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What’s Your APPtitude? Job Search Edition

You may already use mobile apps and devices to check your email and participate in social networks, and even work on your online courses. They further extend the flexibility and convenience of online learning, but are also helpful for career-related activities and job search tasks. Earlier this month I was privileged to present a technology […]

Make a Personal Connection in Your Online Classroom

Advice to post a faculty bio and develop online presence are not uncommon, but when I look out at my class roster in the school's learning management system (LMS), on a sea of new names at the beginning of each term, my focus has increasingly become direct instructor-student exchange with each person. It's always been […]

How To Break into Online Teaching

Online teaching can seem like a great gig. The convenience and flexibility afforded by online delivery is a draw for students and instructors alike. But, finding online teaching jobs seems to be getting more challenging. It's an unusual situation to see that even though the number of positions increases, there is more competition as the […]

Public Internet Access and the Online Learner

Whether it's at the library or Starbucks, many online students study away from home for a variety of reasons, including access to hardware, software, and the Internet. I volunteer at a branch of my local public library to assist patrons with the dozen or so computers available for public use, sometimes even helping online students […]

5 Tech Tools for Job Interview Practice

Once you get to the interview stage of your job search, you've already survived several layers of screening as hiring managers compare your application materials (i.e., resume, cover letter, transcripts) to the needs of the position. But as the National Association of Colleges and Employers advises, "the interview will make or break your candidacy. The […]

7 Career Questions to Ask Your School’s Alumni

If you are struggling with career decision-making or looking for a new direction in your job search, advice may be closer than you think. Last month I highlighted career questions you should ask your online instructors, but there are many other resources available to you. Have you connected with your school's alumni network? From job […]

Coming Soon: The Digital Public Library of America

I remember as a graduate student in an on-campus program admitting to a colleague that I had never been in the library. This confession was met with shock and dismay, and a lack of awareness of exactly how much access I had to the library collection online. Locating and retrieving articles from the comfort of […]

The STEM Jobs Everyone Wants and How to Get Them

This guide highlights some of the hottest, fastest-growing jobs in STEM and provides advice that will help students navigate the job market.

Is Your Resume Social?

It seems that we are quickly leaving the traditional resume format behind. Black and white, word-processed documents, whether printed or digital, are evolving into web-based versions that use a range of multimedia and graphics to present an applicant's work history and education. An added feature of these formats is social, bringing conversation and interaction to […]

Don’t Call it a Course

As the popularity of online learning continues to increase, with more than 6.7 million students in higher education taking at least one online course in 2011, new opportunities are emerging everyday. Some are free to experience while others may involve tuition, registration, or assessment fees. And the offerings extend beyond colleges and universities to include […]