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99 Blog Posts to Help You Ace Any Interview

Once you're done with your online college degree, it's time to move on and get a job. And once you've landed an interview, you're probably wondering what you should do to get ready and be prepared. With the help of these blog posts, you'll be confident and ready to go.


Find awesome interview tips in these blog posts.

  1. Nine Steps to Acing a Job Interview: Penelope Trunk shares her tips for acing job interviews.
  2. Skip Showing Up Super Early for Job Interviews: If you show up too early, you might be seen as disruptive.
  3. How Not to Act Old: Find out how to avoid seeming out of touch if you're over 40.
  4. How to Nail an Interview: 20 Job Interview Tips: Follow these tips to nail your interview.
  5. How to Ace the New Job Interview: Read Louise Tutelian's post about acing your new job interview.
  6. How to Shine in a Job Interview: These tips will help you really stand out in a job interview.
  7. 10 Tips to Ace That Interview: Here you'll find the best tips for acing your interview.
  8. 10 Secrets for Nailing the Job Interview: Check out these secrets to do your best on job interviews.
  9. 10 Rules for a Phenomenal Job Interview: Get prepared for your interview with these rules.


These posts will help you prepare for the big interview.

  1. Are You Ready for Your Job Interview?: Consider whether or not you're ready for your interview with this post.
  2. Set Up a Praise Folder to Track Successes for Performance Reviews, Resume Boosts: Put together a praise folder so you'll have easy reference when it's time to toot your own horn.
  3. The 5 "Must Knows" of Job Interview Preparation: Check out this post to find out how to prepare for an interview.
  4. How to Prepare for a Job Interview: With the help of this post, you can get prepared for a job interview.
  5. Getting Prepared for Job Interview Questions and Answers: This post will help you get prepared to answer job interview questions.
  6. How to Prepare for and Ace a Job Interview: College graduates should read this post to find out how to prepare for a job interview.
  7. Job Interview Preparation: Take Off the Wedding Ring?: Considering whether or not you should take off your wedding ring on a job interview? Read this post.
  8. Preparing for a Tough Job Interview: Police use these preparation techniques-try them on your next interview.
  9. Interview Preparation Questions Guide: Trace Cohen offers an interview preparation guide that offers quick reference to prepare for your job interview.
  10. What to Take to an Interview: Read this post to find out what you'll need to take to an interview.
  11. Interview Preparation with Sample Job Interview Questions: Use these questions to get prepared.
  12. 10 Answers You Should Know Before Your Job Interview: Brush up on the answers to these questions before you go on your job interview.
  13. Top Tips for Job-Interview Prep: Randall offers detailed tips for job interview preparation.
  14. How to Prepare for a Successful Interview: Tim has strategies for preparing for a successful interview.
  15. How to Prepare for and Rock a Behavioral Job Interview: Use these tips if you're going up against a behavioral interview.
  16. Job Interview Preparation: Get prepared with the help of this blog post.


Read these posts about interview screw-ups you should avoid.

  1. 10 Dumbest Things to Say (or Do) in a Job Interview: These are some of the absolute worst things you can do in a job interview.
  2. Job Interview Etiquette-11 Mistakes to Avoid: This post points out 11 etiquette mistakes you should avoid on job interviews.
  3. You Did WHAT at Your Interview?!: David Trahan takes a look at surprising interview mistakes.
  4. What NOT to Say During a Job Interview: Be careful not to say these things during a job interview.
  5. 6 Mistakes That Blew Up Your Job Interview: Abhijeet Mukherjee explains why you screwed up that interview.
  6. The Top 10 Job Interview Deal-Breakers: Find out about these deal breakers that can kill a job interview.
  7. The Worst Way to Start a Job Interview: Andy Lester shares the 6 words you shouldn't say on an interview.


Get ready to answer these questions before your interview.

  1. Ten Job Interview Questions to Prepare For: Be prepared with answers to these 10 questions.
  2. 7 Common Interview Questions for the New Graduate (or Anyone Else): You're likely to run into these interview questions as a new graduate.
  3. Successfully Field Interview Questions to Get the Job: Use psychology to ace interview questions with the help of this post.
  4. Top 25 Odd (and Tough) Job Interview Questions of the Year: Here you'll find really odd job interview questions.
  5. 10 Killer Job Interview Questions and Answers: Check out this post to find killer job interview questions-and their answers.
  6. 50 Common Interview Q&A: Use this post to think about how you'd answer common interview questions.
  7. Stupid Interview Questions: Find out how to deal with these stupid interview questions.
  8. How to Answer These Tricky Interview Questions: Kate Lorenz tells you how to answer tricky interview questions.
  9. 50 Job Interview Questions and Answers: Don't answer interview questions with these answers.
  10. The Not So Harmless Simple Interview Question: These questions seem harmless, but they aren't.
  11. 15 Google Interview Questions That Will Make You Feel Stupid: Test your skills with these interview questions from Google.

What to Say

These posts will help you figure out what to say on your interview.

  1. Questions You Should Ask During the Job Interview: Read Carole Martin's post about questions that you should bring up on your interview.
  2. How to Interview Potential Employers: Get to the bottom of employers with these questions.
  3. Three Questions to Ask During an Interview: Read this post to find out why the questions you ask may be as important as your answers.
  4. Seven Great Questions to Ask at a Job Interview: Be sure to ask these questions at your job interview.

Phone Interviews

Handle phone interviews with ease using these blog posts.

  1. Phone Interview Tips: Read Alex Rudloff's post to find tips for your phone interview.
  2. 7 Phone Interview Tips: Adrienne Becker's post shares great tips for making your phone interview work.
  3. Five Phone Interview Tips I Have Learned the Hard Way: Avoid making these mistakes on your phone interview.
  4. How to Ace a Telephone Interview: Marci Alboher offers advice for acing your phone interview.
  5. Telephone Interview Tips: Here's what you should expect on a phone interview.


Learn the art of negotiation from these posts.

  1. Salary Negotiation 101: Read this post to see how you can strike a delicate balance in salary negotiations.
  2. Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute: You can earn $1,000 in a minute by using the advice in this post.
  3. The Art of Negotiation: Here's how to get what you want.
  4. The Answer to the Toughest Interview Question: Penelope Trunk explains how to talk about your salary range.
  5. What You Need to Know About Salary Negotiations: Check out this post to see what you need to know about salary negotiations.
  6. Salary Negotiation-How to Get What You Want: Get what you want out of salary negotiations with this post from the JobDoc.
  7. On Refusing to Disclose Your Salary in a Job Interview: Read this post about refusing to disclose your salary in job interviews.
  8. Don't Work for Free in a Job Interview: Be careful not to give away the cow when you're on a job interview.
  9. Negotiating Salary in an Employer's Job Market: This post has strategies for negotiating your salary in an employer's job market.
  10. 3 Tips for Negotiating Salary During the Job Interview: This post covers tips for salary negotiation.


Use these blog posts to help improve your attitude.

  1. During Your Job Search a Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way: Stay positive with the help of this post.
  2. Does Job Search Success Lie in Planning and Attitude?: Rich Saia considers whether attitude leads to success.
  3. Come to the Interview Working, Not Looking for Work: This post points out subtle but definite no-nos of interviews.
  4. Breaking the Job-Search Age Barrier: Attitude Sells: With the right attitude, you can break barriers.
  5. Approach Your Job Interview with This Attitude: Read this post to find out what kind of attitude you need to bring to your job interview.
  6. Don't Let a Whiner's Club Attitude Screw Up Your Interview AND Career Chances!: Stay out of the whiner's club for a great interview.


Read interview stories and improve your storytelling skills with the help of these posts.

  1. 10 Interview Tips That Lead to Better Storytelling: Through this post, you'll find out how to tell better stories on interviews.
  2. 15 Job Interview Horror Stories: Read about these stories that will make you feel better about the interviews you've bombed.
  3. Crazy Job Interviews: These are real life stories of crazy job interviews.


These posts highlight tools that can help you ace your interview.

  1. See What Interviewers are Asking at InterviewUp: Use this site to find out what questions you may be asked on an interview.
  2. GlassDoor: GlassDoor will give you a peek into the interview process at thousands of companies.
  3. Top 10 Tools for Landing a Better Job: With these tools, you'll find resources for interviews, following up, and dressing the part.
  4. 5 Sites With Job Interview Tips to Help You Ace Your Interview: These websites can help you ace your job interview.
  5. 9 Sites for Successful Job Interviews: Use these sites to ace your interview.
  6. Better Talking: With Better Talking, you can practice your interview questions over the phone.


You can find guides for ideal interaction in these posts.

  1. Make Yourself Stick With These First Impression Tips: Make a great impression using the tips in this post.
  2. Top 5 Interview Thank You Notes: Jordan Sakowitz writes about some of the best interview thank you notes you can send.
  3. Be Charismatic and Influential: The Art of Manliness explains how to work a room with charisma.
  4. Tips for Talking Your Way Into a Job: This post offers tips for talking your way into a job.
  5. After Years With an Employer, Jumping Back Into the Interview Process: Here you'll find advice for getting back into interviewing.


Check out these posts to learn about illegal interview questions.

  1. Steer Clear of These 10 Illegal Job Interview Questions: These questions should never be asked in your job interview.
  2. What Questions Can I Be Legally Asked at a Job Interview?: Dave Taylor talks about the questions that can be legally asked on a job interview.
  3. Illegal Job Interview Questions: Look out for these illegal job interview questions.

What to Wear

These posts will guide you on what you should wear to your interview.

  1. You Can't Wear That to an Interview: Julie Gordon examines the changing dress code for interviews.
  2. The Perfect Interview Outfit: ForbesWoman shares outfit ideas for women in interviews.
  3. Job Interviews After College: Be Prepared and Dress for Success!: Check out this post about dressing for success on your job interview.
  4. No PJs Allowed in Real World: Staci Sturrock has a dose of reality.
  5. Job Interview Dressing for Success: Tatiana Varenik has advice that will help you dress for success.
  6. How to Dress for a Job Interview: This post discusses professional dressing for your job interview.
  7. What to Wear to a Summer Job Interview: If you've got a job interview this summer, follow these dress guidelines.