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Career Profile: Network Security Consultant

Why Is Network Security Consultation a Job of Tomorrow?
Network security consultants, who are responsible for preventing the leak of sensitive information from a company's database, will be highly sought after. Employment opportunities for network security consultants are expected to grow 27 percent, according to CNN Money. Network security consultants make an average salary of $99,700 annually.

What Does a Network Security Consultant Do?
Network security consultants work to stop their clients' information from getting out and viruses, spyware and cyber hackers from getting into their networks. Many businesses, as well as government organizations, have large banks of confidential information stored on their networks. This information includes financial reports, project details, customer contact information and other valuable data that the organization would not want accessed by those without proper permission. Consultants work on setting up firewalls, passwords, specialized security software and other methods of preventing unwanted intrusions into the network. They must keep up with new technical developments to ensure that databases are constantly updated against hacks. Consultants often also educate users on network safety to further reduce the chances of a security breach.

What Kind of Training Do I Need to Become a Network Security Consultant?
There are no formal education requirements for network security consultants. However, many employers prefer applicants who have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, as this shows that the person is serious about the position and well versed in computer languages and function. Professional certification further increases an applicant's marketability, and substantial professional working experience also helps in the job search. Many consultants have at least five years of working experience.