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Best Online Degrees in

Teachers are no strangers to continuing education, but a master's degree can often serve as a competitive edge during a job hunt. Masters degrees in education also increase earning potential for primary and secondary teachers; and in some professions, such as in postsecondary or administrative jobs, a master's degree is a prerequisite. To better meet the needs of children with disabilities, some educators choose to earn masters degrees in special education, speech pathology, or deaf education.

In order to maintain a full-time job, practicing teachers may choose to earn an online masters degree. To explore online masters degrees in education, choose from the subjects above. We've ranked the best online education degrees based on subject, but we've also taken these rankings a step further. Within each subject, our editors have ranked the best online education programs based on the factors that impact student success rates – things like value, faculty credentials, and career support – to ensure that each educator finds the right program.