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Balancing F2F and Online Teaching

This week we welcome Guest Host @Pamoja_PLC! These global instructors offer IB Diploma subjects online.

Teaching in an online learning environment differs a great deal from a traditional classroom. Whether you instructing both types of courses or transitioning from face-to-face (F2F) to online, you will likely encounter challenges related to time management and instructional strategy selection. Join us this week to discuss how instructors can create a sustainable work environment and maintain professional integrity in online and on-ground classes.

Here are a few questions that will guide the session:

Q1: What role does time play in teaching online vs. face-to-face?

Q2: What are your favorite time management practices?

Q3: How do your instructional strategies differ online and face-to-face?

Q4: What other delivery factors impact your workload, teaching style, feedback, interaction with students?

Q5: What is your advice for first-time online instructors?

This week's read-aheads:

Balancing Act: Managing Instructor Presence and Workload When Creating an Interactive Community of Learners from Faculty Focus

Tips for Online Instructors: Managing, Files, Feedback, and Workload from Faculty Focus

Teaching Online – A Time Comparison from Joseph Cavanaugh, Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

Strategies for Managing the Online Workload [Podcast] from Lawrence C. Ragan, Penn State World Campus, iTunesU

5 Fundamental Strategies for New Online Instructors from Inside Online Learning,