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Monthly Archives: November 2012

How to Write and Get Paid in the Web 2.0 Era

As of January 2013, the venerable Newsweek magazine will cease to exist in print form. Is print media dying? The answer remains to be seen, but it is clear that most of us turn to the Internet for information more often than we pick up something in print. Print advertising revenues are down by as […]

10 Advanced Degrees That Are Better Than an MBA Today

There are several advanced degrees that are more in demand and often, more easily accessible than the classic MBA.

8 Ideas to Inspire Your Online Teaching

Where do you find your inspiration? I’ve seen this question emerge in a number of different ways via LinkedIn Groups, newsletters, Twitter, etc. We are all susceptible to feeling run down from time to time, and it can seem like we are covering the same ground in our professional and academic conversations. Yet finding inspiration […]

Facebook’s New Job Board

Social media systems are more prevalent than ever, providing us with many ways to communicate and connect online. While some, like LinkedIn, are marketed specifically for professional profiles, others, like Facebook, have been focused on more casual connections – until now. Last week Facebook, launched the Social Jobs App, officially taking it from just a […]

Online College for Accelerated High School Students

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the number and variety of online college courses offered, and many colleges have opened enrollment for their web courses to high school and prospective college students. Online courses offer a unique opportunity for high school students to get a taste for college level work, which can prove […]

Making Career Connections that Count

November is National Career Development Month! This annual campaign from the National Career Development Association (NCDA), encourages reflection on what you are doing to reach your career goals. How strong is your professional network? My emphasis this year is all about making professional connections. Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying “it’s who you know.” The […]

The Most Important Open Course Materials Online

In case you haven’t already heard: free digital coursework is the next big thing in education. Hundreds of universities are now uploading free and shareable educational content online. The effects of these free publications, podcasts and videos are rippling far wider than anyone could’ve guessed. What began as a supplemental online tool for U.S. students […]

Is the Cover Letter Dead?

What happens when you submit your resume online? What do you do with your cover letter? It’s been standard practice for decades to include this introductory document with every resume you send out, but now that we aren’t mailing printed documents to employers, the traditional cover letter is changing. Opinions vary on whether or not […]