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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Social Learning Summit 2012

On April 21st, thousands of educators convened online for a completely free day of professional development. The Social Learning Summit 2012 virtual conference took place via live presentations using the Blackboard Collaborate synchronous classroom system. Most sessions were 30 minutes in length and accompanied by a great backchannel on Twitter through the #sociallearningsummit hashtag. With a theme of […]

Want a Career Crash Course in Technology? Try Tech Trip 2

  If you are looking for a new kind of adventure, one that combines learning, career exploration, and technology, Tech Trip 2 may be for you. Sponsored by Lenovo and Intel, this contest will soon award three students with an opportunity to meet and work with professionals working in these companies, as well as new partner Vuguru. […]

How to: Stop Saying “Like” and Immediately Sound Smarter

Use these methods, tips, and tricks to help you make short work of getting all those unnecessary “likes” out of your speech.

Rethinking Digital Literacy

This topic is not new to Inside Online Learning, but it's one that seems to be evolving as technologies advance and new approaches to online delivery are made available. Almost a year ago I described the basics of the new literacies in terms of access, analysis, media creation, and implementation, but last week I was introduced […]

20 Best Biographies for Tech-Minded Students

If you consider yourself at all tech-savvy, here are the 20 best biographies you’ll want to check out.

8 Ways to Prepare for Technology Trouble

As an online instructor you may have found yourself on the front lines when the technology fails. Whether it's the school website, course management software, or email, when a large system goes offline it can create a lot of problems for you and your students, directly impacting progress and assignment due dates. One of the sessions […]

Is Facebook Part of Your Professional Network?

Last year I wrote about a Facebook app called CareerAmp that was designed to help users discover more about how their friends are connected from a job search perspective through profile information about their employers. Networking was the long-term goal, but the app was unfortunately short-lived, although it evolved into a new format included in […]

What Are Your Expectations of Online Learning?

"Taking an online class" can mean many things and vary greatly by course, program, and school. Students entering online programs often have a preconceived notion of what it will be like, which could be based on traditional courses taken years ago or assumptions about the requirements of distance learning. These impressions, when not accurate, can […]

I’m Exploring the BadgeStack Project and You Should, Too!

Last week I attended an online presentation from Learning Times that focused on digital badges for learning and professional enhancement. The session, Badge-based Learning and 21st Century Skills [recording], described "a digital badge ecosystem" that aims to help all kinds of learners capitalize on "living in an age of opportunity for learning, specialization and innovation like […]

Getting the Most Out of a Webinar

Whether you are an instructor or a career-focused student, opportunities for professional development online are booming. It’s easier than ever to access a wide range of information through live webinars. These usually take place with a web conferencing system that enables real-time communication among presenters and attendees, and go by many names including virtual workshops and […]