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Career Path: Criminal Law and Justice

The law and justice field will experience steady growth well into the future. Laws must be consistently enforced to ensure the safety of the public. As the population grows, there will be an increased demand for people who uphold the laws, such as police officers and court workers.

More police officers and detectives will be needed as big cities swell in size and the increased concentration of people living in them spurs criminal activity. Police officers have the responsibility of keeping the peace. They patrol the streets to ward off would-be criminals and confront those who are caught doing something illegal. Police detectives investigate crimes that have already been committed to make certain that the individual or individuals responsible for the act are caught and punished. They must use their analytical skills to solve cases.

Those working with the courts are responsible for ensuring that defendants are given a fair trial and that no wrongly accused individual serves jail time. There are several professions within the legal division of law and justice. Legal clerks assist lawyers in their cases, consulting with clients and preparing paperwork and documentation to be used in court. Paralegals also work with lawyers, helping to prepare cases and investigate claims. Corporate paralegals are particularly valuable for their knowledge of complex business industries and laws. Judges are the arbitrators of judicial proceedings. They oversee cases in court to ensure that both parties present their arguments fairly and sometimes make the final ruling on guilt or liability and the severity of punishment.

The legal field can be a rewarding one for people who want to help others and solve or prevent crimes.