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5 Education Resources Worth Paying For

Anyone working within a budget will tell you that “free” is preferred, especially when looking for resources to assist us with our online courses. And while I’m a proponent of free options, such as those that can be found for career exploration and with open academic journals, sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what we […]

The Public Nature of Social Media Participation

A member of my personal learning network (PLN) posted a question on LinkedIn that essentially asked, “What topics should be included in an Introduction to Social Media course”? There are multiple ways to approach the subject matter and my response was that new users should think of social media updates as a “type of publication, […]

Essential Social Media for Online Students

I get it. Not everyone is as excited about social media as I am. This semester I am requiring Twitter use in my online class and it’s been met with an overall lack of enthusiasm. But as social media continues to have an impact on so many facets of higher education and the workplace, I’m […]

Essential Resume Cred for Every Field

We’ve lined up the must-haves for all the major fields in the American job market, in alphabetical order.

Extremely Useful Info Systems Courses for the Non-Techie

How do you build websites that are easy to use? How do you take data and turn it into useful information? When and how does technology best converge with our daily lives? If you’re asking these questions, you’re interested in information science. Information science is highly relevant in our age of big data. The Bureau […]

Geology is Going Digital and Getting Way More Fun

Our food, water and energy is derived from the planet we walk on. And thanks to technology, we’re learning how to derive this energy more sustainably and efficiently. And one of the most unexpected results of the digital revolution is the redefined and empowered role of the geologist as sustainability guru. The transformation of Earth […]

Now’s the Time to Think About Internships

If you are on any college-related mailing lists, no doubt you’re receiving messages about internship opportunities. As an online student you may or may not be required to complete an internship as part of your formal degree program, but even if you’re not, it can be a great way to get the practical experience employers […]

The Many Literacies of Online Learning

You’ve registered for your first online class … what’s next? Taking an online course may be a way to follow your interests as a lifelong learner or pursue specific career goals. Before you get started, you need to know that you’ll learn a lot more than just what is described in the course catalog. This […]

5 Fascinating MOOCs for an American Studies Nerd

American Studies is quickly becoming one of the more popular fields for college students and continuing learners alike. And it’s no wonder. As one of the most interdisciplinary majors available, American Studies is becoming more and more relevant in today’s complex job market. American Studies is quickly becoming one of the more popular fields for […]

Web 3.0 Upcoming! New Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

As Web 3.0 promises to be one of the most immersive interactive experiences known to mankind, no longer are many of the fantastic ideas being touted by tech companies merely stuff of science fiction. Google, for example, has several experimental products that promise to lead the way for web-based technology this decade, such as augmented […]