangerous computer virus. The movie is inspirational for computer science students fascinated by the computer hacker underground.
  2. Swordfish: One of the sexier and star studded hacker movies, Swordfish brings together hacking, billions of dollars, and government theft in a Robin Hood effort. Computer science students can watch this movie to ponder the immense power of their education.
  3. Wargames: Oops! An unsuspecting computer prodigy accidentally starts World War III when he hacks into a military computer to play a war game. Students can enjoy the ideas of computer control, automation, and the importance of being error free.
  4. The Matrix: Most computer programmers live a pretty typical life, but Neo finds out that his reality is in fact not a reality at all, and rather a computerized artificial world. Neo offers inspiration to all who care about the importance of real human life over virtual reality.
  5. Tron: Have you ever felt trapped by your computer? In this movie, a hacker actually is, and has to overcome a program that holds him captive. Students can enjoy this movie, and it's sequel Tron: Legacy for their lesson in being bigger than your computer program.
  6. Iron Man: Iron Man appeals to both comic book geeks and computer lovers, with plenty of action thrown in to appeal to a broad audience. The wealthy Tony Stark uses technology to not only save his life, but also fight evil.
  7. Antitrust: If you think you're set for life when you get hired for your programming dream job, think again. This movie takes a look at the potential for ruthlessness and danger in the computer science industry.
  8. Jumpin Jack Flash: When people think about computer science, Whoopi Goldberg probably doesn't immediately come to mind. But Whoopi's role in Jumpin Jack Flash shows how unintentionally dangerous computer users can be.
  9. Ghost in the Shell: An animated movie from Japan, Ghost in the Shell tells the story of a well-connected future set in 2029 full of hackers and the cyborgs that prevent them. Ghost in the Shell will teach computer science students to be wary of over connectedness.
  10. Office Space: Unfortunately, computer scientists don't always love their job, and Office Space takes a comedic look at the situation. Whether you're currently in a desk job you hate, or looking forward to getting one, you can find humor in this movie as a computer science student.