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The STEM Jobs Everyone Wants and How to Get Them

This guide highlights some of the hottest, fastest-growing jobs in STEM and provides advice that will help students navigate the job market.

Essential Resume Cred for Every Field

We’ve lined up the must-haves for all the major fields in the American job market, in alphabetical order.

Extremely Useful Info Systems Courses for the Non-Techie

How do you build websites that are easy to use? How do you take data and turn it into useful information? When and how does technology best converge with our daily lives? If you’re asking these questions, you’re interested in information science. Information science is highly relevant in our age of big data. The Bureau […]

Geology is Going Digital and Getting Way More Fun

Our food, water and energy is derived from the planet we walk on. And thanks to technology, we’re learning how to derive this energy more sustainably and efficiently. And one of the most unexpected results of the digital revolution is the redefined and empowered role of the geologist as sustainability guru. The transformation of Earth […]

5 Fascinating MOOCs for an American Studies Nerd

American Studies is quickly becoming one of the more popular fields for college students and continuing learners alike. And it’s no wonder. As one of the most interdisciplinary majors available, American Studies is becoming more and more relevant in today’s complex job market. American Studies is quickly becoming one of the more popular fields for […]

Web 3.0 Upcoming! New Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

As Web 3.0 promises to be one of the most immersive interactive experiences known to mankind, no longer are many of the fantastic ideas being touted by tech companies merely stuff of science fiction. Google, for example, has several experimental products that promise to lead the way for web-based technology this decade, such as augmented […]

Teacher Loan Forgiveness: What You Should Know Before You Apply

Learn everything you need to know about teacher loan forgiveness before you apply, saving you time and helping you repay your student loans.

How to Shield Yourself from Sophisticated Spam

Every internet user finds spam in their inbox. With each new protection developed by software manufacturers, sophisticated spammers develop ever more authentic-seeming scams to get through firewalls and filters. Knowing how to recognize and avoid spam is as important for surfing the web as defensive driving is for operating a car. Spam Basics Spam is […]

How to Write and Get Paid in the Web 2.0 Era

As of January 2013, the venerable Newsweek magazine will cease to exist in print form. Is print media dying? The answer remains to be seen, but it is clear that most of us turn to the Internet for information more often than we pick up something in print. Print advertising revenues are down by as […]

10 Advanced Degrees That Are Better Than an MBA Today

There are several advanced degrees that are more in demand and often, more easily accessible than the classic MBA.