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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Cyberbullying: How Bullies Have Moved From the Playground to the Web

Over the past decade, the world of learning and education has become steadily more immersed in the technology available to our modern society. From elementary school students using laptops in class, to collegiate learning taking place online, such as through online bachelor’s degree programs, students are plugging in, signing on, and becoming ever more engaged […]

How Are Online Programs Serving Adult Learners?

Our lives are increasingly busy as we try to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, and adding school to the schedule only extends the list of things we need to accomplish each week. A

Student Debt and the Dream Job

I spent most of last week at the National Career Development Association's (NCDA) Global Conference participating in a wide range of conversations about the roles of the modern career advisor and realities of today's job market. One of the questions that emerged after a session focused on online students was, "How can they balance all […]

The 10 Greatest Social Entrepreneurs of All Time

These social entrepreneurs use their know-how and business savvy to make the world a better place.

Developing Digital Writing Skills

As an online student you are likely already immersed in digital writing requirements. Emerging as a component of the new digital literacies, digital writing can be described as written communication that goes beyond just text, is created through the use of technology, and is connected with and made available by a wide network of web-based resources. Michigan […]

Book Review: Say This, NOT That to Your Professor

Have you ever had trouble figuring out why you received a particular grade on a project? Or maybe you missed a critical assignment and didn't know how you could get back on track? A new book titled Say This, NOT That to Your Professor, from Ellen Bremen (aka The Chatty Professor) aims to help students communicate these and […]

Why You Should Consider Earning an Online Certificate

Certificate programs are gaining attention from educators, students, and employers as a way to get college experience and academic credit without having to complete a full degree program. These higher education alternatives, shorter in duration than most degrees, are offered by both for-profit and not-for-profit institutions, and often include online learning options. The wide variety […]

Online Program Retention: What About the Faculty?

One of the greatest potential benefits of online education is extending the reach of expert faculty members to a wide audience of learners. Recruiting and retaining these instructors is costly for schools in terms of time and resources, and with a rise in adjunct teaching, there are growing concerns from all sides about making sure […]

The Homeschooler’s Guide to Getting Into College

We’ve gathered several facts, tips, and helpful resources to ensure that your college admissions process as a homeschooler is smooth and successful.

Reframing Failure for Learning

We can all describe a time when something we did went wrong, or when we made a bad decision. There are many different ways to describe failure. In the context of education and training, mistakes can provide us with lessons learned, allowing us to move forward with new knowledge gained from the experience. There's a […]