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Career Path: Technology

Technology is found in nearly every advanced industry. For example, in the health care sector, technology is responsible for the medicines produced. Over-the-counter medication, antibiotics and prescription medications are all products of intensive scientific research into how the body works and how certain conditions and symptoms can be alleviated, but it was technology that allowed that research to be conducted. Engineering science produced the equipment that physicians use as well. In the business industry, technology plays an integral role in how companies are run. Technologists created the computer and telecom equipment that businesses rely on. Conference calls, long-distance communication through the telephone or Internet, and keeping electronic records all exist due to advancements in electronic science. Technology and science often are inseparable, though technology also deals with the maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment.

Technology has infiltrated all aspects of everyday life. It has given the world motorized vehicles that enable easy travel to previously inaccessible locations, allowed for physicians to look into a patient's body without the need for surgery, let people around the world communicate instantly with one another without leaving their homes, and given meteorologists the capability to track storms. With so much dependence on technology and electronics, this industry is growing rapidly. Engineers, information technology workers and Internet-based occupations, such as Web developers and Web designers, will see a great boost in demand.