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Career Profile: IT Project Manager

Why Is IT Project Management a Job of Tomorrow?
Businesses are relying on technology more than ever to reach new customers, increase their brand presence and store important information on projects and finances. IT project managers will be in high demand to handle networks, databases and the Internet as more and more businesses become digital. Employment opportunities for IT project managers are expected to grow 16 percent, according to CNN Money. IT product managers make an average salary of $98,700 annually.

What Does an IT Project Manager Do?
IT project managers work with companies to handle big technological overhauls or developments. They plan, organize and coordinate components of a project to ensure that it will come together in a cohesive manner. Like project managers of any sector, the biggest goal of an IT project manager is to see a venture to successful completion while also staying within time and budget constraints without sacrificing any of the other goals of the assignment. IT project managers in particular work with coordinating database and network administration. IT projects can include upgrades to software systems or the launch of a new product.

What Kind of Training Do I Need to Become an IT Project Manager?
There are no set education requirements for IT product managers, but most employers prefer those who have a substantial background in marketing, business and computer science. With a more formal education, such as a master's degree in business administration with an emphasis on technology or e-commerce, IT product managers are more likely to advance to better paying and higher ranking positions within a company. A master's degree takes two to three years to earn after first obtaining a four-year bachelor's and covers topics such as management skills, finance and computer languages. Professional certification is also available to further increase managers' marketability.