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Monthly Archives: February 2012

The 8 Strictest States for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling is legal in the U.S., but different states grant varying degrees of freedom to homeschooling families.

Job Search Advice: Meet the Need

When you see an announcement for an open position, ask this question: Why are they hiring? The hiring process can be expensive in terms of money, resources, and time. And extending an offer to a candidate comes with a certain amount of risk. A recent comment on this blog reminds us all to consider the employer's perspective. […]

Networking is Out? Connecting is In!

What are your first thoughts when someone suggests that should be "networking?" Networking is often a "what's in it for me" enterprise. For the introverted, like myself, and for those who tend to procrastinate with their career and job search plans, professional networking is something we try to avoid. Asking for help doesn't always come […]

15 Funny College Mascots of Yesteryear

These mascots have all been retired, for better or for worse.

The 10 Most Romantic Campus Traditions

College campuses might not seem like romantic places, but many are home to some pretty heartwarming traditions, some of which could be the perfect addition to any Valentine's Day celebration. From declaring your undying love to your sweetheart, to getting hot and heavy in the stacks, these campus traditions can make it even more fun […]

The 10 Most Electric Campuses to Be on this Election Year

On some college campuses, political fervor is already getting pumped up and ready.

The Resume is Dead – Again

Employers and job seekers have long relied upon the resume as a standard communication tool in the job search process, but in the past couple of weeks several articles denouncing the traditional resume caught my eye. In one example, The Wall Street Journal reported that Union Square Ventures, "asked applicants to send links representing their […]

Is Online Learning the Solution?

The need for reform is at the top of many lists detailing current issues related to higher education. Concerns about ensuring quality and access, as well as funding and career preparation are all around us, discussed and debated by educators and administrators at all possible levels. Can online learning provide a viable response to these […]