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Career Profile: Surgeon

Why Is a Surgeon a Job of Tomorrow?
Skilled surgeons will be invaluable in prolonging people's lives and improving their health. The number of employment positions for physicians and surgeons is forecast to rise 14 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual salary for surgeons varies with the doctor's level of experience and field of specialty. A general surgeon earns about $282,504 annually.

What Does a Surgeon Do?
Surgeons are physicians who specialize in treating diseases, injuries and other conditions through operations. Surgeons explain procedures to patients as well as guide them through the recovery process and what can be done to speed it along. There are several specialty fields in which surgeons can train: neurological, orthopedic, cardiovascular, otolaryngology and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

What Kind of Training Do I Need to Become a Surgeon?
Surgeons hold a doctoral degree in medicine, which typically takes eight years to complete—four years to earn a bachelor's and four years in medical school. After medical school, prospective surgeons must complete a residency program that can last three to eight years.