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Career Path: Health and Medicine

The health care industry is one of the fastest-growing employment sectors as a rising U.S. population translates into more people needing medical professionals to treat illness and injury. As a result, this field offers more job security than most.

Advances in medical technology and science have expanded the scope of treatable conditions. Previously incurable conditions are now able to be treated, extending the life spans of many individuals. With an aging population, physical therapists and nurses will be more in demand than ever to help manage the issues of growing older. Nurses, who comprise the largest portion of the health care sector, will be experiencing the biggest job opportunity growth. Nurses can specialize in a variety of areas including working primarily with children, the elderly or trauma units.

The mental health division of the health care industry is expanding as well. Earlier stigmas against seeking the aid of a therapist or psychologist have diminished greatly, sparking an increased demand for mental health professionals.

Health technology technicians will be sought after as well. Health care technology has become complex and advanced, and knowledgeable technicians will be key to maintaining equipment so it functions efficiently and accurately. Technicians are also needed to quickly troubleshoot breakdowns so that health care facilities can return to normal operations quickly.